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Probably my last questions. :) Why is the phone number in the contact widget on the footer not showing in IE but does in Firefox? www.babiekeesh.com

Also do you know if there’s some conflict with Twitter as the Profile widget is not showing on my sidebar under Follow Me.

IE 9 version 9.0.8112.16421

I have the same version and no problems.

Odd, ok thanks!

Hi, can you place widgets on the home page side bars?



Homepage not have sidebar.

Where do I change the colour of the main navigation bar? I want it to be #827d7b with text #fffff, but can’t see where to change this.



In the style.css:

1. BG, line 2257

.sf-menu {
float: left;
margin-top: 40px;
font-family: Verdana;
background: #827D7B; }

2. Text, line 2283

.menu-link, ul.sf-menu li a {
color: white !important;

Hi again,

First, thank for you quick help with my previous question. Much appreciated.

I am back with 2 more questions we are having some issues with. 1. The icons in the “services blocks” section aren’t linking to the proper place. The correct URL is listed, but it keeps reverting to the .index page and a 401 error.

2. What’s the easiest/best way to have link from our main navigation bar go directly to the first page on the dropdown menu below it.

Thanks again for your help. If you need more info, I’ll get it to you in a few hours as I am shutting down for then night. Thank you.

1. What format links? With http:// or without, or something else.

2. Don’t understand the question.

1. With http://. Here is the link how is appears in the service blocks section. http://clintandbethanie.com/products/photography/ This works fine for the link URL but it’s not seeming to register for the image URL .

2. Our main navigation bar has a page called Products. I don’t want to go a page for products, but would rather go directly to first page under products called photography.

1. Links only for the Title. Links for the icons you can change in the file home.php.

2. Just use # instead URL . http://d.pr/i/rI8J

Hi again Serge,

I’m trying to change our portfolio page so that instead of the image having the magnifying glass appear and the image enlarge, it simply links to the post. I believe this is the piece of code I need to change from portfolio.php, but I am not certain how to change it.

<?php if ( has_post_thumbnail()) { ?>  <?php } ?>

Thanks for your assistance once again.

To further clarify, I can see the image is correctly linked as when I hover over it the correct link appears in the bottom of my screen. However, the magnifying glass still apears and it tries to enlarge the image and then gives me a message. There must be something that is counteracting that link?

Remove from the link


Thank you so much! Perfect. I just removed the class=”item-preview” part too to get rid of the magnifying glass and we are all set.

Your assistance is very much appreciated. I was so close to figuring it out, but just wasn’t quite there. Thank you!

Hi Zerge,

I would like to use the pricing table feature on a page, but have been unable to locate where it is I go to actually insert the table… Same goes for Dropcaps. Sorry if I’ve missed the obvious, but any insight?




It’s just HTML code.

Dropcaps – http://tny.cz/bd9572e7
Pricing table – http://tny.cz/d1b53e5b

Category Question: I have organized the categories I’ve created to be specific to either blog posts or portfolio posts. However, in the blog section, all categories (portfolio specific and blog specific), and the number of posts under them, are visible in the sidebar. If I am in the blog section and click on one of the portfolio categories, nothing shows up even though it looks like there should be posts under that category.

Is there any way to exclude these portfolio categories from showing up in the sidebar of the blog posts (the same way the portfolio section only lists the categories with portfolio posts under them)?

Thanks for your help.

No, categories for posts and portfolio are displayed together. To separate them you need to register portfolio category taxonomy. Of course, this requires some experience in PHP programming.

Hi Zerge,

Thank you for your help with my previous 2 questions. One more and I hope that’s it – I would like to decrease the space between the bottom of the logo in the header and the line above the welcome message. Where is the code that dictates that spacing?

Thank you.


In the file home.php add this code:



Hi, I’m having a few issues with my footer – it’s displaying different dates for the latest post on each page that the footer appears. Is there any way of fixing this please?

Jo www.joannaking.net


I need access to your WP.

Thanks Zerge – do you have an email i can send the details to please?

Send me a message through my profile – http://themeforest.net/user/ZERGE


I need to know how to make it so that Bold text works?


What the text? show me your site.

Hi Zerge, I bought the Soul theme in the late summer/early fall of last year and it’s been great until last week. When I checked the site (www.motorcycleexperience.ca), all of my links have changed and pages were not working. I updated Wordpress to 3.5.1 after the problems started occurring and have managed to fix everything but the slider on the homepage (does not show up any more) and the drop down menu on the navigation bar (also does not show up). Any idea what could be going on?


Try deactivating all plugins. If that resolves the issue, reactivate each one individually until you find the cause.

Eh! VoilĂ . Thank you.

I love love love this wordpress site, such awesome work and design!!!

Just a question, I hope you can help! First, seems the Blog doesn’t list the summary blogs, it just shows the entire blog post/article, then the second one. See www.gearautopsy.com. There is an option on wordpress to just summarize the blog posts, but it doesn’t seem to work. (“Settings” -> “Reading Settings”). Can you help??

Thank you so very much!!!

Hi luzochicka :)

And how many posts in your Blog?

Seems I have a workaround, somehow I have missed your response. Thanks anyway! I do have a new issue with Twitter as they have changed things, I will ask in a new questions post :) Thank you!

He Zerge! I purchased this template several months ago, but it seems that the twitter module does not load the tweets. It just says “loading twitter”. I believe Twitter has changed things, how do we go about fixing it in the Wordpress site? It also doesn’t work properly in your demo here either, so you can see the example. Thanks in advance! Warm Regards, Shari Anne

Hi Zerge,

Wondering if any updates?



Will be in a few days.


SOUL updated to version 1.4

To update the Theme just replace changed files listed in the file Changelog.txt

Recommend make a backup of the Theme files before you overwrite them with the new ones.

Hello, I have chosen to display a static page for my homepage but I would like to disable the title (only on home page), how can I do that? Also is it possible to add a nivo slider to a page? If yes plz tell me how..


Show me this on your site.

Hi Zerge, plz tell me where are the shortcodes for columns?

No such shortcodes.