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I’ve gotten around the links in the slider by referencing the styles and using a single large image which contains both my image and text. Even in the designers example site, the link behind the image does not work (even though in the code it tries to). – See my example below


It works! It works!

It’s not the prettiest (never said it was) but it does what I’m looking for. By specifically coding each of the pages / banners that I want to show, I can also link to any page, not just a single collection’s page.

One day I’ll get around to coding it properly in the theme settings page – but time is against me at the moment…

lisamg Purchased

UPDATE #3: Comments are an option that must be turned on specifically in each news item.

lisamg Purchased

UPDATE #4: Looks like there’s been a number of bug corrections made to the sample store that aren’t in the purchase product.

Immediately after you purchase the theme (which I recommend you do – it’s great!), download the latest style.css from here


Then replace the sytle.css.liquid in your template editor with that one

Just bought this awesome theme:) but I noticed that the subnav is to the right of the logo at least in Safari. I noticed this when I used the CSS file mentioned above? does anyone have a solution im guessing it could be a CSS float issue?

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Can you send me a link? In Safari Mac was the issue?

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Hi I just purchased. Will this template only work with www.shopify.com. I do not wish to sign up and pay them money. :)


great job! Is it posible to set the cart (slider) from to top to the right or left like a sidebar?

Many Thanx Robert

Hi, I purchased this theme but I can’t change the big “30% THIS WEEK SALE ” on my home page next to my slides how do I edit this?

Hola. Me interesa una plantilla para un dominio que tengo llamado mercadoutil, es para ventas por internet, me puedes recomendar alguna que tengas donde pueda montar los productos y el cliente pueda pagarlos por internet. necesito una que este ya lista con la forma de pago online y carrito de compras.


it is made in which base and do it contain admin panel in it

plz tell me because i want to customize it i dont want cart system in it

plz help e in this


Hi. I want to buy this template, but: I still need to do the web development for the shopping cart? or the templates already includes all the files and codes already working