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The images of the homepage slider are not showing up!

This is most probably a permission problem. Using your FTP client (e.g. FileZilla), set the maximum permission (chmod 777) for the following directory:
Note: if you’re using an older version of the Spark theme (e.g. Spark v2.0 or below) then the path will be:

Still not working?

If you still encounter issues after setting the permissions to 777 as explained above, then you might need to investigate the exact error returned. To do so, right-click on the broken image and select “Open image in new tab”:

TimThumb WordPress Error Debugging

That will allow you to see the exact error preventing the image to appear.

Internal Server Error”:
This is usually a server configuration issue. Some Web Hosting Providers don’t allow the “777” CHMOD permission, try setting it to 644 instead for the “timthumb.php” file, and 755 for the “/cache/” subfolder, and see if that solves the error.

If that still isn’t enough then it could be caused by the mod_security installed on some servers, which might block TimThumb altogether, and in this case you should contact your Web Hosting Provider as only them can fix it.

Could not find the internal image you specified”:
This less common error is usually encountered because the $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] server variable is not set correctly by the server, therefore TimThumb is not able to find the correct path to the image. This usually occurs in very special configurations or when WordPress was installed automatically via an App Manager.

In this case your Web Hosting Provider might be able to help configuring the server correctly, otherwise please feel free to send me an email via my Profile Page and provide me with FTP credentials, and I will investigate this server issue for you ;)