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Nice looking theme, good luck with sales!

Thanks a lot JOGJAfile :)

Really good work! Good luck with the sales! :)

Thank you very much ZeDat :)

Wow NICE! Looks GRT On Mobile too!

We are honored by your satisfaction sterlingwilliam, thank you.

Looks great, definitely tinking of buying it. are the background images extended licenses from Envato? Could you redirect me to the author, they looks great.

Dear UI20 the pictures we used are free for commercial use you can find their links in documentation folder. Good luck.

looks excellent! :)

Thank you ; )

I just bought your very nice looking template. I am trying to log in and post a question on your forum … but it seems not to be working. Please check this.

OK. Now it works :) Please check out my three questions/suggestions.

Thank you for an excellent support!! :) I look forward to following you and get to know the updates. Good luck!

Dear chriddo. We are honored by your satisfaction and sorry for the inconvenience in login to the forum :) The next update will come soon :)

Hello, I bought the template, but the contact form does not work. I put my email, but does nothing. Please help me.

Hi gonzalog1989, Thank you for purchasing soonix :) please send me your site address through my profile or in support forum.

Quick question…how are the icons at the top in the menu generated? Icon font? How can I add another one or use a different icon?

First thank you for purchasing soonix dear memphisroar . Yes,That is the icon font. Soonix have more than 340 icons. We mentioned how to use icons in documentation. It’s very easy, open “batch-icons.html” in documentation folder, find the name of your favorite icon and use it in this code

<i class="YOUR-ICON-NAME"></i>

good luck :)

Thanks! Sorry for missing that in the documentation!

You’re Welcome. If you have any other questions we will be happy to answer. :)

Any chance of seeing the theme, or at least some screenshots?

Preview isn’t working.


Hi dear inABox-ie, did you try the demo? I checked it and demo is working.