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djkbra Purchased

It’s there any update for this theme or way to fix the look. It doesn’t look like the demo. Need help please!


telegod Purchased

I’ve been trying for a couple of weeks but the Support registration system keeps telling me my VALID support code is NOT valid (I’ve cut & paste at least a dozen times). I’m about ready to just buy another Theme at this point and if Envato won’t credit me, I’ll just go on blast here until I feel I got my $50 worth of killing future sales.

Here is my code with a couple of random numbers changed so you can see I am pasting the correct format:


I always get the following when pasting my CORRECT Code:

The license key you have entered is not valid or could not be verified at this time.

Just like the previous comment another guy made, I can’t make this look anything close to the Demo…maybe Wordpress has been updated and instructions are out of date or something else…doesn’t matter, I’m spending way more than $50 in time trying to make this look decent.

I’ve bought hundreds of items here and never had so much frustration :( I’m sorry to be harsh but this is useless to me right now.

If I pay the extra $50 setup fee, will you make it look just like the Demo?? or should I just buy another Template??

I’ll bet your “Cut & Paste” reply to my message will look EXACTLY like this (which doesn’t help):

Hey there! Thanks for purchasing one of our themes! We can’t thank you enough. All of our theme support is conducted through the Mint Themes support desk, Head on over and we’ll get you the help you need by one of our support team. Support Desk | Create a Support Account | Can’t find your “Item Purchase Code”?


ttas1214 Purchased

The biggest rip off I evefr spent money on… are you allowed to do business…you piurposely make it look fucked up so you can gt another 50 bucks to “install” it….you suck