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Why isn’t it possible for me to pause the video on the home page, I’m using google chrome. Thanks in advance

We will need some information to I can check, so please use our forum to get help:

The Jellythemes support site seems to be down. It keeps timing out when I try to connect. Please confirm this is the case. I have existing issues and cannot get assistance.

Hi supermancourt,

Our forum still work good for me. Also, if you don’t have label “Purchase”, we will cannot provide any advices for you.

Jelly Team

Hi there.

I have some issues with the contact form, it doesn’t support my native language (Hebrew) – When I send an email from website, I get it and it works but All I can see is question marks instead of letter/words. How can I fix that?

Also: If there is a file where I can edit what I see when I open the message sent from website. Right now it’s pretty much basic simple texts. I want to decorate it better.

Another thing, When message sent (After clicking the “Send message” button), The information filled is not been cleared, Only if I refresh the page it disappear.

Thanks for the help and great website theme!

Somehow your system doesn’t ready my Envato Purchase Code. Maybe I don’t have it or I can’t find it…

Used the Order ID # and also the Invoice # Non of them works. How can I have the correct code?


We are so sorry for the inconvenience. Kindly send a message again via email: with:

+ Subject: Need help + username in themeforest.
+ Email and Username register in our forum.
+ Purchased code.

Jelly Team

Hi Loc, I have sent the email with all the information but I still can’t post on the forum, asks me for the code.

Please let me know, Thanks.

Hi i love this template, an i need to know if i can put more than one player with different songs thanks


Loc_rabbirt Author Team

Hi cucco,

Unfortunately, it is very complex to do and maybe conflict with jquery.

Jelly Team