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i cannot upload it to wordpress. it says style.css stylesheet missing

hi fazalmukthar thx for buying SOONR and sorry for that. I assume you are talking about the themeforest version? if so…SOONR is not a wordpress theme but a html/css/javascript template. which has nothing to do with wordpress and therefore does not work on wordpress. If you are talking about SOONR from codecanyon (which is a wordpress plugin) you have to install it as a plugin not as a theme. this should do the trick! if you have more questions please don’t hesitate to ask. we’ll help you. have a great week ahead!

My purchase code is 3c525bb5-ce8d-47b3-be86-d696382a770b

I’m having issues getting mailchimp to work properly. I’ve followed the documentation…

hi, just to let you know…we are on this…

Great! You guys are awesome. Awaiting your reply

hi please try the following

ob_start(); if ($this->secure){ $sock = stream_socket_client("ssl://".$host.":443", $errno, $errstr); } else { $sock = stream_socket_client($host.":80", $errno, $errstr); } if(!$sock) { $this->errorMessage = "Could not connect (ERR $errno: $errstr)"; $this->errorCode = "-99"; ob_end_clean(); return false; }

the position is the same. the new function is the same, too. but what has changed is the parameters for the stream_socket_client functions…they needed to be adjusted. please try the update and tell us how it worked for you.


Hello! How I can use YouTube background whith embeded sound? And what about external sound file to use whith endless video-loop?

hi dblackpro thx alot for purchasing Soonr. To “unmute” your video use the following code (we take the as example and extend it with the mute parameter)

$('#video-wrapper').tubular({videoId: 'lMlZ4NCNVSE',wrapperZIndex: 9999, mute:false}); so mute:false needs to be added. External soundfiles can be integrated and repeated with some javascript. its not a feature of soonr but we can help you writing the code. cheers

Hello! What’s the best way to override the CSS on this plugin? I just want to hide the side menu, really. Thanks! :)

hi carriegates you are writing this to the Soonr template on themeforest. but as you said plugin I bet you are talking about the wordpress plugin … right? The fastest way would be to hide it with display none… Search for the main.css file and right at the bottom insert this: #menu-toggle {display:none} done!

cheers and happy coding. we’d highly appreciate if you could rate our plugin. thanks alot!

Thanks so much! And yes, I’ll definitely give you a great review :)

Hello. Nice template. Please help- it not works well on ssl website. Pls chk and HELP.

hi Codeofthefreedom thx alot for buying Soonr. can you please provide us with a link to your site? cheers

does it work on a ssl free site? i can see the issue but the code looks fine.