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DO NOT BUY THIS TEMPLATE . A lot of bugs, and author is not doing anything to solve them. I’ve sended him an email ~1 month ago, with screenshots showing some of the problems. He answered that he’ll look at them and sovle, but still no answer, and no new version.


Hello mohicanin,

Thank you for your feedback. :)

I am afraid I am not sure what are talking about. Could you please re-send me your e-mail as I had problems with my e-mail and most of my old mails are lost.

Also, it is strange that if what you say is true, no one else reported problems.

Thank you.

Looking forward to your e-mail.

Yea, rly strange no one else reported, that top menu falls under lower menu, like this: http://screenshooter.net/5866134/03_01_2012__01_00_45 also, when you have short menu names, like in above example “AAA”, “BBB”, “CCC”, they are placed next to each other, rather than below each other…. I’ve sended you this e-mail 03.01.2012, and you promised you’ll look into it – still no answer, so i’ve decided to post it here, maybe it’ll motivate you do to smth with this bug.

Hello mohicanin,

As I already explained I had a major problem with my server and I’ve lost many of my e-mails.

However, now I remember, and I can assure you it would be fixed tomorrow.

Once again – thank you for your feedback.


Fixed minor CSS bugs in the main menu

Hi I really like your theme and am looking for a new ecommerce theme for a new store I’m working on, wonder if you could tell me would this be quite and easy job for a developer to convert this site into a fully fledged lemonstandapp.com ecommerce platform site.

am GMT +2 as well – I cant manage to change he twitter username for a twitter feed from a custom twitter profile. Please help.

Any plans to make this a wordpress theme?


Hello sparkingmatt,

I am afraid not. It is a pure e-commerce theme.

lorenz0 Purchased

Bought the script, but jQuery Roundabout keeps on crashing, even with content inside. Would like to get this fixed as soon as possible, stuck with a deadline. I get the following error message:

A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.

Script: http://localhost/easybbq/js/jquery.roundabout.min.js:42

I’ve uploaded the site to http://concepts.sologicmedia.com/easybbq/index.php. Already tried upgrading the Roundabout script to v2.3, but no improvements there.


Hello lorenz0,

Did you checked the theme documentation?

It is explained in the theme documentation that you must ALWAYS use an even number of featured products (2,4,6,8 etc.).

Otherwise it may cause freezing in some browsers.

lorenz0 Purchased

Sorry, missed that. Thanks for the quick reply, even before I uploaded the website. Seems that fixed it, thanks.

Koev do you provide customization services for this template?

hi! great theme! i’m wondering if the contact form is functional? if so, where can i modify the send to email address? thanks!

Can I use this with as Wordpress theme?

Problem in contact, HTML VERSION urgently!!!

I still wainting response please..

I can not find where I can change the contact email when I click “Send” in Spicylicious theme (HTML VERSION ) Thanks a lot!

The Roundabout makes the site width very big and the annoying horizontal bar gets displayed. I solve it by using the overflow hidden property, but then the description of the latest products (hover function) was hiding under the prefooter, so i had to make the latest products box a little bit bigger in height. I advise you to do the same

Problem in contact, HTML VERSION urgently!!! I still wainting response please.. I can not find where I can change the contact email when I click “Send” in Spicylicious theme (HTML VERSION ) Thanks a lot!


I sent several emails and still I have no answer for about a month ago please ask for a favorable response on a product that I buy from you “spicylicious html e-commerce theme” I’m with a customer stopped by lack of answers and that’s not good for you. I am very dissatisfied, and it is a shame not to have more support . I have a problem in contact, HTML VERSION !!! I can not find where I can change the “contact email” when I click “Send” in the contact form I’m disappointed…


I want to purchase this theme but when I open it in Chrome or IE9 , there are horizontal scrollbars. This issue has been pointed by a user quite some time ago but it has still not been fixed even in the demo version.

It has been 10 days that I posted the comment and there has been no revert from the author regarding the same. My client likes the design so I have to buy it and “Fix” it at my own end. But did not like the kind of service that is being provided.

This template only support PC. But now, I want use it in smartphone, how to do it?

Hello everybody!

After a long illness and stay in hospital caused by unexpected complication of the trauma I had in the car accident last year I am finally OK and will be back to work this monday.

I would like to thank you all for the patience and support. My stay in hospital was only possible because of the income of your purchases even when I am not here with you for support and updates.

Please, accept my apologies for every inconvenience or problems you might had during this long period.

I’ll start updating all my themes to the latest version of OpenCart this monday (18.06).

Thank you again and I hope I didn’t lost your trust forever!

Best regards, Dimitar Koev (theAlThemist)

Hi! Do you have a solution for showing the horizontal scrollbar in IE?