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Hi, how use russian fonts in main menu? Thanks.


Right now, our theme supports Google fonts. Its possible to other fonts too.

pavlogor Purchased

Dear, designthemes. We edit file include.php but only english chapters use google fonts. Look http://postimage.org/image/kkk9tbbd3/

With best regards Paul.


Hi can you explain your problem in a little more detail so that we can try to resolve it. From our understanding we came to know that you are not able to apply custom fonts for the Russian language. Let us know whether this is your concern.

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How would I change the font for the website and the colors?


Q: How would I change the font for the website and the colors? A: 1.To Change the font ,please refer the attached image.

2.To Change the color.

In order to change the Font color , you need to modify the spatreats/style.css and so on. style.css line.no : 107

ul.menu li a{ color:#FFFAE4; }
style.css line.no : 108
ul.menu li a span{ color:#C0B891; }
style.css line.no : 113
ul.menu li ul li a:hover, ul.menu ul li:hover a { color:#644814; }
/* Search text color */ 
style.css line.no : 122
#searchform input[type="text"] {  color:#2E3338;}
/* Banner */
style.css line.no : 132
.theme-default .nivo-caption h2 { color:##F9F1D7; }
style.css line.no : 134
.theme-default .nivo-caption p { color:##F9F1D7;}
nivoslider.css line.no : 33 
/* Title */
style.css line.no : 12
h1.title, h2.title, h3.title, h4.title, h5.title, h6.title{ color:#FFFAE4;}
/* Home Services */
style.css line.no : 146
.home .content-center-aligned a{ color:#322F20;}
/* Home spa tips */
style.css line.no : 70
ul.flower-bullet li a{ color:#4E4635; }
/*  Home Working hours */
style.css line.no : 152
.notice{ color:#4E4635;}
style.css line.no : 153
.notice span.right{ color:#8A2626;}
/* subscribe newsletter  */
style.css line.no : 48
input[type="text"], input[type="password"], input.text, textarea{ color:#4E4635;}
/* Footer  */
style.css line.no : 377
#footer a{ color:#AFA38A; }
style.css line.no : 408
#footer .widget.tweetbox ul li a{ color:#EBE6D2;}
style.css line.no : 395
.footer-bottom p{ color:#514B37;}
pbody Purchased

Thanks so much for the great theme and all the support, close to completion now.

Could you make my backend writable again so I can make some adjustments and share an example section of code from the ‘Services’ page in the demo please?

HI. i have a question..

everything is ok, but… i have a wp 3.4 and i don’t know, how i hide the comments on the default page. :| always show the “NO COMMENT ” subtitle :| on all page :| what do u think?

i found

pbody Purchased

Can someone please share an example section of code from the ‘Services’ page in the demo with the horizontal sections and green dividers? Its not in any of the videos or documentation, would like to use it, thanks!


Hi, we have added a sample page pls check your mail.

pbody Purchased

Thank you, this is great, really appreciate it!


i have just purchase this beautiful theme, but I am looking for the training video, because I can’t find it. Is there a link ?

thanks a lot Jean Michel


Hi can you pls check our faq section. you can find some help videos there.

How do you disable the “comments disabled” verbiage on the Pages?

Please go to your admin panel,
  • 1. Just click the Spa Treats menu
  • 2. And Integration Menu
  • 3. Go to the Page Tab
  • 4. Finally please enable the “Globally Disable Comments on Pages”
Here is the ref image

I have a really short full width page with hardly any widgets, how can I keep the .footer-bottom to the bottom of the browsers page no matter what size the height is on the clients browser? Right now on the very bottom the footer ends and the color #fffae4 is showing.


Open style.css file which is located in Maintheme/style.css

Find line no : 416
.content { width:700px; margin-right:20px; float:left; }
Add min-height to the above line. For Ex: min-height:300px; it will be look like this
.content { width:700px; margin-right:20px; float:left; min-height:300px; }

Hello nice theme but I have a question with page content. I’m trying to make a page similar to the “Menu” page under the “About us” menu like the live demo. I didn’t see it in the documentation or videos. Do you have the code to make that layout?


This video guides you to create a page like Menu.

I’m downloading the updated version and see the video in the FAQ section

I’ve updated the theme and have the gallery up and running. I plan on using it as a store and have installed the “WP Simple Paypal Shopping cart” plugin. The problems I am having are:

1. Using the “Add to cart” shortcode, the item name and price is not visible, like it’s hidden behind the background. The button is viewable though. (I made a quick workaround by using the shortcode in the catalog section pages, since that content can be seen.)

2. Putting the view shopping cart shortcode in the page HTML places the view shopping cart on the top of the page in the view of the sliding category content. I would like that to stop before it covers part of the shopping cart. (My current work around is just using a page with widgets and using the cart sidebar widget.


In order to use this “WP Simple Paypal Shopping cart” plugin, we have to do few customization in our theme. can you send in your url, we will see what can be done.

Hello I recently purchased your theme and I love it! I am not well versed in short code at all! I was needing some help. I love the Services page and the Therapists page with the circles and line breaks. Could you please tell me how to set up my pages like the one in the demo? I have watched your videos on youtube and found them very helpful.


Hi can you comment through the id you have purchased the theme.

cmeyer2 Purchased

Ok here is the Id I purchased from.


Hi thanks a lot for commenting from this id.

Here is the zip file. you can find the shortcodes help and examples here.

cmeyer2 Purchased

Thank you very much! I really appreciate your help.

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Hi there! I don’t have a “catalog” in my spa treats theme. Is that something that was recently added? I don’t remember seeing it before and I would like to use it. Also, how do I get updates to theme? Thanks so much!


The catalog section added in recent update only.

We are working on update reminders, we will let you the best possible method.


juley17 Purchased

Thanks! Is there a way I can get the update?

Hy. how can i use the subscribe? I can not find it. thx


Hi, You can integrate any third party email subscription (mailchimp, icontact, aweber). If you need our help, please send us an email, we are happy to support.

Hey there, I was just wondering where and how I can edit the forms? I am pretty new to WP and have a lil trouble. I downloaded this theme today and I am pretty impressed. Good job. If there is anybody out there to let me know I would really appreciate that. Thank you


Hi first thanks for your feedback. We have two forms here named as booknow & enquiry forms.

To edit the booknow form , you have to find 1.tpl-booknow.php – located at spatreats folder 2.booknow.php – located at spatreats/framwwork/forms/

To edit the enquiry form, 1.enquiry_form.php – located at spatreats/framework/theme_shortcodes 2.enquiry.php – located at spatreats/framwwork/forms/