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Hi Guys,

I just discovered this theme few days ago while I already discuss with you regarding your Bolster theme (for customization). I rahher prefer this one and would like to know if you can do the same customization:

- Would you be able to customize this theme in order to play a track just by clicking on the play button located on the cover/thumbnail? I’ll pay you for that if you agree and it’s possible :) Because I’d like to broadcast single tracks instead of albums, so visitors don’t need to land on the album page which contains only 1 track..

- Would it be possible to create a floating player (the music continues even when you change the page). It was not possible with Bolster but I hope! :)

Thanks a lot Guys!


Thank you for taking interest in our themes. For the first question, Yes it is possible and we will do it for you free of cost. The second question require work with code and changes at multiple places. So that will cost you customization. :)

Oh that’s sounds great! - Let’s say that I won’t land on an “album detail” page (as in your demo version) but I’ll just need to click on the cover in one of the album grid/list layout, right?

New questions. - Is it possible to remove the “buy now” button and the price tag link to each cover? - Does this theme support the soundcloud/mixcloud embedded players?

Thanks a lot guys for your answer.


Hi Guys,

First of all, great theme!!! I’ve installed the theme today and inserted almost all of my content. I’ve already changed the Wordpress permalinks settings to ”/ category / postname /” . But I would like to change the permalink/slug of my events details page. My event page is already named “Agenda”, but if you click on an event and visit the event page detail page. You stil still event/name-of-event instead of agenda/name-of-event.

Is it possible to change this as well to the word “agenda”? I hope you can help me out :)


Glade to see things fine for you. cheers :)

Got a new question.. I’m uploading some posts into the blog section, but it isn’t sorted on date, even if I have selected “Post order: ASC”. The recent posts widget is sorting just fine.. Any idea how to fix this?

It is working fine according to date at my end. Please create a ticket at Chimp Support and provide your url and login details. Issue will be seen and sorted there.

Hey, love the theme. One pre-sale question. Do this theme offer song preview? So if I wanted to I can not allow the entire song to play until purchase.


Hey, I’m trying to change the logo on the home page url. How can I change that?

Sorry, I meant how do I change the url to the logo on the home page?

You can change it in function-theme.php or you can ask support team to do it for you by creating a ticket.

Hey, I love the theme. One thing that would make this theme absolutely PERFECT is the ability to have a song preview button built in it. Where we just click a on/off button per track that only allow preview if we want to. Instead of having to create preview track and upload it.

Your valued suggestion has been noted. It will be considered while working on next update.

Hey, I’m trying to change the URL to the logo on the home page in the top left hand corner. How can I change that?


You can change it function-theme.php. If you cannot do it easily, then create a ticket and support team will do it for you.

what line?

Please create a ticket at Chimp Support and provide your url and login details. Issue will be seen and sorted there.

Hey, I change the name and info on the home page for the ‘Meet The Artist’ section to reflect my artist and now the code will not save. I copied the original code before changing it to have a copy, but that code will not even save. Do you know what the issue could be?


I reckon you might have changed some sensitive code. Get the latest version from themeforest and replace your site’s code with theme original code via ftp. Issue will be sorted. Please take complete back up of your site and data base before making any change sin the code or making replacement of code

Hey, I’m having an issue during checkout. Once you add music to cart and click ‘proceed to checkout’ it take you to blank page. the payment page do not show up.

Can you help?

hi there, there must be some issue in your site, login panel required to check. Please create a ticket at Chimp Support and provide your url and login details. Issue will be seen and sorted there.

hi, are the mp3 files secure, or are the visible in the source code? best

MP3 source is visible in the source code.

Hello, you should add a ajax music player.

Music player in AtomBand theme is already Ajax based.


T3Kaos Purchased

Hi – If I purchased this template could I to get this customisation that you did for thomascordier too please?

- Would you be able to customize this theme in order to play a track just by clicking on the play button located on the cover/thumbnail?

I can pay extra if necessary. It’s a brilliant idea.

You are welcome. Cheers :)

When will this template be upgraded? We’re still getting loads of problems with it and at the moment cannot even update WP for fear that the template will break. What’s the ETA on the latest version?

The update was sent last week without any notification, you can get the latest files from themeforest to update your theme.

Hi, Two pre-sale questions: - Can I easily change the look of the top menu? (Now its to small for me) - I would also need to change the fonts of the titles throughout the site to the font of my company. Is this easy to fix?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hello @ smitshoekje. Thank you for your interest in one of our theme. Yes, you can change it the way you like. If you would face any issue, we are here to assist you.

Perfect. And thanks for the quick reply :)

You are welcome. :) cheers

Hi there,

Nice theme. Pre-sale questions:

Any chance of adding a volume control to the music player?

Also, I’m noticing that there is an issue with the drop down menu items. They are not clickable (Firefox/OSX).

All dropdown lower menu items for items to the right of “Albums” are not clickable. Z-index issue?


Hello @TC3. Thank you for your interest in one of our theme SoundBlast – Music Band WordPress Theme and your kind appreciation.Yes you can add this feature by making a little code changes in the theme.

The issue of menu drop down is occurring due to a js conflict, my team is already looking into the issue and will resolve it soon.

Hi, thanks for the great theme. Is it possible to add a download button to allow users to download the track directly?

I see a downloadable option in Track Settings and set it to Yes. Is there anything else I need to add to activate it?

Thank you!

Ticket ID is 420042. You were replied on 21st April, since then you have not replied support against the ticket.

Oh thank you! I didn’t receive any notification regarding the ticket so I had no idea I already got some reply. I’ll check it out.

Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation. :)


T3Kaos Purchased

I’m having the same problem. The download button isn’t appearing next to the track player even though all of the tracks are set as downloadable?

Also how do I remove the -- x -- (called #devider-1 in the css) from the front page sliders??

Hai @ T3Kaos. Any major update is not being worked on, only Theme compatibility with latest WordPress has been given.


T3Kaos Purchased

You still haven’t fixed the issues we’ve brought to you concerning compatibility, for example the fact that the main slider IS NOT RESPONSIVE AT ALL! Seriously, what is this? That problem still hasn’t been addressed or even fixed. Your previous support desk ticket response promised that this would be fixed on your next update. Has it? No. Not at all.

HI@T3Kaos: Our theme is fully compatible with latest wp version. I have visited your website, your issue will be resolved. Please follow your ticket reply where you are being instructed to get your issue resolved. You were given following reply on the ticket

on line # 468 make it 'max-width' instead of width and add this property overflow:hidden; in style.css responsive.css on line no 598 make it "width:100% !important" instead of "width:29% !important" and "top:0 !important" instead of "top:20% !important" that will surely do the needful 

Hey! This theme looks awesome! I have a question before I buy. Is it possible to post a gallery of photo albums on the home page?

Yes, you can add gallery to the home page(any page) by using the gallery page element.

Hey Guys! I’ve bought your theme last year.. but took me a while to fully use it.

I’m having problems showing the “Location” and the map in the “Events” section, I remember when I bought that one of the most attractive features of your theme was this. In fact, this was the main reason of my purchase.

I’d really aprecciatte if you can tell me how i can get that fixed.

Please create a ticket at Chimp Support and provide your url and login details. Issue will be seen and sorted there.


Tolay Purchased

The support provided is amazing! I got an answer 1 hour after opening a support ticket =) Def. will ride again with them!

@Tolay:I am glad to see you satisfied.cheers :)


meisam66 Purchased

please update new version XML file not working Sliders not working …

Hai @ meisam66. It’s working fine at my end, kindly create a ticket to our support system where your issue will be traced and resolved.


kontempt Purchased

I am trying to create a ticket with your support system but i keep getting a

Pleae note that you have already created ticket # xxxxxx against this purchase code. Please open the exsiting ticket and write your question by clicking here

but when i do so that also gives a error message…. something isnt right.

our site has a big issue that i need assistance with, please advise how i can contact you guys direct asap please.

Hai @ kontempt. Kindly cross check your Ticket #131865 with email address :kontempt [at] in…........Try to login with given details at ticket system.