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lbdesign Purchased

On a smartphone, the menu wraps around onto a 2nd line and collides with the page content. I understand you have explained how to manually make a menu that disappears on smartphones, but can you also fix the menu wrapper for a future version of the theme? Or give us code to add to the current theme to prevent the content crashing? Thanks!

JoNa Author

Hello lbdesign,

Thank you for your comment, this is indeed an interesting question/suggestion. As you state, currently there’s no automatic prevention of the menu going into two lines if the width of the menu is larger than the available width on mobile screens. The best thing to do for now is to check manually once the menu is set up and customized: it can be verified right from a desktop browser by resizing the window to the minimum width which will simulate a mobile’s screen resolution.

As I speak I am currently working on the next version (2.1) to be released really soon, and this version is introducing drop-down menus as well as new options for the header and menu links that will address these concerns.

I’ll keep you posted as soon as the update is available, thanks again for the thoughts ;) Best, Jonathan

lbdesign Purchased

Thank you. For a new version, can you also consider adding a Google Fonts selector in the theme options panel so we don’t have to hack the theme for new fonts? Also, more detailed color control. I’d like to be able to target headline color for both the light and dark panels.

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I have site up and running. All works great except for one issue that I was hoping you could assist with:

When using [one_half_column] and [fullwidth_column] shortcodes, they are not responsive on phones and I am unable to get the text within those areas to wrap, making it unreadable on the right. is there a fix/workaround?

jpmorgan Purchased

Hello. Please disregard my last post. I can see it was an error on my part in customizing the skeleton CSS file. All is working fine responsively on phones.

Thank you!

jpmorgan Purchased

Ok, now that I see the error, it leads me to another question. Is there a way to make the Skeleton CSS file a Child CSS? When I take a style out of the Skeleton CSS and place it on my Child CSS sheet, the Responsiveness is lost on phones. For instance, when I change the width of .container .eight.columns { width: 460px; } to .container .eight.columns { width: 450px; } responsiveness on phones is lost. I am only worried about this during theme updates that the Skeleton CSS will be lost everytime without it being included in a child CSS.

Two things:

1. Am I missing something? There doesn’t seem to be a “read more” button that appears on a blog preview when using the <!--more-->tag in posts.

2. The “one-half-column” shortcode does not work to display two columns side by side.

I am using a child theme.

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How can i change css of some elements if i’m using a tablet or a mobile phone??

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Pixnix Purchased

I can’t activate the theme in wordpress!

This is the url I am linked to after installation:


Besides that, I have another wordpress blog with your theme and there was no problem. This theme I bought again, or is it possible to buy one download and use it at more wordpress blogs? In that case, can you refund my money?


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Hello just got your theme very interesting theme. Installation was very easy, and fast. My questions are more of fix to the theme then with wordpress errors here and there.
1) I see that the theme has a locale folder, use various tools for translation, as you know the world is more then (En). I see that your hard code the phrase in there like…..<label for=”form-name”>Your Name required </label> and <input type=”text” name=”name” id=”form-name” placeholder=”Your Name” required=”required” />. will there be at some point the correct phrases for translation or do I have to hard code the translation (this will at some point when upgrading loose all the translation).
2) With regard to a different slider, I installed the slider it works sort of. In the slider there are setting for left, right and center. I need the slider to be full with. If i put it to center the edge goes to right. If I set it to left it goes left, but edge stays to right. Is there a way to change the container to go full width?

InesLi Purchased

Hello! Thank you very much for this wonderful template. Could you tell me how (or if) I can change the language of the form from english to german?

Thank you in advance for your response. Ines

Hi, how can I update the font to use a specific version of Open Sans? I’m trying to use the lightest variant, Book 300 (http://www.google.com/webfonts#UsePlace:use/Collection:Open+Sans:300), but no matter what I try it always renders in regular weight. Thanks.

sononaco Purchased

If you’re getting w3c validation errors with the slideshow it’s caused by the code calling TimThumb.

In the spark theme folder (spark-v2.0 as of this writing) edit this file:


Change line 371 from:

echo '<img src="'.get_bloginfo('template_url').'/php/others/timthumb/timthumb.php?src='.urlencode(spark_fix_image_path($slide['image'])).'&h=280&w='.$slider_width.'" alt="'.$slide['title'].'" />'; // Image


echo '<img src="'.get_bloginfo('template_url').'/php/others/timthumb/timthumb.php?src='.urlencode(spark_fix_image_path($slide['image'])).'&h=280&w='.$slider_width.'" alt="'.$slide['title'].'" />'; // Image

Hope this helps.

halixand Purchased

I upgraded to the latest version and the tabs have stopped working for me.

halixand Purchased

Actually I found what the problem is. When active the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin causes the tabs to stop working.

isphttp Purchased

Nice layout, I only have two questions.

First Where is the right thing Google Plus Logo for Social Media? I only have the black, but the silver can not find.

Second In the Theme menu under SEO, you can enter anything, but where this information is displayed? Because apparently the only meta tags from content pages to be taken, but not from the SEO in Theme Options.

What am I doing wrong maybe? :)

PS: There still are fonts and Ajax loaded externally, there is a way to directly put on your own server?

Greetings Andreas

sononaco Purchased

It appears that including any “recent posts” widget in the sidebar only lists posts from oldest to newest. This is the case with the stock widget or any of the custom widgets. Do I need to include any special coding for Recent Posts such as wp_reset_query()?

sononaco Purchased

A follow-up to my comment about Recent Posts in a widget not working on the Spark home page. I figured out a way to get the Recent Posts to work. It requires several steps – modifications to the functions.php file, setting up a widget with the Recent Posts and adding some short code, but it’s working and not breaking the homepage.

Full instructions are here.

I’ve installed WPML to allow my site to have Multiple languages. However, I’m having trouble with the Spark template when I enable the “WPML Multilingual CMS” plug-in.

I get this error message when loading the page. “Navigation Broken: The menu link “Home
of true performance ” points to a nonexistent ID ”#home”. To solve this, change the link’s target to a correct ID of one of the displayed sections (see “Theme Option” > “Landing-page Sections”)

And it repeats for each menu item and doesn’t load the landing page.

I’ve purchased this template and I’d really like to use it for my site using the single page site feature with multi-language support. I’ve tried every possible options there are and can’t get it working.

Can you please help? Many thanks in advance.

This theme looks great! I have 1 question before I buy – Can I put a video gallery plugin in the place of the image slider? I already have a plug-in that generates a shortcode. Thanks!

Overriding debug mode in the top function.php tripped me up. It sent one install of WP into a white screen. Another server running WP alerted me when I set debug to true in wp-config.php printing, “Notice: Constant WP_DEBUG already defined in /var/w2/wp-content/themes/spark-v2.0/functions.php on line 10”

Is that an oversight or common practice for themes to override debug?