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wow that was a quick reply. awesome! ill try it now. thanks!

LOVE e404 themes! Great support, awesome designs. How about developing a responsive theme e404? I am migrating towards only responsive themes and I would love to use some more of yours if they were.

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Thanks for good words. :)

Our next theme will be responsive. It should be released this week.

BOOM ! there it is!

WHenever I create a slide and I go to view it, I am getting a 404 error message.. page not found!!!!

You can’t preview slides because the don’t have their own pages. They can be only displayed in sliders.

Hey I got a tiny issue. I use the following shortcode: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1226755/code.txt

When I use this code, the toggle itself is broken, no content there, and the whole thing is braking.. something just goes wrong there…

Now, If I use [one_half]s instead of [full_page] shortcodes, everything is good…

Can you check on your end what’s the problem (or if you’re able to replicate?)


You can’t use nested [full_page] shortcodes.

I know that but it’s within [code]... shouldn’t it just write at as raw text?

Yes, you’re right. Try to remove the first [full_page] shortcode – it’s not necessary.

Hi there,

How can I change the font in the main menu bar? The menu bar which goes across the top of the front page about a quarter of the way down, where the words ‘Home, About, Blog’, usually appear?

Thanks loads

If you want to use Google Web Fonts you can pick a font using ‘Menu Font’ (menu) and ‘Submenu Font’ (submenus) options (Theme Options -> Font Options). If you don’t want to use Google Web Fonts you can set font for the ’.sf-menu li’ element (menu) and the ’.sf-menu li li’ element (submenus), for example:
.sf-menu li { font: 14px/20px Arial, Geneva, sans-serif; }

I just wanted a basic font, so changed one from the drop down menu in both ‘Menu Font’ and Sub Menu Font and it made no difference.

Did you check the ‘Enable the fonts replacement with Google Web Fonts.’ checkbox (Theme Options -> Fonts Options)?

All sorted now – thanks again for your usual prompt reply:)


Can you tell me if this theme can be used on a MU Wordpress install?



Yes, it can be used on a Networked WordPress installation with one small modification (TimThumb needs to be pointed to a correct virtual folder) and I can help you with that.

A new theme version is already available. It contains a WordPress 3.4 compatibility fix. The full changelog can be found in the item description.

That’s great! I’ll contact you if/when I have any problems.


I have a question: for some reason my menu navigation box got very tall, which pushed the rest of my content half way down the screen. Any idea what I could have done wrong?

my website is mpsink.com

I can’t see any issues on your website. Do you mean the gap between the top menu and the page content?


Add the following code to the Custom CSS box (Theme Options -> Styling Options):
#header { min-height: 140px; }
#logo { padding: 10px 0; }


I have purchased the theme and encountered the predicted problem – TimThumb issues!

Can you help?

What do you need?



If you want to use this theme with WPMU you need to make one small modification in the scalling function. Please send me an email through the contact form on our profile page and I’ll send you instructions (ThemeForest comment system breaks pasted code).

Client has a WordPress versions 3.3.1 site with an older version of Spicy Theme… and wants to upgrade her site to WordPress version 3.4

We were concerned about compatibility of WP 3 .4 with an older Spicy Theme and checked your site….

Noted in the ChangeLog that on June 24 2012 the Spicy Theme was [fiixed] for WP 3 .4 Compatibility..

Can you advise what has to be done to the older version of Spicy to enable upgrading the site to WordPress 3.4

Site is: http://bodyevolution.us

Any help, much appreciated.

Please ask your question using the account you have used to purchase the theme. Thank you.

Hello, I have spyce for my site for almost a year and I love it. Today I upgraded to wordpress 3.4 and the nivo slider won’t work anymore. I tried to read your comments page searching for answers, instead of bothering you, but I tried all without success: 1-Deactivated all plugins 2-Cleaned Cache 3-777 and 755 Cache folder 4-Reload the images as features 5-Downloaded theme new version and replace basic directories lib, js, inc, but I can’t replace others cause it would erase my design.

Im sending my site on your email from the envato form, can you please take a look? The other sliders work but not well.The images show up with them, but distorted… Thank you

Few days ago we have released a theme update. It contains the fix for WordPress 3.4. Please download it from ThemeForest and update your installation. You can upload only modified files – you can find the list in the ‘documentation/changelog.txt’ file. The most important file is functions.php.

Is there supposed to be a ‘Shortcode’ button for Spicey, in the WYSIWYG editor for pages/posts? I just recently utilized the ‘Ice’ theme (love the e404 themes thus far) and I was surprised there wasn’t a Shortcode button for Spicey.

Installation went without issue, etc. Known issue or anything? Not a problem to copy/paste, but I figured I’d check.

Thanks in advance!

The Spicy Theme doesn’t have a Shortcode Generator. Sorry.

No worries at all, just wanted to check and see if it was by design. Thanks so much for the quick reply! Like I said, two e404 themes thus far and they have both been a pleasure to work with.

Thanks again!

I somehow jacked up my homepage but would like it to look more like the one on your demo site with the content. I am talk about the but unlimited colors, plugins and shortcodes sections. How do I get those back? Is there anyway to reset my homepage and start over? I am a novice at this but love your theme!!


I may be the biggest idiot but I cannot find that file at all.

I’m sorry – you can find the ‘home_page.txt’ file in the ‘sample content’ (not ‘sample data’) folder.

Thank you so much for a quick reply. It worked and I will probably come back with more questions as I continue to build.

Hi, I’m using this theme – which is generally great and working very well – with Formidable Pro form builder.

That all works fine, except Spicy Theme is adding a br tag at the end of every line in a text area on every save, even though I’ve enclosed the form shortcode in raw tags. So every time a user saves, they get another br visible at the end of the line!

Any ideas how to stop this?


In don’t think is has something to do with the theme, because the theme doesn’t add any br tags anywhere. Please send me your WP admin panel login and password (use the contact form on our profile page) – I would like to look at this issue.

I’ve purchased the Spicy theme (love it!) and wanted to utilize the button short code. The buttons are there on the page, but no short code. How do I obtain it? Thanks!

You can learn more about the button shortcode in the theme documentation.

Is there a way to link gallery photos to external url’s? Thank you!

If you mean the standard WordPress gallery, then it’s not possible (WordPress doesn’t allow to do that). However you can try to search for a third-party plugin to set custom URLs in a WP gallery.