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Saving ‘Theme Options’ results in each and every text field populated with a number of illegal offset errors. Sample screenshot attached. Again, EVERY text field is populated with errors… sometimes it is okay (maybe 20% of the time) – more often not. For example, I’ve never been able to change default colour. I obviously haven’t found a fix.


Go to your theme options and click on the Reset tab and reset the theme options, it will reset the options and these warnings will be removed. If you are unable to pick the color, it might be because of some of your plugin. You can send me your username and password by email using the contact form in my profile so that I can have a look. If you have more questions, let me know :)

Turns out the errors are because of a compatibility issue with PHP5.4 (this theme isn’t compatible). I’ve modified the option-functions and theme-options files if anybody encounters the same issue.

I used this in the end and changed around 60 or so references.

function wt_isset_get($array, $key, $default = null) { return isset($array[$key]) ? $array[$key] : $default; } $wt_var = isset_get($someArray, 'someKey'); $wt_var = isset_get($someArray, 'someKey', $mydefault);

A cheap alternative might have been to do something like this to every option reference.

if(isset($options['wt_text_fontsize'])) { $text_fontsize = $options['wt_text_fontsize']; }

Needless to say, all is now good.

Glad that you could figure out and thanks for sharing it :)


Just fyi.

content-page.php and content-single.php contain a link to del.icio.us which as opposed to delicious.com is listed by google as a malware attack site. wordpress scanners such as wordfence are picking this up as a malware infection.


Thanks for the comment. The del.ico.us redirects to the same domain. I don’t think that it is listed by google as malware but I will check this.

@martyk , i tested this theme with php 5.4.38 and 5.5.22 and not show errors, always works fine

hi i would like to know about the slider setting , why it is not activating

while I post new news and also the old slide news still continuing.


Please post your question using the same account which you used to purchase the theme. Thanks.

we want the brief of post content to come on home page with the same styling as on detail page however, it comes in flat p tag discarding all style and line breaks. Kindly assist us with the same so we can furnish our website and make usable.

our website link is http://journeypartner.co.in/


Could you please send me a message using the contact form in my profile and explain your question and I will get back to help you.

Is it possible to customise the home page layout? Unlike your other themes, the Spirit demo has only one home page. Out site is www.bangaloreaviation.com.

Also to let you know, your link forums.wellthemes.com does not work. Thanks.


Please login to themeforest using the account which you used to purchase the theme and I will be glad to help you. The support forums are currently unavailable, all of the support is provided through the email, please use the contact form in my profile for any questions you may have and I will be glad to help you :)

wellthemes, when the next update? Thanks.

In next update I will buy and installed on my website

wellthemes as I had promised I acquired my license , please keep it updated , it’s important to me.

I rated with five stars of course

Send to you a mail-support because don,t see theme-shortcodes in editor. Theme works fine, super fast

Thanks. I have replied to your email. If you have further questions, please just reply to the email :)

Increible, more than 2 years without updates and works extra fine with very low cpu and ram usage in a server, without errors in server error log, very fast theme, it,s a well theme :)

Analize with tools https://validator.w3.org/ and works fine too.

Thank you so much for such a kind feedback. I’d really appreciate if you can rate the theme as well, you can do that from your downloads page. I keep checking whenever and update is required to any of my theme, I do that. Thanks again :)

Hello! Is this theme Woocommerce compatible?


Thank you for your interest. There would be no any compatibility problem with the woocommerce, however you might want to add additional css styles to integrate the woocommerce pages with the theme. If you have more questions, feel free to ask :)

Hi, is it possible to remove the left sidebar from blog page? Thanks.


It is possible but it would require some changes in the code. If you have more questions, let me know :)

Will you help changing the code?

Hi, I have replied to your email. If you have more questions, kindly reply there.

when are you going to update this theme? I want to purchase and i need to know:)


Thank you for your interest. The theme is up to dated, I will update it as soon it will be needed :)