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So when I insert an image in the stToolkit using an image block there is an option to use the lightbox or a link. the link option is not working and the images are not clickable. how can we fix this??

Hey! Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it! Support for all our themes is conducted through the SmoothThemes support forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or another member of the support team can take a look at your issue ;)

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I started to install this theme and my computer warned me there is malware in the sample data. I have a screenshot of the warning this is the first time its ever happened in a WP install.


Please send us an email about that, It’s working fine for other buyers :)


very nice work.

I have problem with “LayerSlider: jQuery Transit issue” Slider is not working.

Please, help me!!

Can you please post this issue at our support forum, our support staff will be there to help.


Where do you add the products main feature image. I am not seeing it and when I add an image to the product gallery the big / main image is just blank with some sort of demo image. Thanks

Can you please provide forum topic link, our support staff answer all support question within 4 – 8 hours.


I wish i could I have placed 3 different post in your support forums and they are getting deleted.

That’s strange, we just move to new server yesterday. Let me check it again.

Ohh i like this one. How easy is it to embed videos on the pages??

It’s easy like 1+1 = 2 ;)

Hello !!! I created my home page using the grid gallery layout ( in your demo: ). If i click on one of the galleries it always displays the images in the first one. So i have to close it, and click again on the selected gallery to view the right images.

I have this problem on safari, chrome and firefox, using Mac… Can you please help me?

I cleaned the browsers cache and the wordpress one too. Thank you !

I see that, it will get improve in next update :)


Can you tell me when the next update will be available and if the above comments and issues users have been having will be solved. I’m hesitant about buying this theme due to users feedback but really like the look of it so need some reassuring

Sonec only had a small issue with photo gallery builder item, all other bugs has been fixed in version 1.1


After installing required plugins dashboard went all white

Where should I send the email?

I replied in the support forum. Please make sure my access info stays private.

Our supporter will take care at your issues.

Best Regards.

Looking to purchase. Can the color of the header underline/hover text be changed to something else besides teal?

Yes, you can easy change it in theme option panel :)


I just bought it and download it when i uncompressed it i saw that is the 1.0 version. is it ok??

It’s fine because the version in style.css is not yet update to 1.1, you are running the latest version . :)


I am interested in purchasing the theme but there is one thing I am concerned about. I noticed the performance of the theme is bit sluggish/slow(more noticeable on the homepage) in comparison with the other more graphic intensive themes. Please explain if this is something because of your webhost or the images loaded/smooth scrolling etc… Many Thanks, Max

You can install W3 Total Cache plugin, it will save loading time.

Best Regards.

Hello, in my home page using the grid gallery layout ( ) the filter it’s not working properly. For example if i filter live music galleries, it takes live music and travels galleries too. Same thing with the events and travels galleries. Can you please help me ?


The filter only works for visibility items.

Best Regards.


Is there any way to make it work on invisible elements too ? Otherwise is it possible to increase the number of visible gallery items ?

Thank you :)

Yes, you will have an option to enter the number of visible items in page builder item setting


Can I preview smart page builder?

Sorry you can view the image preview at the item detail page, no live demo for page builder.


Where are PSD files ?

Is it safe to upgrade to 3.8?

Also is there any way to extend the page builder onto the woocommerce product builder that would be really cool

Sorry for the late.

We are using JS for fullwidth section, it’s a bit crappy because it’s done when the js load complete, I’m trying new way to fix it.

The product page can support page builder but you need to use CSS to style some elements to fit the look. In this case post it to our support forum and then reply me the topic URL here.

Best Regards.

How do you turn on the star rating on the shop pages?

Hey! Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it! Support for all our themes is conducted through the SmoothThemes support forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or another member of the support team can take a look at your issue ;)

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Hello, I bought the theme yesterday but the file does not contain the PSDs nor the demo files. Any position on where I can find these files? Sorry for bad english, I’m using a translator. Hugs from Brazil

Currently this theme doesn’t include PSD files. :)

And demo files?

Yes, the demo files in assets/dummy-data/... ( included slider sample file ).


I sent a question on the forum, but for some reason it was deleted or not even been published.

The default widget will not appear on blog posts, even though I correctly configure the theme options.

Only if I get into editing a post and without even changing anything, update it, the sidebar appears.

What happens? Because the default widget does not work properly within the articles? How can I display the widget in all posts without having to edit one by one?

I just sent you an email about forum account issue and a forum topic url.


Still can not post in the forum. I sent email inslusive images showing the problem but it seems that the other person just does not understand what I mean. Communication with support is being really difficult. All we need is a solution to the problem of the widget, which could not be please forward this question to anyone who can help me? Following message would you like someone to respond.

Problem with default widget for the entire blog

Good day. I posted this question on ThemeForest and I was instructed to post it here . I’m having trouble setting the default widget. As I set the option to default widget for the whole blog , nothing happens . I’ve tried everything : set the default widget to the right , left, creating a new widget , clear your browser cache , change browser, but all without success.

No matter what I do the standard widget does not appear in all posts .

The only way it appears is if I go into each post and click “update ” , even without changing anything inside it .

Please ask someone to help me, for editing over 600 posts one by one is not feasible to me , since the topic has the option to display the same widget in the whole blog , but does not work .

my website :

Have edited several publications , therefore , to see the problem please observe the older posts ( 3rd or 4th page of the blog archive) .

I await contact soon.

Need urgent help. I greatly appreciate your support.

A hug!

Just sent you an email, we will discuss there. :)

Would you like to leave a tip people who purchase the theme, I tried posting this in the forum but can not post anything there. If facing the problem with displaying the gravatar (avatar) of the author, simply access the theme editor in wordpress and post-templates.php, replace the following code.

<?php echo get_avatar( $post->post_author, 80 ); ?>

Find and replace with:

<?php if(function_exists(‘get_avatar’)) { echo get_avatar( get_the_author_meta(‘email’), ‘140’ ); } ?>

This will make the author’s gravatar again be displayed. If you want, you can select a smaller size, simply change the value 140 (the default for this theme is 80).

The theme is wonderful, I believe that with new updates those glitches are being resolved.

Sure thing, it will be resolve in next update.

Thanks so much, also I will check the forum again, that’s strange because it working fine for other peoples. :)


I’ve tried really everything, until I could only reply to an existing thread in the forum, post a new topic is out of the question yet. :/ Could answer my question above? About the default widget that still does not work?

I just sent you an email about forum account issue and a forum topic url.


Hello!!! How shopping works? Work with woocommerce?

Yes, Works with WooCommerce.