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This might sound like a silly question, but how do I add more than one image to a slider?

Hello, do you think to make a one page version in the next update? Also, the artists session works as a blog? Thanks


is not clear if there is a page builder and if there is the possibility to change the header and footer and icons.

Is this theme responsive?


Is this theme responsive?

First of all Great Job!! So my radio station whats to upgrade the website and we love this template. Just one question. Is possible to play our audio streaming over the web on this template? The way the player still playing even if the listeners switch pages? Thanks

We just purchased this theme but it does not work at all. I upload it just like it says & we have done with all other themes/ But when I activate it, all I get is a white screen and cant even log into our WP admin panel. Anybody else have this problem?

Is this theme responsive?

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Greetings RTU Radio, firstly congratulations on your site. I’ve seen you use some plugin or something similar that makes watching music information that is sent in streaming, I ask kindly if they could tell me because I would use on my website.

Apologies and thanks

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Hello, I did not receive any answer about my issue with website tykva.club. Can you please help me with my support request.

Thank you :-)

Kind regards, Nick

This is a very nice looking theme but I’m having an issue loading my radio station. Also does this theme support artist, title, album cover, and last played songs in the lower player?

Thank you for your assistance!

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Hello, I bought this theme about a year ago. Since then I have made a lot of changes in files (especially in style.css). In the changelog I saw a number of important updates, like the responsive version and multi-day event.

How can I install these updates, without my own changes get lost?

Hey @soccer4u

I don’t think the author of this theme is supporting it anymore which is too bad. I’m having a problem with the player working in I.E. If anyone here can help me figure this out I would appreciate it.

http://radiospace.fm dixie.marketing(at)gmail(dot)com
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I have problems with the theme. Submitted support request a week ago. No answers. I think themeforest must do somethings with this issue…

Hi everyone

I’m thinkin’ on purchase this theme, but i want know if you can remove the previous track and next track buttons and the music & radio player and just leave the play button and if you can shuffle the tracklist.


This might be silly question. in the documentation i see it says to install both sound wave theme and clubber theme. is it required to install both theme?

Wizedesign This Theme is not responsive, so why do you respond it is?