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Hi, on this page: http://souffle.mothemes.com/features/ the tab title doesn’t appear complete, it displays only layout with double quotes. if i typed layout pages in tab title, it only displays layout. How to fix this issue?


Please reply fast.

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What is going on with your team ? Why can’t we have any answer ? Should we report you to themeforest ?

Please reply asap. Like several other commenters, I’m having a problem where only the first word of the panel title shows up surrounded by double quotes. This is a recent error and I’d like to know what caused it and how to fix it.

The error we are all seeing is caused by the WP Update to version 4.01.
It’s clear the author has stopped providing support for a while now, and the support forum is now also a waste of time.
Other theme authors have fixed the very same issue.
In this case the only solution is to remove tabs etc from our sites that still use this theme, unless anyone has a solution to the broken code.

I think the file we have to modify is inside themes/souffle/mo/shortcodes/tabs.php

I’ve tried some changes with no idea what I have doing and obviously no any works :(