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Hi – big fan of your themes (I’ve bought 4 of them already!)

On one of the sites I’ve created (http://www.keikoshokonaikido.co.uk) I’ve been having issues with the “Spicy Twitter” feed which I had in the footer. Basically, it stopped pulling through from tweets and appeared to be trapped in time(!) – basically the dates etc. didn’t seem to be updating either.

As a short term fix, I’ve replaced with an alternative plug-in (which is pulling through the tweets ok) but was hoping you could shed some light on why this might be happening? I tried it with a few twitter accounts, reset the widget in several locations and updated to the latest version of wordpress and none of this resolved the problem.

Would really appreciate any advise you may have on this.


You need to update the theme to the latest version. Twitter has disabled old API URLs few days ago – the theme is using new URLs since version 1.8 and you have version 1.7 installed. If you can’t or don’t want to do a full update please replace just the ‘inc/tools.php’ file.

Hi. I’ve just(!) updated to 1.10 and I don’t know if I’m being completely stupid, but still not seeing any tweets when using the Spicy Twitter feed on the homepage. Any ideas? Getting rather frustrated! Thanks

In June 2013 Twitter changed their API (now it requires a full authentication for reading tweets) and display requirements, so we decided to abandon our Twitter widgets. We recommend to use official embedded timelines (you can create your own one here) or some third party plugin (for example this one, however it’s not consistent with Twitter display guidelines).

That’s great – thank you very much indeed for your super-fast response!

Hi e404, Will this theme be tested for compatibility with WP3.5?

Many Thanks, SwanseaYL.

I’ve checked your website using Chrome (the same browser version) and Safari and I can’t see any issues. Maybe try to clear your browser cache.

Merry Christmas to you too. :)

I’m sorry, but I can’t reproduce this issue on my end. I’ve checked your website on Mac using Chrome, Safari and Firefox – and I still can’t see this issue.

Yeah this is very strange. A mate tried it with an earlier version of safari and no problem.

What could cause this to be on just one program on one machine?

I still think that this is a problem with your browser cache. These elements have nothing in common with the latest WordPress update, so there is no way version 3.5 could cause this issue.

Is there any way I can make the footer stretched rather than boxed?

Regards Lorrie

No, it’s not possible, because the footer is placed inside the website wrapper.


Do you know if Spicy Theme is compatible with 3.5? I just upgraded too 3.5 and now I can’t upload any picture to pages or blog posts. The pics are in the media library but when I upload into a page or post, nothing happens. Also, the “Visual” option of the blog post is unavailble. I disabled any pluggin I had. Nothing. Any idea?

The theme is compatible with WP 3.5 – our demo website is running this version. Please send me your WP admin panel login and password using the contact form on our profile page – I’ll take a look at that.

Just downloaded the theme and really love it! I’m a total beginner with wordpress so things did look a little complicated at first, but I’m starting to learn my way around. One thing I am having trouble with is the nivo slider, I can’t figure out how to add photos to it? I’m sure that’s probably a stupid question but I just can’t figure it out. Any help is appreciated.

You need to create some slides and set up the home page slider or blog slider using theme options panel. The whole process is described in the theme documentation. In case of any problems I can create a sample slider for you – just send me your WP admin panel login and password using the contact form on our profile page.

The list of Google fonts in the theme options doesn’t seem up to date, or at least is missing quite a few listed on the Google site. Is there a way to update this?


You can download the latest fonts list from here – unpack this file and upload to your ‘spicy/inc’ folder.

Thanks, that worked but the only problem was the file you gave had google-fonts-list.php inside (dashes not underscores), not google_fonts_list.php.

I changed the name and then it worked, thanks.

I am getting the following error when trying to view POSTS:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENDIF in /home/meri/public_html/wp-content/themes/spicy/index.php on line 7


Your ‘index.php’ file is corrupted. Did you add any code to it? Anyway, please replace your ‘index.php’ file with the original one (you can re-download the theme package from ThemeForest).

I’m using Spicy with Formidable forms, which play together well most of the time. I’m having constant issues with Spicy adding unwanted <p> and <br /> tags though in Formidable’s forms. Sometimes I can can style these out, but often not, which causes problems.

Using [raw] doesn’t help. Any ideas?


Hmmm … in my simple test site running just Spicy and Formidable, the raw tag stops this problem. On my full site it’s still an issue. Maybe another plugin is causing this? I’ll do some more checking before getting back to you.

After a bit more investigation, it seems that this only happens when I also have Tribulants Newsletter plugin: http://tribulant.com/plugins/view/1/wordpress-newsletter-plugin also activated.

I’m not sure if the problem only happens with Formidable, or it would happen with any other form builder, but it does only happen when both Spicy and the Newsletter plugin are active – somehow this combination stops the raw wrapper from working.

I will ask Tribulant to look as well, but if you can take a look with the login details I am sending that would be a real help. It would be great to solve this 3 way problem!


In my opinion it’s not a problem with the theme, but probably with filtering the form data (field values) by some of your plugins. Anyway, I’ve made a workaround and now your form works fine.

Hi, Twitter isn’t displaying any tweet on the Home page. I have the last version of theme 1.10 installed. Any idea?

>>> Forget it… It is working now :) Thanks

I’m glad it’s OK now. :) It happens sometimes when there are some problems with Twitter API.

For some reason I can’t get the nivo slider to spread across the page, it only goes about 2/3 of the way. http://schuknechtdesign.com/

Any ideas??

I’m not sure I’m following, please excuse my lack of knowledge. I’m still pretty new to this. Am I removing the [nivo] tag from the homepage itself? Or did I screw up the code somwhere? Thanks!

Nevermind, just figured it out. I had the home page set on default template instead of home page. I feel pretty stupid now…..

I’m glad you figured it out. :)

Hi I would like to remove: ( comments.php)

<abbr title=””> <acronym title=””>

<del datetime=""> <em> <i> <q cite=""> <strike> <strong> Is there any update to make it responsive? Thank you! thanks!</strong></i></em></del>

Edit the ‘comments.php’ file, find the following line:
comment_form(array('fields' => $comment_form_fields, 'comment_field' => $comment_field, 'comment_notes_before' => $comment_notes_before)); ?>
and replace it with:
comment_form(array('fields' => $comment_form_fields, 'comment_field' => $comment_field, 'comment_notes_before' => $comment_notes_before, 'comment_notes_after' => '')); ?>

We don’t have plans to make Spicy Theme responsive, sorry.

PERFECT!! Thank you! I have another request: How do I change the fonts size and color in pagination ? I tried editing in the CSS but nothing happened.

Thanks again!

To change the pagination font size:
.wp-pagenavi { font-size: 16px; }
To change the pagination colors edit the ‘style.css’ file and find the ’/* pagination */’ section.

Where would I go to customize any lightbox code? I currently have this page (http://schuknechtdesign.com/illustration/) and I want to get rid of the file name that shows up in the top left corner when the thumbnails are clicked, and then add a description in the bottom somewhere. Thanks!

The lightbox window title is taken from the image ‘alt’ attribute and the description at the bottom of the lightbox window is taken from the link title attribute. If you are using the [image] shortcode you can use ‘title’ and ‘caption’ params, for example:
[image lightbox="true" title="Window Title" caption="Description below image" align="left"]http://your-image-url-here/image.jpg[/image]

Anybody knows how to and where to add a URL link to the following button code?

[button style=”glass” color=”darkgray” stroke=”true”] Buy now[/button]

Thanks guys

Use the ‘href’ param, for example:
[button href="http://google.com"]Your text here...[/button]

Has anyone tested with WP 3.7.x?

The theme should work with 3.7.x with no problems. Of course (as always) you should make a backup of your files and database before updating.