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Hi, I purchased the Soundrock theme and opened a support ticket with Chimpstudio for some assistance with a bug. They requested a login so that they could investigate, which I provided. 12 hours later with no further communication I discovered that they had reinstalled the theme in production and overwritten all of my customisations, rendering my live site completely useless. Subsequently, despite numerous messages from me, they have refused to communicate any further for a period of two days.

Chimpstudio – perhaps on a public forum you would like to respond?


How do you activate the Video Gallery as shown in your Demo?


nvm found it :)

Is there a how to guide for this. Need a lot of help with setup. Could not find any documentation in win zip file. Thanks.

I have an issue with editing the theme. Can you please watch this video to get a better understanding of my problem. http://screencast.com/t/XyQVw8Pf2DdH Thanks CurtisMelancon@gmail.com
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Hi! the theme is in conflict with any plugiun of sound cloud!! when i activate one of that the slider in home page doesn’t worK!!!!!!!!!!

One of the most BASIC things we all would like to do with this, is change the font size. But the documentation is so hard to find. But the good news is. after painstakingly trying to adjust and edit the font-size, i finally found a way to edit this universally.

1) go to the soundrock/css folder. You will find the file: base.css 2) open base.css in a normal text editor. and try and locate the line: p.lead { font-size: 11px

It is just below the ‘Typography’ heading section, just below h1 { font-size: 24px;} h2 { font-size: 20px;} etc … WHen you found this line: ‘p.lead { font-size: 11px’ just change the 11px to whatever you want – 14px or 16px or whatever text size.

then savfe the base.css file and re-upload it/overwrite it on your server. And there you have it – this will change the font size of all your ‘body’ text universally.

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If some one want to delete the thumbails that appear at the end in your blog when you attach a image to your post just do this:

in single.php line 117 cs_media_attachment($post->ID,120,120); (change 120 to 0)

That was the “huge” customization work that this support tell me that I was asking for and can’t tell me because they are full booked… again thanks a lot for nothing

I have trouble with loading up images for sliders? Maybe a javascript error?

The last version of the theme we downloaded puts a (bracket i, close bracket i) around the right column on the home page. As a result, it’s messing with the stylesheet widths/padding.

How can we get rid of this?

would be possible to program a photo gallery on the Home equal to this site on my thema? http://www.oquerola.com/

Hi, I purchased this theme in April 2013. Am I eligible to download the latest update? How can I do this? Thanks for your help.

Hello, good afternoon.

I wonder if there is an option to test the functionality of the template as a template bought antiriormente and after installation it did not work the slide and the option of loading the images. Or if there is a possibility to make payment after these tests.

Thank you.

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Hi, I have purchased your theme and it’s lovely but the Gallery pages are not working photo or video. Please help me. http://powerrecordsusa.com/?cs_gallery=video-gallery http://powerrecordsusa.com/?cs_gallery=photos
hi, http://themeforest.net/item/sound-rock-music-band-wordpress-theme/3447046 is it possible to have here a list of versions of the theme, the changelog? thank you
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I need your help please, it’s been 4 days and no answer. Pleassssssssssssse.

@asmo111 and @Chimpstudio

Asmo111 is right in the post above about the thumbnail in the news post, this is not custom work but a bug introduced with 1.4.

The bug occurs when you add a feature image to your news post.

Steps to reproduce:

1. New news post 2. type your text… 3. Add a featured image (upload a new image) 4. Save 5. Check the news post and voila a thumbnail on the bottom of the news post, and can’t get it away unless you delete the complete featured image.

If you make a news post and than save it and than reopen it and than add a featured image the issue does not occur.


Hi @ThroughTimeBand,

It is not a bug. It is a functionality in our theme because some clients need a thumbnail at the bottom. If someone do not need that thumbnail he/she can remove that line of code from his file and it will not show up.



Hi @ThroughTimeBand,

You can go to your file single.php and simply remove that code.



Hello Chimpstudio, Ah allright was just really weird did not realize it is wanted ;) thx I will do that, I don’t really like the thumbnail in the bottom ;)

Hi! Congrats for the nice Theme! I want to purchase it, but i have a question:

Can I put a video in the header home page?

Thanks and Regards!


Hi @daniloace,

You can not put it exactly in the header but you can put a video in home page center widget area.


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i dont see any template options in the page builder section… just the layout sections and the section with gallery / events / slider / news / blog / album / contact form..

am i missing something here?

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Can’t find my purchase code!! http://postimg.org/image/vhismhf9t/


I cant figer out how to edit the link “more..” on the home page at “LATEST NEWS”: http://postimg.org/image/87984js7l/ And also the small image in the blog post: http://postimg.org/image/4ox885rbl/

Best regards, Oliver Pigot.


Pleas help us out!!

I have purchased this theme and I’m having an issue regarding social media icons. All of my profiles are loaded in the “Theme Options” portal under the social media area. I can’t figure out how or where to make them appear. Please help guide me to what I’m missing. Thanks!