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danbonow Purchased

Aloha! I have problem installing the just downloaded theme. I uploaded the right zip file – did not work and i uploaded the theme via ftp where it belongs – same problem i get in preview mode: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in …. \unkofunki\wp-content\themes\soundboard\includes\functions\mobile_detect.php on line 18


Please help. never had problems installing a theme.

Mahalo Bitte Bitte weisst du was das problem ist???

Astrid (Dan’s Webdesigner)


Hello Astrid! Thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

What version of PHP are you running on your server?

SACrunkK Purchased

I downloaded this theme and I cannot install it in Wordpress. Is there a specific file I am supposed to click on to install. I click on Themes, Install Themes and then browse to the file. i tried just clicking on the folder and I also tried unzipping it first. I it don’t install…says something about a missing file. i tried downloading the theme again with the same results.



Hello Steve! Thanks for purchasing Soundboard! The file you have to upload is called “soundboard.zip”.

Click Appearance >Themes and go to Install Themes. Click Upload, browse your files and find soundboard.zip. Click Install Now. After SOUNDBOARD is uploaded, click Appearance >Themes. Look for the SOUNDBOARD theme and click Activate.

If this for some reason still doesn’t work for you, please send me your link and login info via the user contact form. Thanks!

SACrunkK Purchased

I downloaded this theme and I cannot install it in Wordpress. Is there a specific file I am supposed to click on to install. I click on Themes, Install Themes and then browse to the file. i tried just clicking on the folder and I also tried unzipping it first. I it don’t install…says something about a missing file. i tried downloading the theme again with the same results.

Here is what the results show ..Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed

danbonow Purchased

Mahalo !!! Awesome Theme, great work! and you saw the problem i had right away.. The server was still running on PHP 4 .. So Changed it to PHP 5 and all is running well.. Thank you! Awesome Theme!! Much Love & Alles Liebe von Hawaii to Oesterrreich Astrid


Hello Astrid, I’m glad all is running well now! Greetings to Hawaii :)

is the music player in the theme also available as a widget that you can put into the sidebar?


Hello! You can put the audio player shortcode into a text widget and place it in the sidebar.


Hello and thanks for this amazing theme ! I have a problem with the “News” page, I deleted the one from the dummy content and now I can’t link my news that appear on the homepage to the “News” page. I guess it’s a stupid question :) Thanks for answering ! Cheers


Hello! Would you please send me a link to your site and login info via the user contact form so that I can take a look at it? Thanks, Gerda

Hello great theme you have there but I’ve been getting this message when I try to click on my posts

Bad Request Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Apache Server at bogardshow.com Port 80

can you please tell me what that means Thank you so much


Hello! Thanks for purchasing Soundboard.

I think your permalinks are messed up. Did you change the permalink structure?

Please go to Settings > Permalinks, set them to Default and Save Changes. Then try to set them back to whatever permalink sturcture you would like.

Hope that helps! Cheers, Gerda

is there an easy way to increase the size of the menu text?


Hello! Thanks for purchasing Soundboard.

Yes there is. Simply go to Theme Options > General and put the following code into the field Custom CSS :

.sf-menu a {
  font-size: 16px;

(Default is 12px, set it to whatever you wish.)

Cheers, Gerda

is there an easy way to edit the contact form fields?


In what way would you like to edit them?

tracklab Purchased

Hi Gerda, how do i display the table like the one on the bottom of the typography page?

i cannot seem to find it in the documentation..


you were absolutely right thank you so much for your help!!

psyaviah Purchased


I hope I’m at the right address here,

I have some questions on the SOUNDBOARD theme we got for our website www.urban-sharing.com

1. I can’t get the slider working../showing.. (I ticked the box to show it on the homepage and selected a slider in which I uploaded images). 2. Can we select one or more categories to be shown in the “HOME”-page.. – I don’t want certain categories to be filling it for example..? 2b. And it also loads a lot of posts, in stead of the number “5” I had it targetted on. So pagination works, but it shows more posts than I would.

Thanks in advance!

Yves / #UrbanSharing


Hello Yves!

You are not using the “Home Template” for the Home Page. Please follow the instructions in the documentation on how to setup the homepage: http://www.files.red-sun-design.com/soundboard/readme/readme.html#mytabs=3.

In order to exclude categories from the Home / News page, you would actually have to modify some files.


Can you hide the “log-in” bar at the top of the theme?


Hello Chris! Thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

Yes this is possible. You can put the following code into the Theme Options Panel > General > Custom CSS .

If you would like to only hide the text “LOG IN”, please enter the following code:
 ul.login { display: none; }
If you would like to hide the whole top section, then you would have to enter:
 #loginwrapper { display: none; }
.arrow-down { border: 0; height: 6px; }



Lovely! Worked like a charm.. Thanks a bunch :)


Quick question – Firstly great theme and excellent work.

Is there a way with this theme for blogs to show on different pages that have different categories – for example the category news to show on the news page and category music to show on the music page and so on – i want to do various blog entries for different pages.


Hello brightskies! Thanks for purchasing Soundboard.

Yes this is possible. Simply go to Appearance > Menus and at the bottom of the site you should find all the Categories that you’ve created in a box. Select the ones you want to add to the Menu and click “Add to Menu”, and then “Save Menu”.


hello how do I set the homepage to the normal address www.hellstation.net? ;)


Hello joao_santos, I’m not really sure what you mean by that…

I created the page “Home”, but I can not access the normal address eg www.hellstation.net

this address so that I can access http://www.hellstation.net/?page_id=20. my doubt is how do I access the paginha “home” at normal www.hellstation.net

Please go to Settings > Reading and choose your “Home” page as Front page. More information on how to set up the Homepage you can find in the documentation under “Setting Up The Homepage”: http://www.files.red-sun-design.com/soundboard/readme/readme.html#mytabs=3

Solved, thanks

Hi red sun ! Great template, I just bought it and I’m quite proud of it, so thank you a lot :)

Unfortunately, I’m not really smart with those things, and even if I red your documentation like a good student, there are some things I still can’t fix ! To begin with, the slider doesn’t work on the website, I followed everything you said on the documentation, but nothing appears on the homepage (checked the box, uploaded a picture etc). Second thing, for youtube videos ! Again, I did everything you said, but nothing appears in the video section, just the link itself without any youtube video player.. And the third thing is, I can’t remove the titles of each section, for example when I click “Home”, there’s a big “Category : HOME ” on the top of the page.. I searched into the WP settings and couldn’t find anything to fix it..

Well, I know that’s a lot of questions, and I guess I’ll ask more in the future (sorry about that), so if you have some time in your schedule, I’d like some help from you :) You can contact me on : dorianpinto@hotmail.fr

Thanks a lot, and keep doing great work, seriously !



Hello Dorian! Thank you, I’m glad you like Soundboard :-)

So.. this sounds like in Appearance > Menus you added a “Category” Home and not the “Page” Home to your Menu? I think the easiest would be if you would send me a message via my user contact form (you can find that on my profile page) with a link to your website and login info so that I can take a look at what the problem is…

Cheers! Gerda

Hi, Awesome theme! Is there somewhere that explains about the LogIn at the top of the screen? What is that intended for? I don’t see it in the writeup or demo.

Thanks so much!


Hello alondonb, the Log In at the top is just there to simply log into WordPress. Cheers!


Ah! Ok. For some reason I thought it was for visitors for a special section of the website. Cool. Thanks for the quick reply.