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Hello! I’m looking to add “next” and “prev” on a carousel, I am assuming that it is just change to a CSS file in the OWL-CAROUSEL folder, but don’t know which section.

hi iofdtiger7 thx alot for purchasing the item. did you already have a look here?

you are partly correct, but first of all you would have to initialize the navigation e.g. owlCarousel({navigation:true .... then the basic previous and next buttons are displayed and you would have to style the css in the owl-carousel folder (just as you said).

Just come back to us if you need further assistance. cheers

Thanks so much! This was exactly the answer I was looking for.

One more question: how can I add space between the various items in a carousel? I tried changing the padding and margin, but that caused more issues that simply creating space between each cell.

hi iofdtiger7, the spacing between the items can a) be calculated by owl-carousel itself (you define that only 2 items should be displayed at a time…owl-carousel will handle the spacing) or b) manually with css. It should be the .item class.

Anyway just send us the link to your site and we have a look at it! ( cheers

Hi there. Great template- but font awesome’s soundcloud icon isn’t displaying properly. How to fix? Thanks!

hi mybelfy. that’s because soundcloud was introduced in 4.1, which was released after the template was released. Easy fix:

  • donwload font awesome from
  • in the template go to the fonts folder and overwrite all files with the corresponding files from the downloaded font awesome pack
  • in the css folder of your template overwrite the font-awesome.min.css file
you’re done…now you have the latest version of font-awesome!

Cheers and have a great weekend


hi – great work – can you give me a short-cut to where i can change the font used please? Even with the pattern overlay, the text’s still not v legible against my images. thanks again—r

hi rowlandg, you mean the lato font? you can change the font in the header section of the template: <link href=’,300,400,700,900' rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’>

replace it with the font you like (e.g. from the google fonts repository).

All you have to do afterwards is change it also in the main.css file e.g. here: font-family: “Lato”, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;

hope this helps. Cheers and please rate ;)

Awesome template, awesome response, I’ll def rate :) thx

Hi is it possible to have the pop down subscribe/newsletter input email addresses into my Mailchimp account, instead of sending me them via email, so I dont have to manually input email addresses ? Thankyou

Thankyou for that suggestion, that worked a treat. Would it be possible to add extra fields from m Mailchimp signup form for people to input their info into in that newsletter dropdown ?

yes that’s possible. You would just have to extend the existing form with your new field(s) and update the mailing-list.js. What do you need exactly? cheers

Ok great, well on the sign up that is linked to our facebook page (via Mailchimp) we have email, name (first and last), Birthday (dd/mm), Country (Text Input) and Gender (checkboxes) ... would these all be possible ? and still function the same ? This is the basic stuff we’d like to know about our customers and demographic.

Ok great, well on the sign up that is linked to our facebook page (via Mailchimp) we have email, name (first and last), Birthday (dd/mm), Country (Text Input) and Gender (checkboxes) ... would these all be possible ? and still function the same ? This is the basic stuff we’d like to know about our customers and demographic.

Is the coding of this addition maybe something you could help with ?

yes sure i can setup two name fields (text input) birthday (text input) country (text input) and gender (checkbox)

here we go. now you just need to send the ids of the fields to mailchimp. this means changing the mailing-list.js on line 18….

<form id="newsletter-form" class="form-inline" role="form"> <div class="form-group"> <label class="sr-only" for="inputName">First Name</label> <input type="text" placeholder="Your First Name" name="inputNameFirst" id="inputNameLast" class="form-control"> </div> <div class="form-group"> <label class="sr-only" for="inputName">Last Name</label> <input type="text" placeholder="Your Last Name" name="inputNameLast" id="inputNameLast" class="form-control"> </div> <div class="form-group"> <label class="sr-only" for="inputName">Birthday</label> <input type="text" placeholder="Your Birthday (dd/mm)" name="inputBirthday" id="inputBirthday" class="form-control"> </div> <div class="form-group"> <label class="sr-only" for="inputName">Country</label> <input type="text" placeholder="Your Country" name="inputCountry" id="inputNameLast" class="form-control"> </div> <div class="form-group"> <label class="sr-only" for="inputName">Gender</label> Male<input type="radio" name="inputGender" id="inputGender-1" value="male" checked> Female<input type="radio" name="inputGender" id="inputGender-2" value="female"> </div> <div class="form-group"> <label class="sr-only" for="inputEmail">Email address</label> <input type="email" placeholder="Enter email" name="inputEmail" id="inputEmail" class="form-control"> </div> <div class="pull-right"> <button id="newsletter-submit-mailchimp" type="submit" class="btn btn-submit" name="submit" style="position:relative"> <i class="fa fa-check" /> SUBMIT </button> </div> <div class="clearfix" /> <small>Don't worry we will not use your email for spam</small> <div id="newsletter-form-response" /> </form>

replace the code with the existing form in the index file. PLEASE rate the item thanks alot ;) happy coding!

Hi – Great plug! How can I exclude pages from redirecting to the coming soon page or basically omit specific pages from the Soonr plug so I can roll out pages?

Right now I need beta testers to be able to sign up / register thru a separate MailChimp list.

Or…, Would it be easier to add a second MC list…?

Thnx for your help – I will greatly appreciated!

Notice it doesn’t show me as ‘Purchased’ – Didn’t realize you have this on CodeCanyon too. I’ll asked the Q over there. LOL

Thnx for the quick reply!!

Here is how we decided on how we need this to function or the user / beta-tester sign-up work flow:

When we are ready for beta-testers, we will be releasing the info via social networks > The user clicks thru and lands on the Coming Soon page at Next open the menu > Navigate to “Beta testers needed!” [opt1] > Decide to become a beta tester by clicking thru a link Become a Beta-Tester. This page needs to be available.

I see that the wp-login still functions – So I am assuming that is in your functions somewhere and would think I could add a page to it???

One way I can do it since this is on a MultiSite, I can just add a beta-test sub-domain and link to the sign up via MailChimp there.

It still would be greatly appreciated to add the functionality of a back-door link or to omit pages from redirecting / loading the coming soon page :)

Hello, i would change one of the social icon in the footer with the twitter icon. How can i do that?? Thanks for the help

Solved, thanks anyway

that was quick ;) great you figured it out yourself!

Hello, where i can change the font and the size of the numbers of the date?

hi indiansgames. thanks alot for purchasing soonr. did you purchase the codecanyon or themeforest version? cheers

Hi indiansgames soory for the delay. here is how you change the font and size of the date. In the main.css file search for a class called .countdown. This class has a font-size attribute. adjust it to your needs. If you want to change the font add the attribute font-family. (PS if you want to embed a new google font you need to also refer to it in the header of your index file)


Hello, Congrats for this template, its very nice.

I have a problem. I try to suscribe to the form (newsletter) that is linked whit mailchimp and later to write the email in the space show me the mail in the url.


I did all the steps that appears in the index whit the instructions: change the mailserver to mailserver-mailchimp and add the key and the list id in the correct file.

can be the hosting? i have now in a free hosting for make some tests. Maybe this hosting have some problems whit php (000webhost).

I expect that you can help me.


Hi again;

I don’t recieved the email from MailChimp. I’m the only one that i tried to suscribe as it’s in test yet, and i’m sure that i haven’t recieved some mail.

I sent them a email whit my site and other details.


should be solved by now…

solved thanks a lot.


dsgawn Purchased

Hi, I bought your theme and I’d like to implement the side “off canvas” navigation into my own website which I’m currently building using the latest Bootstrap v3.

I’ve copied across the main.js file into my design but can you advise what else I need to copy across for it to work correctly. Are there any .css files needed as well? At present the icon is viewable in my page but nothing slides open when I click on the nav icon??

hi dsgawn, thx alot for purchasing soonr. yes you are right. you need css for the styling. did you also copy the full html structure to your site? the off canvas navigation is based on click events fired by ids and/or classes (from the html) which then are handled by javascript. so everything needs to be in place. you can send us your site ( cheers

Hello a question for social icons. how can I invoke the 500px icon. greeting jens

hi jenskamer thx for buying Soonr. Which icons do you mean by “500px”? cheers


dsgawn Purchased

Hi, first great landing page.

Can you confirm exactly where I add the youtube video ID to get this working? Currently I have found the script at the bottom of the index.html file but is there anything I need to do to make this work?


Hi dsgawn thx alot for purchasing soonr. first of all you need to select the right template (index-youtube.html) then all you have to do is add the id of the youtube video… thats the line $('#video-wrapper').tubular({videoId: 'lMlZ4NCNVSE',wrapperZIndex: 9999});

videoId needs to be changed… please rate soonr if you like it ;) THX ALOT cheers


dsgawn Purchased

Brilliant thanks. I found the necessary youtube ID code to change in the index-yoube.html file. Am I also correct that I needed to change the youtube ID in the .js file as well?

Another question – the video only seems to play on a PC and not on any browser on a mac? How do I rectify this?


hi dsgawn no you just need to change the id in the index file. make sure that your mac does not have the power saving feature enabled. this should do the trick.


deian Purchased

Hi, currently when user subscribes, he receives an e-mail from MailChimp “Please Confirm Subscription”. Do you know a way to skip this step and subscribe immediately? 10x for the nice template

hi deian thx alot for your kind words and buying soonr. you are talking about the double opt in feature. This can actually be skipped. Go to the MCAPI.class.php file and search for the listSubscribe function (which should be in line 1746). There’s a parameter called $double_optin which is set to true. Set it to false and it should work. PLEASE rate soonr thx alot ;) cheers and have fun with the template


deian Purchased

Hi CREATEBRILLIANCE and thank you for your answer.

and we need to delete from store-address.php “Check your email to confirm sign up.” as well :)

Additionally I want to add the users in my group “Subscribers”>”Coming Soon”. This can be done in the same listSubscribe function replacing ”$params[“merge_vars”] = $merge_vars;” with $params[“merge_vars”] = array ( ‘GROUPINGS’ => array ( array(‘name’ => ‘Subscribers’, ‘groups’ => ‘Coming Soon’) ) );

Its ugly and dirty change, but hey, it’s working :) Thanks

hi deian thumbs up for figuring this out by yourself ;) have a great week!

Hi, Youtube videos do not play in Safari on either my or my friend’s computers. Need to have this working tomorrow, or at least the option to play my own MP4 video as a backup!! Not having that backup option for a self-hosted video in case of a browser breaking is a big oversight in my opinion.

I’m on Safari 6 Mountain Lion, idk what versions my friends are on. Thank you.

hi liquidcinema. thx alot for your interest. youtube videos work on every platform but for the latest IOS you need to consider the power safe feature. If enabled yt videos don’t play. cheers


None of us at the studio here are having the same experience. Safari 6 will NOT play Youtube videos, even on Mac Pros where power saving is not an option. I’m Safari 7 or 8 are not available for Mountain Lion, which many people are still using.

The video works on Firefox and Chrome.

If you could get this working today I would greatly appreciate it. We are going public tomorrow. The domain is, I’ll leave the video up for a few hours. Thank you!


hi LiquidCinema we don’t have a solution yet but just wanted to let you know that it is a little hard for us to reproduce the issue as we don’t use safari 6 anymore. so this might take some more time…

What’s up buddy for some reason I cannot get the email to work with mailchimp would you happen to have a solution to help me out. The site is you will see the email under the “take action” button. It will validate and say it was delivered however it’s not showing up in mailchimp or my email. I preferred to come to my email versus mailchimp to be honest. Thanks a ton!

Any answer to this Question Boss?: What’s up buddy for some reason I cannot get the email to work with mailchimp would you happen to have a solution to help me out. The site is you will see the email under the “take action” button. It will validate and say it was delivered however it’s not showing up in mailchimp or my email. I preferred to come to my email versus mailchimp to be honest. Thanks a ton!

hi freedommcflyy thx alot for buying soonr and sorry for the late reply. Mailchimp has a two way sign up process. maybe this already solves your issue. so if you sign up you will get a second email which wants you to approve your sign up. ONLY after confirming your signup you will see the signup in mailchimp. does this help? if not just come back here cheers

I tried that its still not working =(

checked your seems that there was an issue uploading the file (the line breaks are gone). solution: you need to change the transfer mode of your ftp client to binary… please try that cheers

Hi! love the plugin – i’m finding it really easy to use aside from a couple of things. How do I change the font on the homepage and across the board?

Also, I know it’s obvious how to change the font colour but is there a way to change the grey sidebar and menu colour background?

Thanks again for a great plugin! Would appreciate any help, cheers!


hi kate…don’t worry about asking. feel free to ask whatever you need to get your site up and running. to change the font color for the sidebar search for this

.sidebar-nav li a

and change the color value.

for the modal thats coming from above search for #modal

and change the color value here too.

cheers and have a great weekend (thx for rating!!)

thank you! so helpful and I really appreciate the quick responses despite my pestering. two last things – i promise then I’m done! how do I change the colour of the menu button link (three stripes on the top right) ? plus, I’ve linked up my API key and List Id on mailchimp but although it says it’s been successful, mailchimp isn’t registering the email addresses entered – is there something else I can do to fix this end?

thanks again, hugely appreciated! kate

hi kate…

to change the menu…once again search for this in the main.css

.bt-menu-trigger span::before, .bt-menu-trigger span::after and edit the background…(above and below bar) also search for this: .bt-menu-trigger span and edit the background…(middle bar)

for mailchimp. if its successfully sending your form then chances might be high that you forgot to approve the email you received. the sign up is a two way process. you fill in your information. afterwards you receive an email. you have to CONFIRM this email…and then this email should be listed in your mailchimp. if thats not working send us the link to your site and we’ll have a look.

cheers and happy coding

Hey is it possible for us to meet online co you can see my screen so I can get this mailchimp working I really need it to work this is the last thing I promise. Here is the website

received it. will check it

fixed. you actually did not use the mailchimp template ;) tested it and it is working now! have fun

Thank you sir! You are the man!

Hello, i want to set the Link to the Newsletter Section without the “Button” Styling. How can i set a simple

Hi rbsystems thanks alot for buying soonr. You just need to remove the btn btn-default class from the newsletter link. Do you know how this is done? If not just ask we’ll help you! cheers


I excitedly purchased and learned I don’t know what the heck I’m doing when it comes to installing it (on Godaddy) as a landing page. I’m probably going to end up purchasing Wordpress plug-in but is there such a thing as a step-by step? Thank you.

hi pmoore1 thx alot for buying soonr. We are sure we can help you with your issue. Here’s what you need to have (as written in the documentation) 1) webspace 2) php (for the contact form)

where exactly is your issue? if you just need assistance for uploading the template to your host then just send us your login credentials to and we will handle the rest.

cheers and PS: rating is always appreciated ;)