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awesome work, glws mate! ;)

Hi, love the temp, i’m using Ex8 on one of your home pages it will not stay at the bottom of the page, it jumps up. so bottom links can not be viewed. Can it be fixed. Thanks PI

HI, glad you like our theme. The page is jumping because of a tweetscroll animation. This hapens because tweets has different length, so there isn’t really anything to do with it… Only thing that can be done is that you turn off animation on tweetscroll (the one on the right side of the homepage).

Best regards, Andrijana

Hi Andrijana, Thanks for your reply.

great theme … would love to see a wordpress version.

Hi, thank you. Glad you like it. Wordpress version will be available also.

Hi How you delette in end of URL :

www…../#&panel1-1 ??


Have a nice day

You are on the wrong theme comments. Spectrum is using Revolution slider and that problem only occurs in Pocket.

Hello I purchased your theme and I really like it but I can not get the contact form to work at all can you please help me with this.


I can send you the files I’m using if that would help

Hi, thank you for purchase. Send us your files please so we can take a look.

Thanks for your quick reply: here is the site files http://45design.com/wip/files.zip

Just checked your files.. You have a lot of js code at the bottom of the page that is unneccesary and isn’t working (which is causing the ajay contact form colapse).. Remove the code for revolution slider, tweetscroll, simply everything, except of the code for ajax contact form. You don’t need other sets of code on that page, since you do not use any of the plugin that those scripts are for :)

Hi There,

Nice theme,

How do I change the colour of the pink arrows and bullets located on the slider? Ive tried everything..

Thanks, Pixel

Hi, You can find images for slider are in ‘spectrum/rs-plugin/assets/’ directory.

Perfect thank you for that, the only other issue I’m having is the twitter feeds don’t seem to be working, twitter seems to be using an ssl now that is breaking the code, can you tell me what I need to change to fix it?


twitter has new API, so you need to download the template again and replace twitter scripts. You can find instructions in documentation, section “Photo Stream Widgets and Twitter Feed”.

Support Forum Opening

Dear buyers,

After two years of selling on ThemeForest we decided to improve customer support experience.

First step is opening support forum to help buyers with resolving issues faster.

Support for our premium themes will be available only to buyers with valid Purchase Code so please before registering obtain Code from ThemeForest. You can read HERE how to get the Code. If you have trouble registering please contact us through contact form and we will get back you to as soon as possible.

Vladimir, Pixel Industry Team

Hi There,

Is it possible to change the settings for the logo to allow a much larger image to be used? Ive tried but it doesn’t work on the mobile versions…

Thanks, Dan

Hi Robert,

Thank you for that, seems to have fixed the issue I was having,

Also is there an easy way to turn off the black and white effects on the images on the site?

Thanks, Dan


roby124 Author Team


Yes, there is. One way to quickly disable the black/white effect on images is to delete the following code from the <head></head> section of every page:

<script  src="js/grayScale.js"></script><!-- image grayscale to color effect -->

The images should be displayed normally after deleting the upper code.


Perfect thanks Robert