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Will you launch the Wordpress of this theme?


Hello pallichal,

It is a pure e-commerce site and there will be no WP version. HTML version will be ready in few days and OpenCart theme 5-6 days after that.

Hi Koev,

I would like to purchase the Open cart Theme, will you be able to provide me with a date it will be launched.

Regards Pallichal


Hello pallichal,

I am afraid I can’t give you a strict deadline, but hopefully it will be ready till Sunday or next Monday (fingers crossed – no promises)

Very well done!


Thank you G33 . :)

Love it!

?.?. ??????? ? ?????????? the OpenCart ??????!

???????? :)


Thank you Jessica.

Working on it now.

HTML version should be available for download tonight (probably)

Hm.. kirilicata ne raboti :)

Ochakvam s netarpenie the OpenCart version.

Pozdravi :)


Suvsem skoro.

Radvam se che vijdam vse poveche potrebiteli ot BG. :)

This is freaking amazing, instabuy from me when it will be ready for opencart! Good job mate! By the way here is my web store based on your template another one ;) www.ihandystore.com

cheers mate.


Hello indievisio,

It is ready, actually. Writing the documentation now.

This time the documentation takes more than usual because of the huge number of custom features and the new theme options panel. The theme will be available probably later tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned! ;)

hi awesome design, what font is used here ?


Thank you leya155355,

it is Lobster font.

I really like this design. Great work.

Hello Koev,

I would like to use this theme on Opencart, if you have one.


Hello bala888,

I am afraid it only works with OC 1 .

Also, this is the PSD version pf the theme – not OC.

Hi Koev,

How this theme works on mobile phones (android, iPhone,,)



Hello zakula,

this is a PSD template. It doesn’t “work” on any device. :)

Download too slow!!

theme explorer is problem… site adress: www.ankaraavize.com

Having troubles with this skin. My customers can no longer add products to their shopping cart. You click “add to cart” and nothing happens…Please Help!


Hello Koev i’m having some trouble

Warning: sprintf() [function.sprintf]: Too few arguments in success.php on line 55

Is there HTML version available ? Can i remove powered by and spicylicious ?

What type of version available? only psd?

Hi Koev, The template is freezing when I go to the site? Any ideas.. Cheers Jason


I use Spicylicious open cart theme and I’m really very happy to have it for my website. I just want to ask you whether I can remove the ZOOM option from product images, because I do not always have really quality images of the products we sell. Thanks in advance! Nadia


Hello chocolate-brands,

it looks like you never purchased this theme or anything else here on ThemeForest. Could you, please, sign-in and post your questions using the account used to purchase the theme?

Thank you.

Dear Mr.Koev, I asked my colleague to send you the request regarding the ZOOM option for Spicylicious open cart theme, but I didn’t sum up that it should be addressed from MY account. So, could you please give us a clue how we can disable this option? Thanks!