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Is it possible to put a calendar on the home ?

Thank u : )

a event calendar

Hey there! In order to add an event calender to the homepage, you would have to add a plugin for that:



Enjoying working with the Soundboard template, very good, just a couple of questions at this stage;

1) is there a way to remove the image directory info that shows when you mouse over images in the galleries? 2) on the album pages, despite not selecting any tracks for the jw player, the page still shows an empty shell of the jw player – I tried removing the player details from the template files but this replaced the shell of the player with the word jw player. Could you please tell me how to remove this empty player? There’s nothing I’ve selected audio track-wise that would suggest it should be showing – on these pages currently I’m using the Soundcloud link to audio which is working fine.

Many thanks

(replied to email)

Hello! Is it possible to put the slider in another page that isn’t the home? To be more specific, I want to put it in my store page (woocommerce plugin).

Hey there! That would require a little change in the theme files. In order to give you further instructions please let me know: Do you want an additional slider on the shop page or instead of the homepage?

Well, the shop page is going to be the homepage! So, I want it there…

Ok. The following changes will display the slider on whatever page you select as the front page:

In the file header.php scroll all the way down and look for the following code:

if( of_get_option('gg_slider') != "" && is_page_template('template-home.php') ) { 

and change it to

if( of_get_option('gg_slider') != "" && is_front_page() ) { 

Next edit functions.php. Again almost all the way at the bottom of the file look for the following code:

// load on homepage
function gg_home_scripts() {
if (is_page_template('template-home.php') )
add_action('wp_print_scripts', 'gg_home_scripts');

and replace

if (is_page_template('template-home.php') )


if (is_front_page() )

Now, in Settings > Reading, whatever page you select as Front Page, will display the slider.

Hi Red_Sun :) I want to have the news items from only one category on the homepage. I have already created a child theme but i can’t figure out the html/php code.. Can you help me with it?

Hey there!

In the file home-news.php, line 24, replace

$query->query('posts_per_page=' . $post_number);


$query->query('posts_per_page=' . $post_number . '&cat=77');

Replace 77 with the category ID of the category that you want to display on the homepage.


I really love this theme but my band members tell me that on android the site is not working properly. Anyone else experience this?

Hey there! What problems are they experiencing on Android? I haven’t had anyone else reporting such a problem.

The thing with the version number is actually that I fortgot to update the style.css file before uploading version 4.02.

Hi, and you are right. There is no problem. I am so sorry! The thing is that on mobile devices, when you selecht a menu page that only has subpages it will return to home. We now changed the menu in 2 seperate items and all is fine now! Again sorry and thank you for the quick respons!

No problem! I’m glad it works now.

Dear author / maker of this theme. I currently have this theme installed. Is there a way to make this mobile friendly? Do you have an update for that?

Hey there! Yeah, Soundboard is responsive since version 4.0. Simply go to the “Downloads” tab above. Here you will find all the files you’ve purchased. If you re-download the theme, you will automatically get the newest version.


Hi, I checked out your theme and loved the way it looks but when I install and activate, I just see a blank white page. This happens in the admin section too so I have to delete my site entirely and reinstall Wordpress. I tried this twice and the same thing happened.

Some help please???

Hi! I replied to your email.

Hi Is their a way to remove the top menu from the home page as I want to use it as a landing page? Thanks

Hey there!

Add the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

#topnavi {
    display: none;



The images in Audio page and Slider get blurred. I used the Regen. Thumbnails plugin but nothing happened. Audio images are 600×600px.

Also I would like to categorize albums, by years or Albums & Single separately. I know I would have to make changes to the theme’s code, give me a hand please :D!

Nice work by the way! Love it!!

Hello again, I sent you an e-mail! Here’s a copy of the messagge:


Thank you very much for your response! I’m having a great time with the theme ????!

—I’m building the website using MAMP, I don’t know if I can share it online. Maybe I can send you a zip file with the entire website folder?

—Had problems with the code you gave me to add categories,

‘taxonomies’ => array(‘category’), didn’t work but: ‘taxonomies’ => array(“category”) did, Boom! problem solved, I got the category tab. Anyway, I didn’t want a separated page to add singles, I want to organize them inside the Audio page, like this:

album1 album2 album3 album4 album5 album6 album 7 album8

single1 single2 single3 single4 single5 single 6 single 7 single8

Or like this:

album1 single1 album2 single2 single3

album1 album2 single1 single2 single3

So when I had an album or a single I just have to assign the category to organize it, Is there a way to do that?

—And about sharing pics, well it worked, I added a Facebook Like button, and I want a Share button. What should I do?

Thank you!!

I replied to your email.

Sent you a new mail ????! Thank you!

Is there a band member section on this theme? Curious before buying.. Thanks!

Hey there… Thanks for your interest in Soundboard!

The theme does not include a template or custom post type for band members. You would have to create the band members page by using the default or fullwidth template and maybe create the layout via the column shortcodes:



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I’ve purchased this theme and have tried to upload several times but all that happens is the dreaded “white screen” on my site and I’m not able to access the wp admin panel, view the site or anything. The only way I can access anything is it go through the cpanel through my hosting site(bluehost) and delete the theme completely… Then everything goes back to normal. Can you please tell me how to fix this?

I’m currently using the latest version of wordpress.. (Version 4.2.2).


Hey there! Thanks for purchasing Soundboard.

There is probably a conflict with a plugin. Please deactivate all your plugins and try again. You can then activate your plugins one by one to see which one is conflicting with the theme.


Hi. I cannot get the mobile menu to come up on a mobile device. I have it checked in the theme options to display.

Hey there! Can you please send me link and login info via the contact form so I can take a look at this issue?

I installed the them and only get a blank page on live preview, or if I activate it breaks my whole site and I have to go delete the theme directory to get back in. Running the latest version of WP

Seems it’s an options_framework error:

Thu Jun 25 17:00:36 2015 [client xxxxxxx] PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare optionsframework_init() (previously declared in /var/www/sites/rocket88/wp-content/plugins/options-framework/options-framework.php:32) in /var/www/sites/rocket88/wp-content/themes/soundboard/includes/admin/options-framework.php on line 89, referer:

Figured out it was a plugin problem. Thanks

(just emailed you, but saw you have limited support via email so here it is again:) )

I recently downloaded the update for this template and installed it on my wordpress. I delete the old template and uploaded the new one. My website is not functioning anymore. All the content (video’s, galleries etc) are not in place. Please tell me what i am doing wrong here—>

thank you, awesome template !!


Menu drop downs are not working, slider isn’t working, video’s arent showing, photo’s aren’t showing, releases aren’t showing, for as far i can see, the template pages aren’t working

Hi! I replied to your email.


mibmusic Purchased

Hi, Will there be a ‘best practice’ for soundboard and a child them? I am just a beginner but after each update my translation and other things are gone. I saw that it should work now but how to set it up properly?

Hey there! You can find information on how to create a child theme in the WordPress codex:


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Is there a way to import tour dates from a .csv or similar? Takes a long time to enter especially if you want all your past dates in there. Can it take a feed from something like ReverbNation?

Hey there! I’m sorry but it is not possible to import tour dates that way.