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when i try to install this template i get a black page saying hello world, anyone have any ideas, I see nothing like he preview in the website where the template is sold

Hi, I have some problems with page EVENTS. When I try to insert 2 events, the first one nearer than the other, on the website it looks like the second event would be before the first.

Example First Event—> 2015-02-28 Second Event—> 2015-03-20

On web page the first event is 2015-03-20 and then 2015-02-28, which is uncorrect. Moreover on top header it is correct.

What could I do to solve it? thanks Marco

Is there a responsive version coming?

rjbishop Purchased

I have posted a question here, and also posted a question directly to support … I have received no answer to either … now I am starting to feel like I made a mistake in buying this theme …

Is this theme responsive now ?

bug on function add new photo : nothing happens when I click on upload button.

No data picker too

diallyprod Purchased

found : if you customize with a template child, some functions will no work, like datapicker, download photos in the photo tool

2ofertas Purchased

hello, the theme is good, but when I photo gallery, then I put the outstanding image can not insert photos within that album when I upload photos, please’d like a solution. Thank you. as I contact you? .

I see that it supports icecast and shoutcast. Is it responsive? I see that it has an iphone, tablet, and desktop icon.


Also, does the player show ‘Now Playing’ track information from icecast/shoutcast feeds?


I bought this theme and am setting itup. I have created the home page however when I add a 2nd page like the contact page for example, The page shows up on the home page and never adds as a unique page. I have onky askimet and jet plugins installed and enabled. No matter what I do I cannot add a 2nd page.