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First let me thank you for a fantastic theme!

I am experiencing the same issue you addressed in comment 2372522.

I have not set up email through the php.ini configuration. Instead, I installed the Configure SMTP plugin. I can confirm that the plugin successfully sends emails when tested from the WordPress smtp settings page. However I still see “Message not sent, please try again later.” when trying to send emails from the contact form.

Is it not possible to use this plugin to send emails from the contact form?

Thank you! Mike

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I am afraid to ask you again, how do change the English form text into German. I have already purchased your template and I would like to publish my webpage these days, but my client won’t accept the English form. It would be great, if you can help me. Thank you in advance, Ines

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ich wäre auch daran interessiert, kannst du mir Bescheid geben, wenn du etwas von Ihm hörst bezüglich der Deutschen Umstellung?

@Support… No Support… i Wait 4 Days and no Answer…

Regards Andreas

How to set main slider to not loop? The issue I am having is that the last slide is a video and the slider keeps looping while the video plays. To fix the problem, how to I set animationLoop to false?

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Quick question: how do I specify the meta language tag in theme options?



On the browser tab it says : Spark Landing-page – my website name

I’m using the wordpress version , and in the settings it just has my website name so where is the Spark Landing-page – at and how do I get rid of that?

Thanks Ebookgenst

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When i go to my homepage it says navigation broken 3 times then loads empty landing page how do i fix this?

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@isphttp jap, ich sag dir Bescheid

@JoNa Please answer my question I asked you 16 days ago. I have to know, if the German Form is possible, otherwise I have to look for an other solution. :(

Hi, I keep having a problem with not being able to upload the theme to my website I have unzipped the file and then tried to upload the second zip file within the folder but for 2 days now it hasnt worked

Any suggestions?! ive even deleted then re-installed wordpress through GoDaddy…but still no luck

For some reason this theme is running into an error when trying to install it on WordPress. First I tried installing the entire zip - too large. Secondly, I unzipped the first folder and put in the zip file for the theme - too large. Thirdly, I unzipped the entire file and found the theme in a unzipped folder—won’t work. Can you please help me with this?

Please e-mail me at carriebledsoe2@gmail.com. Thank you!

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Im looking for a way to change the image height for the slider… Comments or instructions appreciated.


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Hi Jona,

I found a work around for the Slider height… But now having issues with using tables… If I create a table in a page or inside a tab., I cant seem to make the border display on the website

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[contact-form] shortcode is no longer working with the latest WP version. Sent you a message but I can’t leave the live site in that state so I’m going to use a different plugin for now.

Please investigate?

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Hello. 1) I want to change image height size for main slider. Now it is 280 px, but i need to put there full iPad screenshot. What file i should edit to change it? i am good at css and php, so dont worry if it not easy…

2) I need to add captcha on contact form. How can i do it?

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The contact form does not look correct on my screen versus what is on the live demo. The name, email website and message are on the left of the form and looking weird. I tested with all browsers and it looks the same regardless. Thanks

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Hi all, did anybody of you get an answer to your posted questions?

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How can I change theme fonts for Cyrillic language support?

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I haven’t received any responses to my question so far. I am also having a problem with my blog post not showing video without clicking the link to the post itself. Does anyone have a fix for this?


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I should note that the contact form issue seemed only to happen when the form has been filled out, not before.

Another problem I can’t seem to resolve is the js speed mode. I have followed the information in the FAQ for setting the security level to 777 and it doesn’t seem to have resolved the issue.

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Hi Jona

DO you perhaps have a shortcode for inserting mp3 clips into the Spark theme?