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Thanks Ed!

How do you do that though?

Please do help!



Hi there dave,

If you’ve not comfortable with making html/php changes then I would suggest using Envato Studio to find a freelancer who should be able to do this quite quickly.



Hi man, i am comfortable to do it myself. I just need the code and where to place it.

Hi dave,

well the code is the work :)

I’m not able to provide this via support as it would first need to be planned, written, fully tested and then released. This is why I suggested going the freelancer route.



Hi Ed, I still have the version 1.0 of Sooperstore so I have to update it. How can I do it safely? Just pasting the new files in the theme directory?


Cause I did the upgrade and everything seem work fine except when I try to buy an item and when I am in the check out page appears:

“Warning: array_intersect(): Argument #1 is not an array in /web/htdocs/ on line 180 Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /web/htdocs/ on line 190”

How can I fix it? The site is

Thanks for help;)

Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Re: upgrade – the best (and safest) way to update the theme is to follow these steps:

1.) backup your existing version – this is especially important if you have made changes

2.) download the latest version 3.) test it on a local or test copy of your live site – this is especially important with eCommerce sites to avoid unexpected issues 4.) re-apply any custom changes you’ve made (or better still – move your customisations to a child theme)

5.) apply to live

Re: your upgrade – this doesn’t look like an issue with the theme – the error points to an issue with the shipping plugin you’re using.



Hi Ed,

I just updated to WP 4.0 and everything seemed to work fine. I then updated Woocommerce to 2.2.6 and everything still works fine except for my Product Category page (shop). It seems everything has shifted to the left. This applies to the individual Category pages as well. Not sure if you are aware of any incompatibilities or not, just thought I’d ask. I’m using Sooperstore 1.7.

Thank you, Mike site:

Hi Mike,

sorry for the delayed reply – I’m not aware of any specific issues with either WP 4.0 or WC 2.2.6 with Sooperstore – I have both running on the main demo site.

Send me exact details to and I’ll take a look asap.


Thanks for the theme.

We are implementing Sooperstore. But we run into a problem.

When the Cart is empty, we get a redirect loop. This is probably because the Cart page determines the cart is empty, and sending it to another page? Or to the Checkout page?

This only happens when the “Cart page” and “Checkout page” are the same (“Cart”). Because it also is the same.

How can we fix this problem?

I was already ‘fighting’ this problem a couple of times last week.

I guess I found a ‘solution’.

Created a new page for “Checkout” and placed the following on it: “[woocommerce_cart]

Now it is the same, as I already chosen before, but now in two different pages.

Is there another solution which would be better?

Sorry, I see that the Cart page has the exact same tags already in it. Which I didn’t know. Then I guess it did this myself?

First time for me with WordPress and WooCommerce :)

Then I guess it is OK like this. Removing checkout tag in cart works, but also a ‘single’ cart/checkout page.

Hi there,

sorry about the delay reply – when you install WooCommerce it automatically creates a Cart and Checkout page and injects the correct shortcodes into them. It’s possible you just got those shortcodes mixed up. In any event this is definitely not a theme issue. If you’re still unsure about this the good folks over on the WooCommerce forums can verify for you.


Hi, I’m trying to display the template for a custom attribute “jewelry” that I have created. I’m just following this instructions , I have copied and renamed the file to be “taxonomy-pa_jewelry.php”, but it shows a 404 page.

I have added it both in the theme folder and theme/woocommerce folder.

Please advice, thanks.

Hi there,

sorry about the delayed reply. Have you followed the rest of the instructions re: registering the taxonomy for menus (further up the page).

In any event, you’ll get faster support on this via the WooCommerce support forums as it’s more of a WooCommerce support issue than a theme issue.



Hi, I’m working on a site that uses your theme, but cannot find the theme documentation. Can you please provide a link to the documentation or email a copy of the documentation to me?


Hi there,

sorry about the delayed reply – the docs are in the main zip file you can download directly from your themeforest account where you purchased the theme – this username doesn’t looked to be associated with a purchase of the theme.

Best, Ed

I highly recommend staying away from this theme, had issues with widgets and there is zero support.

Hi Michael,

Very sorry for the delayed response.

I’ve been offline ill since your last email.

Re: issue with widgets – you sent me an email but didn’t specify exactly the issue is with widgets.

I just created a test homepage on your site and was able to add widgets to the homepage with no issue.

I’ll send you the page example now.




I’m having issues with reviews on single product pages. Heres a screenshot of what happens:


hmm – ok – shoot me an email with your ftp login details to and I’ll take a look directly.



Nvm I managed to fix it.

If anyone needs solution:

In “reviews .comment_container” via css you just need to add : “padding-bottom: 2cm;”

And it will fix it

ok great :)

When are you updating this theme? I have been getting the error notice: Your theme has bundled outdated copies of WooCommerce template files

Hi there,

There is an update in the themeforest approval queue. Should be out in the next few hours :)


Hi. I’m trying to use the font-awesome icons and am having trouble. In the docs it explains to download the 4 fonts, but nothing about all of the icons and what file to put them in. Can we use these icons in different areas or only list items?

Hi there!

See examples here
     [item icon="cloud"]List Item[/item]
     [item icon="book"]List Item[/item]

If you view the source of the page you’ll see the other supported icon names.

The theme only supports using them as shown on the page above.


I like the theme, but i want little modification. Please confirm me that is possible in current theme or i need customization. If customization then please let me know the charges, so i decide before go for it.

We don’t want to show price on the website, just product catalog, description, pdf brochure and a inquiry form. Just need to remove the pricing and order feature.

Please confirm me as soon as possible.


I responded to your email.


I’m trying to install the “”.

But it says: “Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

What to do?

Hi there,

You’re attempting to upload the wrong file – the theme is actually inside the zip file you’re attempting to upload. Unzip that first and you’ll find it inside :)


Is the latest version compatible with Worpdress 4.1.1 and Woocommerce 2.whatever now? Your item detail shows the last update in 2012 Cheers

Hi there, Sorry our main changelog in the sales page is out of date. The theme has been kept fully up to date for WordPress 4.2 and WooCommerce 2.3.x



Hi Ed, I am having problems uploading images to Showcase post. I created a showcase category, then a new post and under Showcase it will not allow me to select files (drop images) or upload files. My showcase page shows the original post with featured image shows up here:

Hi there,

sorry about the delayed reply – it sounds like a plugin conflict – try disabling all non essential plugins to see if this resolves the issue. if not i’d need to see the issue directly – send me your WP site url and admin user/pass to


Hi Ed, I responded on May 7 and explained that I turned off all plugins and problems persisted. I sent WP credentials by email. Any updates?

Hi Clint,

Just sent you a response – sorry for the delay.


Thanks Ed, it works fine now!

does this theme support hebrew and rtl (right to left)?

No – sorry


Hi Ed,

I’ve been having this problem for a while now. It looks like whatever autoupdate occured in wordpress or from your theme has broken part of sooperstore.

Currently your demo has suffered from this as well and has all of the issues I am experiencing.

I managed to fix the majority of them (text alignment in cart/checkout and the greyed cut off buttons) with CSS tweaks, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to fix the problem with the review stars on product pages.

Attached is a screenshot of what’s going on:

Basically you can’t highlight or select more than two stars as there’s that faint gray line in between the second and third star and that random black star.

Could you please tell me what I have got to correct to fix it?

Hi there,

sorry about the delayed reply. There a new version which should be out very shortly (later today) which resolves this issue.



Hi there,

I am Angelos and I bought your theme a while back. I did not do anything with it and now I wish to install it. Unfortunatly however, I cannot find any demo content to load on the theme so it loads exactly as per demonstration.

Can you please let me know. I noticed your page is a little inactive in responses. I really hope you can get in-touch with me.

I am sorry about this, but is anybody here to support this theme? I posted this 2 weeks ago and I’ve yet to hear anything. I require the XML file.

Hi there,

sorry about the delayed reply – we’ve been offline.

Shoot me an email to and I can send you the demo install instructions.


Hi, our client is having problem with Sold Product Order template. Here is the site setup. Wordpress 4.3.3 WooCommerce 2.5.2 Sooperstore 1.8 We have an order from history page using Sold Product Order template. There is an issue with the product which has the variations data. In the frontend page the “Add To Cart” button is missing due to a javascript error add-to-cart-variation.min.js?ver=2.2.8:4 Uncaught TypeError: wp.template is not a function. I was able to make the “Add To Cart” button to show up by including “wp-util”. Now, I am seeing a different error when I select an option from UOM drop down list. “underscore.min.js?ver=1.6.0:553 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘replace’ of undefined.” I have tried disable all other plugins but same issue. Could you please help me to correct it?