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Well designed one page template, well done.

Thanks webinane. Appreciated! :)

Good job!Good luck :)

Thanks ThemeRox :)

Looks awesome ! Good Luck :)

Thank you! :)

Very creative work my friend!!!! Wish you many sales!!!! ;)

Thank you juanmita! ;)

Top section’s transition is awesome! whole template is so SEXY and clean! :D Great design man! Good luck with sales.

Thank you leamino! We have very talented designers in our team ;)

Great work, glws ;)

Thanks thecrea :)

Looks good! I’ve purchased, downloaded the ZIP file. Can’t install onto wordpress though. Hosting on TSOHOST. Using Wordpress. Thanks

Hi joec184. Thanks for the purchase. Spargo is under HTML category of site templates. HTML category contains only client-side HTML/CSS markup files as well as JavaScript files for making the template have dynamic client-side capabilities and nice effects and animations. These templates are not Wordpress ready, however if there is big interested in making Wordpress out of this theme, we will do our best to provide Wordpress version soon.

Thanks, HyperArrow Team

Great Work! GLWS! :)

Thank you very much! :)

Thanks drupalet! :)

Nice job! Looks great! Keep it up!

Thanks ThemeREX! :)

looks great, very nice work :)

Thank you EricProchnow! Appreciated.

I will likely pay for the HTML but ultimately would like it to be a WP theme in case you were still curious if others are interested. Yes I’m interested in this theme for WP! Looks great!

Thank you for your lovely feedback, srockhard.

At this moment we’re working on additional improvements over HTML template, new version will be available very soon. Additionally, as there is real interest for WP version, we decided to go with it and we’ll provide WP version estimated by the end of next week.

That is so cool! Thank you for your hard work…I will keep an eye out for the WP version!

Nice Job, Good Like With Sales :D

Thanks ThemeCafe :)


Have bought your theme as it really looks great. Now installed on a test system and I don’t know why, it doesn’t work as expected..

Tried the same with the preview here and it’s the same effect..

The problem(s): 1) On Safari and Chrome there seems to be a problem with the ‘assets/js/braekmeintopieces.js’ – The logo doesn’t appear – only in Firefox everything works like expected..

2) Scrolling extremely slow and struggling with Firefox.. Chrome and Safari are working like a charme..

Could you please check this out? Would be really helpful.. Thank you in advance.

Best, Leo

Hi Leoncito,

Thank you for purchasing our item. We’re looking to reproduce and verify the listed issues and we’ll provide updates to the item soon. One update is scheduled for tomorrow (28.02.2014) and there will be some fresh new stuff to the item which you will love it. Moreover, we’ll have few bug fixes among which some of your listed might be applied already. Nevertheless, we’ll look at your list carefully and will provide additional update after tomorrow if there is need to.

Stay tuned for few updates in the next days.

With Best, HyperArrow Team

Thank you very much for your information. So I hope my issues are getting fixed soon..

Best, Leo

Hi Leo,

We have updated the item. Please check the updates and lets us know if your bugs are resolved. Also, we would love to get your rating/feedback for our item as one of our customers.

Thank you for being great customer and providing us wonderful comments.

With Best, HyperArrow

I cannot get the form to send using the app.js emailer. I changed the path within that document to reflect the PHP mailer script our ISP requires us to use, and it simply won’t send. With the emailing action commented out of the app.js code, and the action put on the form tag itself, then the form sends just fine. But, of course we lose the nice confirmation message and validation which is part of the template functionality.

Can you help?</>

Hi cakinspher,

Could you send us your PHP email script your ISP requires you to use? You can do that on email spargo@hyperarrow.com – and we’ll provide step by step solution on how to set it up.

Another way is to replace the appropriate variables in the PHP or ASPX file we’re distributing along with the Spargo item files. You should probably set up correctly the SMTP server as well as the email and network credentials too.

Please respond back either here or directly on the provided email for further correspondence on this.

With Best, HyperArrow

Looks really cool, good luck!;

Thanks :)

Hi there, I’ve just implemented the theme, looks great everywhere except IE (of course) – the main problem is that the home page image isn’t scaling. Any ideas? You can see the implementation at www.psych-co.com. I’m seeing it on IE11, so should be ok, but isn’t….. Thanks in advance.

Hi coinkydink,

1. In the html file: line: 56 where we have <img src="" alt="" class="img-responsive ha-header-img" /> change it to: <img src="http://www.psych-co.com/assets/img/happy1.jpg" alt="" class="img-responsive ha-header-img" />

2. in the ha-componenets-menus.css file:

line: 55

where we have: .ha-header-img { -moz-animation: scaleanimation 5s ease-in-out; -o-animation: scaleanimation 5s ease-in-out; -webkit-animation: scaleanimation 5s ease-in-out; animation: scaleanimation 5s ease-in-out; background-image:url(../img/happy1.jpg); background-size:cover; width: 100%; height:100%; } change it to: .ha-header-img { -moz-animation: scaleanimation 5s ease-in-out; -o-animation: scaleanimation 5s ease-in-out; -webkit-animation: scaleanimation 5s ease-in-out; animation: scaleanimation 5s ease-in-out; }

Hope this helps. HyperArrow

Thank HyperArrow, works like a charm. Great theme, great support. Cheers!

I bought this template because I liked the design and flow of the site. Everything was great and went well until I encountered a problem with my server. The support I received from these guys was incredible! It took nearly 2 days of trouble shooting emails and suggestions back and forth. In the end it turned out to be a bug on my server – not even their fault! But they stuck with it and cured the problem. Needless to say, they now have one very loyal customer who will not hesitate to buy their products in the future! CUSTOMER SERVICE IS KING! Thanks guys, really appreciated!

Thank you for the great comment dellboy! We are very happy that your issue got solved and our team is always ready to help with anything that may arise.

With Best, HyperArrow Team

Hello! I have two questions: If I put an external link to the menu banner or a image Why don’t work? I have the same problem to the form. I put correctly the php but the html don’t send the information to the php script. Thanks a lot!


take a look www.mikan.es

Thank you for buying our template.

The problem with menu is related with the main idea of our site – one or single page application style.

As a solution you need to add some HTML and jQuery code to your site: 1) In your index.html file find menu list that contains external link:
  • Tienda
  • , on
  • add attribute data-external=”out” that means this link will point to out site,
  • Tienda
  • 2) Second, go to app.js file and paste this code: $(’.ha-menu ul li a’).on(‘click’, function () { var external = $(this).parent().data(“external”); if (external === “out”) { window.location = $(this).attr(“href”); } });

    This will solve this issue. About contact form please provide us with more information about it.

    If you have more question please contact us on: spargo@hyperarrow.com

    With Best, HyperArrow