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Hi all,

I have vacation time (yay!!!), hence delay in asnwering for last 6 days. I will ve fully available from 10th september.

Thanks for comprehension.

Hello, I purchased this theme based on the demo layout and have been at it for several hours and cannot figure out how to make it look like the demo with the larger slider menu centered and the three smaller categories underneath. I have been though the Documentation page and most of the comments on this site, including those dealing with the issue. Any suggestions/assistance would be greatly appreciated. Love the look of the theme by the way, just having trouble getting it to look right. Thanks.

Never mind, of course once I ask the question, I keep working at it and figure it out! Thanks tho, I hope you had a good vacation.


Hi rrbaldridge!

If You still got problems with something send me log&pass to your wp site and i will set it for You.

Thank You.

Hi! Thanks so much for the offer – so far so good regarding the main set-up. To be honest, this is my first time dealing with some of the shortcuts and things, so I’m having some difficulty navigating the CSS code. I’ve tried to read through your posts so i don’t ask something you’ve already addressed, but I’m not finding the answers to my new difficulties:

1) I would like to customize the description on the Nivo Slider Portfolios – i.e.: by changing the font, etc. Can you tell me where to do this?

2) The three latest posts on the bottom of the home page – can I have it just display the featured picture and title of the post without showing the whole text of the post on the home page? I presume this is a word limitation somewhere, but I can’t find where.

3) I installed the Contact Form 7 plug in, but it is not working correctly, as it says it fails to send the form. I know I saw a post on this, but I haven’t been able to find it again.

4) I currently have 4 columns set up in the footer portion of OptionTree. I only have one widget on it right now, which is a search bar. It currently shows up on the far left and I would like it to be on the far right. I tried inputting some blank text widgets thinking it may push it to the right, but no luck.

Thank you so much for your time and customer support with your wonderfully designed theme. I apologize if you’ve addressed some of these issues, feel free to point me back to them. I’ve looked but didn’t find anything.



1) CSS styles for Nivo are located in Sophis >> scripts >> nivo >> nivo-slider.css

2) read more button needs be added in post editor http://synesteth.com/sophis/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/2012-03-14_174958.jpg

3) & 4) I need log&pass to your wp site for further investigation, you can send it through my profile page.

I saw some of the fixes you made today – thank you so much!

I’m having trouble finding where the editing portion for “Example of bolded paragraph” portion is.

Found it!! Sorry.

loulia Purchased

Hi there,

I’m trying to accomplish 3 things and would love your help.

1/ I want to customize the color of the navigation bar to something other than the available options. How do I do that? 2/ I want to create more space between the title of a page and the bar under the top navigation 3/ I want to reduce the font of the elements in the footer without changing the font in the rest of the website.

Please advise. Thanks!


loulia Purchased

Anyone there?



I’m sorry for delay.

1) It can be done only by editing psd file, folder PSD elements >> default >> nav.psd

2) paste (at the bottom) in style.css:

.page #content {
padding-top: 25px;


h2.title {
padding-top: 25px;

change 25px value to suit your needs

3) again, paste in style.css:

#footer .wg {
    font-size: 11px;
loulia Purchased

Thank you. Number 2 worked like a charm!! But the fix for number 3 (footer) only fixed the subtext, not the headers in the footer area… any way I could reduce the size of those as well?

I’m using the Green Theme: http://relevantine.com/take3/ and the doctor wants me to use a different shade of green for the navigation bar. When I open the file you describe in photoshop, all I see is black. I’m not sure how to edit that.


1) I created all psd files with Photoshop CS4 , if You’re using older version it may work unproperly.

So i will create this file for You, just tell me what shade of green You need – use any color scheme tool, for example http://www.colorpicker.com/

3) sorry, misunderstood, paste this also:

#footer h3 {
    font-size: 17px;

change value 17px if needed

loulia Purchased

You’re awesome, thank you so much! Ok, here goes: main green: #78a91a and #6f9f18 (using a gradient effect that goes top/down) Darker green (when menu item is selected/drop down): #496e07

And you fixed number 3. You’re amazing. I am so appreciative. I tried using so many themes for this client and your theme was the winner!


I have weird feeling that i’ve made it incorrectly:

Download those files to your desktop:

nav bar image – http://synesteth.com/sophis/wp-content/themes/Sophis/nav.png

dropdown – http://synesteth.com/sophis/wp-content/themes/Sophis/nav_li_button_hover.gif

With ftp, you need put those images (overwrite if need) in Sophis >>styles >> darkgreen

If it isn’t what you expected You need to clarify it better for me ;} Unfortunately You will have to wait, i’ll be available today at 22 gmt+1 time zone.

loulia Purchased

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for your help. I’ll confirm with the client that the green color is the same that he wanted and get back to you on that. You’re the best.

One thing: when I click on a drop down menu off of the navigation, I still get a black background. How can I make that background match the color of nav_li_button_hover.gif?


upload/overwrite another(it has similair name as previous file, but it’s unique) file into darkgreen folder- http://synesteth.com/sophis/wp-content/themes/Sophis/nav_li_button_hoverb.gif

in darkgreen.css (folder styles), paste at bottom:

#nav .sf-menu li li a {
    background: #496e07;
    border-top: 1px solid #446706;
loulia Purchased

Thank you VERY much. I have another question, sorry to bug you: how do I change the alignment of the logo if I want to center it more?


I see that You used margin for centering, delete whole margin line, instead of:

#logo h1 a {
    display: block;
    margin-left: 300px;

make sure it looks like this:

#logo h1 a {
    display: block;

now logo should be perfectly centered.

loulia Purchased

Thank you!!

loulia Purchased

Is there a way to make the font on the navigation appear crisper/whiter?


Sorry, it cannot be more whiter ;}

Hi synesthete,

I purchased and downloaded the theme and the ‘light brown’ skin does not appear in the ‘styles’ in the .zip folder also in the ‘apperance’ > ‘theme options’ > ‘general’ it does not appear in the dropdown menu.

‘light brown’ appears as default, but when I add the logo etc and refresh the page it automatically goes to ‘dark red’ which is not what i want. Can you tell me how do I add this skin please?



Recently Option tree was updated to version 2, hence issue with default skin.

Can you deactivate and delete option tree 2, and upload version from here http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/option-tree/developers/ ?

If You don’t know how to do it, send me log & pass to your wp site (through my profile page) and i will set it up. I could also assist You with Nivo slider.

Sorry for inconvenience.

Hi again,

another concern… you suggest in the Documentation.pdf that infomation for the shortcodes can be found at the following link,

All shortcodes can be seen on page – http://www.synesteth.y0.pl/shortcodes/ , so there is no need to describe theme here.

but it reads ;

Przepraszamy, strona nie zosta?a znaleziona.

Page not found

Sprawd? poprawno?? adresu lub zajrzyj na stron? g?ówn? www.cba.pl

Darmowy Hosting CBA .PL


All shortcodes are available here – http://synesteth.com/sophis/shortcodes/

Hey, I can see how you add images for both the ‘anything’ and ‘roundabout’ sliders but I cannot see how you add images for the ‘nivo’ slider.

This does not seem to be mentioned in the documentation.pdf either.

Looking forward to your reply.




I’m sure i’ve write about it ;}

Nivo display featured images you assigned to every single portfolio post.

mindbogl Purchased

I’ve been getting flags of people not able to open the homepage because of “too many redirects”. I don’t see any malware on the site and many people can open the site fine. Others can’t as virus programs are flagging the site. Could the slider be causing this?


Thanks so much for your help.


I’ve checked it and everything is fine. I think You shouldn’t be worry, unless google block your site everything is fine ;}

Slider isn’t infected at 100%, don’t know why some people receive alert messages. Can You send me one of those message?

at0m33 Purchased


is this theme compatible with WordPress 3.4.2?

I get only the background color if i use this theme with this version (no content, images, layout, ...).


Hi, Yes it is compatible.

You forgot install option tree plugin, please use version – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/option-tree/developers/