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in the event date the “day” didn’t show up? what can i do?

Very strange. Please give me more details and a screenshot. Please use this link for contact. http://support.wizedesign.com/

how can i translate the word “Upcoming Events” which file must i edit? thanks

Please contact me here http://support.wizedesign.com/ and give me FTP access and mention the problem.

If I have a radio station on Radionomy can I use the player on this site to link into my radionomy stream?

Please watch here to see if it’s compatible with your radio. http://jplayer.org/latest/demo-08/

Hey Author,

PLEASE Assist with regard to adding multiple songs to the player. Do not send me the link to your vimeo as that video does not answer the question: How to populate more than one song in the player?

Kind regards, Nano

Pleease send me a mail with the problem here. You don’t appear like you bought the theme so for a check please send a mail http://support.wizedesign.com/

How do I have “Recent Posts” show under the Slider?

You have to write shortcode on the HOME page. You have details in the documentation.

I did indeed figure it out however it has no buttons for more pages. What I ended up doing was adding a shortcode button at the bottom “Read More” and have it link to the actual news feed page.


I notice that the Stream IP/Domain for the radio does not auto-play on mobile even when the option is ticked.

Please what is the way out?

It’s possible that on some mobile phones the player will not function.

So how do we rectify the player to function on mobile browsers?

Secondly, the sidebars, expecially on the homepage get pushed to the bottom of the page. How do we correct this?

Thank you.

Would someone be able to tell me if this theme has a mobile site or is it just a responsive display? I’ve contacted the author, but I need to know asap as a decision needs to be made. Thanks for your help!

Please enter on the site from a mobile phone or from a tablet and you will see if it’s what you’re looking for.

got the song title to display in the footer player @ gridlag.com without spending the 5bucks that other dude is charging for this modification … and im less than a rookie at coding … more of a hack if you will … contact me, i might be able to assist you – for free :) – this option should be added to the theme … would be a nice addition

lilern yes your Radionomy will work, or it SHOULD work … simply use the URL to your setup radio station as the radio stream in the theme. I have a Radionomy in the works and it works for me when I tested it. ... damn wish I could directly respond to people via themeforest … i could help out quite a few people here with several things …

i really do love this theme … so easy to use and work with … so versatile too …

I’m glad that you succeeded.

Hi, when are you going to update this theme to WordPress to 4.3.1 and fix the problem with the responsive part?

Any News/Updates?

The theme is compatible with the latest version of wordpress. If any errors are appearing please reinstall the update. You have this facility from the update section.

1- I didn’t purchased it yet but looking at the Last Update: 29 June 15 It looks like is not WP 4.3.1 Ready yet.
2- Also when is going to be fully responsive?


Inappropriate content displaying on blog post every day even after deleting.

I don’t understand. Please be more specific. Use this link http://support.wizedesign.com/

Hi, this is a pre-buy question

How is the music admin panel?

Is there any option to manage the playlist for the user?

Is there a demo user to access to the wp-admin panel?


Please watch here over these videos so you can understand how they work https://vimeo.com/user19096382/videos

Hi, first, great Theme! But i have pagination issues and found nothing here in the comments. When i press on Site 2 on the Event site (using Event sytle 2 (upcomin)) it loads the first site again. Please can you help us?

I’ve sent you a mail. Please send what I said in there and we will keep in touch only through mail.

it would be great it this template woulb be fully responsive

Very soon will be fully responsive.

can u provide an childtheme?

You can also use this theme as a “chlid teme”

Hello author. When I will answer my questions. Already opened several tickets and get no respota more than one week.

I sent you a mail. We keep in touch there.

Woocomerce dont works :(


javier728 Purchased

hola… tengo un problema con el reproductor, pongo el link para la radio y no la reproduce… lo tengo en localhost, tiene algo que ver? en donde dice “Stream IP/Domain” pongo “” que es de la pagina www.radiolapopu.com.ar… me falta algun dato o algo?

hello, how to create a URL to put my radio streming on the site?

URL of my radio on radionomy http://www.radionomy.com/en/radio/RER/ no sound in the drive


Great work done on this fantastic theme.

The sidebars, especially on the homepage get pushed to the bottom of the page. How do we correct this?