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For some reason the preview is not working. Getting a DB Error.

Temporary problems at the hosting provider. I apologize.

I’ve seen the html version already – I wonder why this is only of $30 and some really simple templates are for standard $35 price? It looks really good, good luck with sales!

Thanks for your kind words :) I am also a little surprised at the price.

Is there demo content? I need this

Hi Thomas,

In the theme included only basic content. Everything else (posts, projects, static pages, featured images, etc), you must create your own as you like.

Good luck :)

Demo content will be in the new version, tomorrow.

Hmmm…. would be very nice with demo content as thomaspilegaard requests. It makes the integration a lot easier. Will this be available in an update?

Demo content will be in the new version, tomorrow.

Btw – are you going to remake Orangeideas The Metric into WP-theme? Looking so much forward to this. It’s the finest template on themeforest by far. You’re going to have a hit seller. Please tell me this will be available before new years eve :)

Hi Andy,

Yes, we do Metric on WordPress soon.

Is it possible to include video on the portfolio?


This version support only images. In the next version will add support for video.

Thanks ;)

It is possible to have the blog as the default homepage? Can I take of the header menus? What is the maximum size for ads on sidebar widget?

I really want to buy this theme, but I have to know these questions before…

Hi andremporto,

Yes, you can always have the blog as the default homepage ( defined in the settings WordPress ). Menu can also be removed from the header. Width of the sidebar is 200 pixels.

Another thing… It is ready for translation by localization plugin?

This version does not support localization through plugins. But you can always translate/edit text using Wordpress Editor in Admin panel.

Nice theme ;) Is there a way to disable the Twitter bar in the footer without touching the php files? Also I’d like to put a text widget where the portfolio-area is on the homepage. Thanks in advance

Hi hoodvisions,

Thank you for purchasing Soul Theme :)

All this can only be changed through the php files (disable the Twitter and replace the portfolio-area).

Happy New Year! ;)

Oh and I seem to be blind…where do I find the list of shortcodes available?

Shortcodes will be embedded in the next version.

Nice theme. How do we make the blog posts on the blog page summaries rather than the full text?

Hi lonmcgowan,

Thanks for purchasing Soul Theme :)

You can use the read-more tag in your posts: http://en.support.wordpress.com/splitting-content/more-tag/

On the styling tab the options to change the font/size aren’t available. Is there an update coming?

Hi lonmcgowan,

Yes, it will be in next update. And while it can be edited in the style.css file.

Hi Zerge – happy new year. I guess you are working on Metric right now. Any news about when it will be out – besides “soon”? :) This week – next week – January? Looking very much forward to it.

Hi Andy,

Happy New Year! :) I think it will be in late January, early February.

Stay tuned!

Oh, the wait. But will do…

Hello and great work ! Is there a way to use the blog as HomePage, but with the slider on the top of it ? Thank you !

Hi albanf,

1. Yes, of course you can use the blog as HomePage (http://codex.wordpress.org/Settings_Reading_Screen)

2. The slider can also be added to the blog page, for this you need to edit your blog template file through Theme Editor.

I just tried installing your theme and I am getting this error:

"Installing the themeā€¦

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

Do you have any suggestions of how I can fix that?

Any help is appreciated!


Thanks for purchasing Soul Theme :)

You don’t need to install the package zip, only the theme zip contained within (wp-soul.zip).

Wow! Thanks for responding so quickly. Sorry. I am not so savvy with this… but learning. Thanks for your help.

Always glad to help ;)

(Sorry, my English is not very well.) How can I resizing image (to 450×110 px) for preview at the title page? My problem: http://www.monca.sk/sklad/error.jpg

Hi monaisok,

Thank you for choosing my theme!

You need re-upload the images for your Portfolio entries to fix this.