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I have been using the Spcy theme for several months now with no problems. However, I just upgraded to the latest version of Wordpress and version 1.8 of the theme and image thumbnails are no longer working, as well as the Nivo slider is no longer working. Any ideas?


Spicy Theme is compatible with WordPress 3.3, so your problems might be caused by some incompatible plugin. I can check what’s going on – can you send me your website URL ?

Ok I figured it out when I looked into the timthumb-config.php file and saw the cache directory. I made that folder writeable and now its working. Thanks for the lightning fast reply!


I’m really glad you have solved your problem. :)

Hi e404. I was wondering of you could help me out with adding category descriptions to the top of the pages (containing posts of that cat) when categories are menu items. Thanks.


I sent you an email concerning this question. Did you receive?

I am trying to get category descriptions to show up on category main menu items pages, before the list of posts.

I have replied to your email a few minuts after I have received it (two days ago). Please check your spam folder.

stupid spam folders….

Thanks you very much, worked perfectly and super speedy support!


I am posting youtube videos on my site as blog posts with the category of “Video”. I have created a category menu for the Video category, which provides a list of all our posted videos. Is there a way to turn off Pretty Photo at the post listing level? I have created a frame grab to act as the featured image for each video post, which shows up in the list. It looks great, but people are getting confused when they click on the picture and the video doesn’t play, nor does it take them to the video page. Instead, it just displays the thumbnail in a lightbox.

I tried disabling pretty photo, which did give me the desired result on the video listing page, but then my photo galleries no longer worked. Any suggestions?



You can’t turn the PrettyPhoto at the post level. But you can use the PrettyPhoto shortcode with the video and the video image and use it instead of featured image for videos, for example:
[lightbox title="YouTube video" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6s9OQIvD80"][image]http://img.youtube.com/vi/-6s9OQIvD80/0.jpg[/image][/lightbox]

This is probably something simple…I have the Nivo slider enable for the home page, but it is not showing up. Is there a tutorial or documentation on the proper way to set this up?


Thanks! I didn’t have the template set to Home Page. Am I able to turn off captions for the slider?

In the Spicy Theme there is no option for that, but you can add the following code to the Custom CSS box (Theme Options -> Styling Options):
.nivo-caption { visibility: hidden; }

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I really appreciate how helpful you are with the small, easy tweeks!

Hi, for whatever reason the admin panel won’t let me customize the theme. With that, it is not allowing me to change the header. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Can you send me your website URL and login and password to the admin panel? I need to look at it to check what’s going on.

Email sent, thanks!

I have replied to your email.

Hey Is there a way to make the “featured” image in the home page to be clickable to the URL defined?

For example, I have this in the home page: [featured_one_half_last image=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/picture1.jpg” title=”Some service” url=”http://domain.com/1/”]

The click-able part is only the title, “Some services”. What I want is that the image itself would be click-able as-well to the URL defined.

Thanks in advance!

Yes, it’s possible, but requires a small code change. Please edit the ‘inc/shortcodes.php’ file, find the following line:
$output .= '<img src="'.e404_img_scale($image, $images_width[$attr]).'" alt="'.$title.'" />';
and replace it with:
$output .= '<a href="'.$url.'"><img src="'.e404_img_scale($image, $images_width[$attr]).'" alt="'.$title.'" /></a>';

Thanks! Works flawlessly :)

Hi, I added a [galleria] slideshow into a sidebar widget, and the code raw shows up under the gallery. Is there a simple way to fix this, or should I use a full page divided, and put the gallery into the [one-third] portion of the page? Thanks!!!

Did you try ro use a standard built-in Text Widget? Of course you should enable shortcodes support in sidebars first – to do that add the following line to the ‘functions.php’ file:
add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');

Thank you very much! That solved it. I appreciate your time. Is there a way to add extra left padding in the left sidebar, or one_third column?

Sure you can add an extra padding to the sidebar. Try to add the following code to the Custom CSS box (Theme Options -> Styling Options):
#sidebar { padding-left: 50px; }

Hi there,

I have been using your theme for a while now, with great success. Its fantastic.

I have a quick question regarding the background? Is there a way of making the background image static, while the page content scrolls above it?

I hope that makes sense. I tried finding the answer via google, but lots of answers said this feature depended on the theme being used.

Thanks in advance for you help!

Please try to add the following code to the Custom CSS box (Theme Options -> Styling Options):
body { background-attachment: fixed; }

That worked great. Thank you!


How can I remove the post title from the top of posts? This is easily done w/ pages in this theme but not posts. I would like the titles to remain on the blog page, but not individual posts.


Edit the ‘index.php’ template file, find the following line:
<h2 class="fancy-header"><a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" title="<?php the_title_attribute(); ?>"><?php the_title(); ?></a></h2>
and replace it with:
<?php if(!is_single()): ?><h2 class="fancy-header"><a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" title="<?php the_title_attribute(); ?>"><?php the_title(); ?></a></h2><?php endif; ?>

I am very frustrated with this theme. I cannot post any image at all. The sliders do not function.

Can you describe what’s the problem?

I go to the “Slides” menu on the dashboard, I add a slide and click on the media upload to upload an image from the computer. When I click “insert into post”, some code displays in the content box but the image itself does not show up. When I click “view post”, I get an error message that reads “This Web page cannot be found”. I contacted my hosting service, we reinstalled word press twice, and the theme itself twice. To no avail.

The image posting issue is not restricted to the slides. The same thing happens when I try to insert an image into a regular blog post.

The slider creation process is described in the theme documentation. You have to set an image as a slide featured image (“Use as featured image” link), not insert an image into post. You can’t preview slides because they don’t have their own pages.

Do you try to insert images into posts using our shortcodes or in the regular way? In the first case the problem might be caused by the TimThumb script – please check the ‘cache’ folder permissions. In the second case there is probably some problem with your WordPress installation. I can’t tell you anything more without looking at your website.

Hmmm…I have no idea where the cache folder might be or what a Tim Thumb script is. Is there any way you could look at my website?

It’s all described in the theme documentation. But sure, I can take a look at your website – please send me the URL .


You need to enable the slider in the Blog Settings (Theme Options -> Blog Settings).

Argh! You are right. O.K. Let me work on this a little bit more. I really appreciate you taking the time to look at this.

OK. If you have any problems don’t be afraid to ask.

The new Spicy Theme version is ready to download. The complete changelog can be found in the item description.

Hello again. You helped me yesterday with the slider question. In the end, I had not installed the theme properly. I re-installed and everything worked like a charm and I need to take the time to learn how the various pieces fit together. I really appreciate that you took the time to respond so promptly on a Sunday. Many thanks for your kindness and a great product.

I just bought and installed the Spicy theme. I love it. I have a question about the Nivo slider. Is it possible to set a photo in the slider as a hyperlink to one of my pages? I can’t figure out how to do this. I’m a newbie so the answer may be obvious, but it eludes me for now.


Sure you can do that. Edit your slide and paste the URL of your page into the ‘Target URL ’ field (Slide Options box, under the slider content).

Oh dear, I’m having a nightmare just getting off the ground! Firstly, where can I find the sample pages folder? I’ve uploaded the import plugin from wordpress, but of course I need to browse for the folder. Where is it? I’ve checked inside the zip folder but it’s not there.

Also, how do I get the slider working? I’ve uploaded a number of images as slides but I have no magic square appearing on my site http://booksnbrunch.com/. Not enjoying this :0(

Did you read the theme documentation? It’s all described in it.

The sample data file (for importing) and sample pages (for using as examples) are located in the ‘sample data’ folder.

There are few possibilities why your slider doesn’t work. Following the theme documentation should solve this issue. Please note that you have set a blog page as your home page, so your should use Blog Settings for setting up the slider.

Yes I did read this and my mind still boggles. The question is where is the sample data file because I can’t find it within the zip folder. Is it named something else or located elsewhere.

Within the documentation I can not see separate instructions for a blog home page, nor did I realise I had a choice. The documentation I’m reading is below, is there a more updated one? http://macaroniwood.org.uk/wp-content/themes/Spicy/documentation/index.html#slideshows

The sample data file is named ‘spicytheme.2011-09-09.xml’ and is located in the ‘sample data’ folder.

Take a look at the ‘Configuration -> Blog Options’ and ‘Configuration -> Home Page Options’ sections in the theme documentation. There are options for the home page slider and the blog page slider. There is also a short section about setting up a static home page and a blog home page – you can find it here.

By the way: please remove the theme package (ZIP file) and PSD files from your webserver.

okay just seen the bit re static front page.