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Hi, how can I change the submenus orientation from vertical to orizontal? Thanks in advance

This theme is no longer supported. Purchase at your own risk. I submitted a question months ago. Ignored.

You do not have it Responsive?

The play does not touch the internet explorer and firefox not in, what should I do

I got this from the support: “On 15 – 17 of May will come an update for this theme.”

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IE can’t open this site!!! Firefox don’t play audio from Radio.

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ICECAST problem solved! Now working on firefox and IE problem.

The only way to make it work was changing the file scriptjs.php

$ (”# jquery_jplayer_1”). JPlayer ({ ready: function () { $ (this) .jPlayer (“setMedia”, { mp3: “http: //’.$radio_ip.’/CAMPOSFM” }) ’;

instead of: /; stream / 1 I had to put the mounting of icecast CAMPOSFM

and theme options I configured IP: PORT (without http://) just IP:PORT

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www.camposfm.com.br if you want test it

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stesod Purchased

True responsive design, please!

Hi, The player dont work in mobile, can your help me?

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why do scheduled events dissapear from the listing even before the event starts? i have my timezones setup properly in wordpress settings but the events STILL dissapear before showtime … like 4 or 5 hours before!


Is it possible to put a calendar on the home ?

Thank u : )


A event calendar

It’s literally been a year since support ensured me an update to the home player function would be issued. I think uploading a whole post for your playlist every time is ridiculous, without the ability to delete and add tracks to that single post. Unfortunately my client is still wanting a fix for this, so it’s not as simple as moving on. I’d go with 3rd party player but for some reason the fullwidth player is incompatible with this theme. I’d been over a year and a half now with little to know support on this. I’m glad I have the sense to research themes before I purchase them now.

Hi I purchased the theme. I wanted to know if you can see the song title and album cover in place of the information of the radio, broadcasting the radio with shoutcast stream. And ‘this possible by changing the php code? If so, how? Someone has already changed?


i am interested into buying this template. Though, i need to know if the following are supported: 1) The player to play using an icecast server for radio streaming and not a single mp3 list 2) If the player supports icecast server, can the player fetch the titles of the songs?


i am interested into buying this template i need to know if the player supports shoutcast V2 server,

Has the update that was stated for May 17 or 18 come through yet?

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They lied… the support is awful… DON’T BUY THIS TEMPLATE!!!