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I forgot to mention that if this template does well I plan to make a matching wordpress theme for it :)

Hello Sir,

How to use you this brush style in your templates because i always saw your templates but this brush are not available in photoshop so how it is ??

Do you mean the brush style for the background?

If I did make this for wordpress would anyone be interested?

I bought the spectrum and need to customize it to our own need. Fantastic support from the developer, quick and friendly helpfull. :) Thanks for the support

No problem, I’m glad you found my support helpful :)

demo not working for me.

Yeah, sorry about the demo, I plan to make a new one soon, but my server provider done a runner…

Any news on the demo, have been waiting months to see this in action.

Oh sorry, I almost forgot about that… I will set one up straight away!

And there is the new demo up :)

I hope it’s what your after!

Great template! Installed with no problems, however, the user login form disappears from the main page when I set your template to default, how do I rectify this? Thanks

What module position did you have it in?

You could try changing it to a different module position in the joomla backend.

Thanks for getting back to me so fast.

The problem lies with my lack of Joomla knowledge, not your template. I was using Joomlas default template, with the login/ menus on the left, for those like me, its just a case of going into module manager, selecting the module and shifting it to the right….easy when you know how! :-)

Glad you got it sorted!

I wish you the best with using joomla, it’s a great system once you get over the learning curve.


NikiN Envato Team

love the background, as well as the whole design, great work

Isn’t selling of artisteer generated theme prohibited?

Hi Sauciss3,

Thanks for your interest in my template =)

This template was produced a couple of years ago, when the mentioned software was not at the ripe stage it is now, and anything other than terrible took considerable hand-coding.

I am happy to say that I am currently working on a new older brother to this template, which will have many extra features, and will be based on a more powerful template engine, which will allow for superior aesthetics.

I am also happy to be able to say that I know clients who have found this template useful in their projects, as well as the extensive service which I have provided to anyone who has requested it, even re-coding part of the template to suit one purchasers personal needs, hence the 5 star rating some of the purchasers have felt it deserved.

Have a nice day!

Best Regards,


Hi there, Love your design, thank you for that. Has the new template arrived yet? I need a choice-portal to my four sites (baia.nl inner.baia.nl, outer.baia.nl, middle.baia.nl) and your spectral design could be just that good entrance choice for me, but I am newbie and with no experience with Joomla, will it be easy to make changes, or do I have to be experienced in Joomla? Cheers Johannes

Hi John!

I’ve been doing alot of bespoke work recently, but I have been planning to make this template for a while.

Joomla is one of the best content management systems – in my opinion – for “newbies”, so I don’t imagine you will have much trouble with it (particularly with it’s fantastic community).

When I do make the new spectrum are there any feature requests?

Best Regards,