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Yeah! I’m the first purchaser, this theme is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G


What a pleasant surprise today! Been tracking the progress for months now. :) Excellent, excellent work!

Thanks! We’re really glad to be finally shipping today.

Very nice theme. Good luck :)

Thank you. :-)


I haven’t bought this one, yet, but i did bought the Spina 1, and it was a pretty slick admin interface.

My suggestions: - Improve select dropdowns, i mean, better style or use one of the free available jquery plugin available around the inet. - Have a better date/time picker, i can suggest this one - Add in Dropzone.js for file uploads, it’s very easy to implement - Improve the WYSIWYG editor, the buttons seems to be misaligned - Not sure if this is available, but on the tables i’m not seeing them, but pagination links perhaps? With support for result count aswell? Like: Showing 1-5 of 10 Previous 1 2 3 Next

Other than this, at least for now, the UI looks very clean and elegant :)

Regards and good luck with the sales!

That datepicker is HUGE! Thanks for the tips!

Wow this is really clean & nice! I currently use bootstrap so this is really simple for me! :P

Any chance for these elements: - charts/graphs? - tags - more elements which bootstrap includes?

Looks sick so far! :O

Thanks for the feedback! We are not fans of bootstrap, which is why Spina isn’t based on it, but yes we are working on charts and graphs. Many people asked for those. :-)

Hi, this is very nice!! I’m the first purchaser ,but one question: Why the data-icons and regular font are not seen?

By default the template uses Pictos font by Drew Wilson. You can check it out here: It’s free up to 12 icons and is really awesome. As a fallback we included a custom Spina icon font built using You can check out the Readme for the details. :)

I don´t know if I dont get it how to use this template, or I just cant find how to add common elements. First thing is that when I open the template on iphone portait I cant access menu. I just can access 4 pages with tables, forms, buttons and galleries. I´ve already purchased other admin templates and didnt realize this one contains nothing. Next time I will check better before buying.

The template consists of different elements which you can use to build your own interface. Everything that’s in the live preview is in the template and can be used to build your own system. What’s missing?

Hi, Do you add plugin calendar and charts for the next version?? Thanks

I have a problem with the icons, once I upload the files to my productive server, icons disappear and just appear the letter of the icon.

I mean on my localhost it shows ok but in godaddy it shows just the letter.

I have a database that contains a table and every record of this table is considered as a “Sticky Notification” I want to show every record that are created in the table to show as Sticky Notification with a close (X) and open ( ) buttons on every Sticky Notifications. The user will login to see this information.

Is this possible using your template?

hi, psd files included?

This was designed entirely in the browser, so no PSD!

Great theme. But before I buy, I need to know if you can implement the following:

- javascript based table pagination (datatable-like) - a better looking expanded select list


The preview is showing a 404

Nice job! good luck with sales;

The preview is still showing 404.