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I’ve been informed about problem with transparency of arrows on the sidebar under IE6 – I already know what the problem is and I will be updating files very soon. Ech, I need to find better way for fixing stuff on Ubuntu…

Nice template. I like it alot. Keep it up!

Nice one. Classic and Coffee are great, but I don’t like the Green one.

awesome design.

hi there, I am wondering if I can make the page design FIXED for the template, and what would I need to do in the style sheet for the page to be fixed? Thanks in advance. soph.

Please open the css/framework.css file, and find:

#container {
    width: 100%;

Change the width value to point value, for example 900px. Next, look lower for

#primary {
    width: 73.8%;
    float: left;

And change width value to X, where X = #container’s width subtract 251px :) (the sidebar’s width)

As far as I remember, no other value need any changes, so it should work.

nice theme =)

prob a real nubie question but can this skin the wordpess admin screen?

Only if you can code it for WordPress – this is just an XHTML /CSS :)

Nice design but it has a major flaw in that if the page width is reduced the right table drops down. This is caused by the fixed width sidebar.

I was having the same problem as the above user, although I don’t know how much of a problem it is. You can just set min-width and problem solved.

However, one thing that would be nice, is if you could have a highlighted item in the sidebar to notify the user what page they are on.

This is a great theme, by the way. I implemented it into Vanilla Forum’s Garden framework without much of an issue.