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Hi Gerda, I had to reinstall whole WP & Soundboard, because it was hacked.

And now I have 3 problems, I hope you will help me:

1) I can`t select& upload images to galleries (box “Select or upload Images” doesn`t appears). I can add new gallery, set featured image, add name,and that`s all…

2) Similar problem with slider – there is no option to add pictures from media library…I can create new slider, set featured image,but slider is empty.

3) When I add some new date in Tour Dates, there is no option to choose date from calendar (it was possible before I reinstall Soundboard). I must write date manualy. It works ok, but this “date picker” was more comfortable. How can I bring it back?


Hey there!

I just released an update for Soundboard a couple days ago which should solve all those problems.


Hi, Thanks, but I use updated version (released about 15 April)...I will try to install updated theme once again and I will let you know. Cheers!

The latest version is 4.07 and was released on May 7th.

Is there a way to make woocommerce not use the theme’s font? The checkout page looks crazy with the theme’s chosen font. Thank you, just got around to using this awesome template!

Hey there!

Add the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.woocommerce-checkout h3 {
    font-family: "Helvetica-Neue",Arial,"sans-serif";


Thank you soo much!


pepeul Purchased

Hi! I have already purchased Soundboard but my support has expired… But hope you could answer me, because i don’t if my problem is a bug from theme or bug grm myself… I’ve just updates my theme (from 3.07 to 4.07), cause i got a problem : I put a new video and a new disco. It’s appear on the home page but not on the Video or Disco section. Quite weird…. But the update didn’t fix it. I’ve the same problem. Could you tell me what can i do or looking for to fix it? Or if you can’t, just tell me. But please, i’m totally lost… :( Thanks a lot !!!

Hey there! Can you please get in touch via the support tab and send me a link to your site?


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Hi red_sun,

Can i have the “tourdates” template to more than one pages? So i can add more menu and submenu items linked to those pages?


I want to add independent “tourdate” pages. For expample one page only with tourdates in Vienna, another for Athens, Paris e.t.c. So, i can add more and more pages in the future.

Thanks in advance!