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Great theme! Very easy to set up, clean code, no issues or tinkering needed. One question: I submitted the contact form about 15 minutes ago and it hasn’t shown up yet. I changed the email in mailer.php. Any idea what might cause it to not get delivered?


Hi vinvalentino , are you testing the contact form locally on your computer because it work only on the server .

if you are facing this issue with your server too , please contact us via email and we will fix it .

Thank you so much .


Never mind. The issue was on my end. Sorry, and thank you for the quick reply!


Thank you :)

Hi there,

Great landingpage. Congrats for your work.

Just one question, the counter isn´t working. First I thought it was because localy wouldn´t work, but now i´ve tested it in a server, and it simply does not show.

tks for your help


Never mind, already found the main.js file and off course it did not show. The date must be in the future :-)

Hi I can´t find any dokumentation for background image in main ?


HI Riisager the background images are located in /img folder and the script is located in js/main.js

Thank you so much

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Hi, I emailed already. I just can’t find the Bootstrap 3 theme. Have I missed something??

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First of all very good page Im having a little problem the subscriber.php I think isnt sending the mails I register to the subscribers.txt Any ideia whats causing that ?

Nice job. Thx;