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Looking into a Supersized based template and I was wondering how many fullscreen background image I can use in the slider? Is it defeault Supersized so that I can put in as many images as needed/wanted?


Yes, this is correct.


Purchased the template and adapting as we speak :-) I can figure out most of it but my first question is: how can I get rid of the map in the contact page? If I try to remove it my background pictures don’t load anymore…


When deleting the map, you need to keep the <script> above the <div id="map" />. Or delete the reference to showMap() function in script.js. Otherwise you get a JavaScript error and all other scripts (like background) stop working.


Hi, thanks for the template again.

Is there any way I can add a dropdown box into the navigation menu? While still retaining the good looks of the template? Thanks!


Could you please send me an email so I can reply back with the modified files?

Okay. Sorry for the really late reply by the way.

Great template, but I have two questions. Is there a way to add a footer at the bottom of the home page or add social media icons?



Yes, both is possible. However, making a footer requires advanced HTML/CSS skills. Adding icons is not very difficult, just few lines of code.


Is there a way having the menu always on the page? Like on top of the page in stead of total disappear?

Thanks, Mischa


This would require extensive coding. You can move the menu using position: fixed; and top: 0px; in CSS, but you also need a way to disable this behaviour on frontpage.

Hello! Can I put video to this theme?

Hi. You can embed YouTube video using the code generated by YouTube’s Share button.

Hi, doesn’t work with IE 10??

Hi. Sorry, I cannot look at this right now in IE10. Could you please send me an email with a screenshot?

Solved, thank you! Another question: for example, in Gallery -> Webdesign How can I see only the photos belonging to that category? And not all the photos half visible and half hidden. Thanks!

In js/script.js on line 173 I am using fadeTo() function. Change it to fadeTo('slow', 0) to hide it completely.

Alternatively you can use hide() which also removes the gaps. But you need to change fadeTo() function on line 174 to show().

Hi. I have been using the template for a week now and have a few questions please:

I purchased the template to update my Astronomy’s club website and am having all sorts of trouble editing it with our information.

I currently have Kompozer and a trial of DreamWeaver.

I like Kompozer but it seems anytime I go to edit something, I always mess it up. I have had better success with DreamWeaver but am still finding it difficult to learn. Do you have a favorite WYSISYG editor that you can recommend for this template please?

The biggest problem that I have currently is that when you click on one of main pages selections the new page will load from the side not from the bottom. Is this an easy fix, I tried looking for something obvious but to be honest I barely know what I am doing.

I am sure I will have a few more questions along the way. Thanks for making such an awesome template. My whole club voted unanimously for your design and I can’t wait to update our old page which is a early 2000’s relic.

Clear skies, Schwimm

Hi Schwimm,

I’m sorry, I don’t work with WYSIWYG editors, so I can’t help you with the recommendation. The site is quite dynamic, so it might be difficult to use one. Try to look at the source code, it is not very difficult to change.

I guess the problem with page loading is because your editor inserted some unwanted code there and broke the page. Is your site online? Can I take a look?

Regards, Equiet

I wanted to give a HUGE thanks to Equiet for his help! I have e-mailed him a few questions and have received impressively quick responses. I HIGHLY recommend this template and Equiet.


Is there anyway to make each link change the background?


Unfortunately, this is not possible


When i successfully upload it in FTP, the theme did not appear. It says: ‘The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Please help.

Hi. I’m sorry, Space is not a WordPress theme. It is just a simple HTML/CSS template.

Hi, its not possible to view the live demo :( I get this message:

“Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator at admin@websupport.sk to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.”


I’m trying to install this theme on my website using WordPress, however when I go to WordPress and try installing it, this error message shows up

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

What do I do?

I just found out this is not WordPress compatible. Is there a way I can get a refund? I have minimal knowledge of HTML design and have no use for the files I just downloaded.

Or is there a way I can manually install this theme onto my website using wordpress?

Hi, how to remove respozive and mobile verzion from this theme. thanks