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Ver 1.0.10 29 AUG 2014

- Update Revslider to the latest version
- Update WC Price filter (now all works fine)

1) Reinstall Revslider
2) Replace WC directory

OR Install theme completely

Big thanks for Using Splendor!

Can someone please help? My site is screwed up. CSS is not working in any browser. Only display correctly for me when I’m logged into the site. I updated the theme, which didn’t help anything but wipe out some of my theme settings. I’ve completely deleted the theme and reinstalled and no go. Client isn’t happy!


Since we never heard back from anyone and time was of the essence, we switched out the theme for one we can rely on. So that’s two themes now we’ve purchased from you that we cannot use (also B2).

Hello, very good theme. But how to disable smooth scrolling, site scrolled very slow, i think it’s not very good, thanks in advance.

virtuelabs Author Team

Mate, do you bought the theme?

this theme does not work in IE8 ??..... and also please gi ve the latest update for visual composer and rev slider


no reply on this ….. or u r trying to avoid this


I just download the slide demo content but the slider not work properly like your demo. It seems different from your demo. The font style is different.

Please provide the slider demo content like on your demo website. Including demo images for easier customization. Thank you.

virtuelabs Author Team

Hi, please tell me about error here http://orangeidea.ticksy.com/

Hi, is this theme wp 4.0 ready? and woocommerce 2.2 ready? I like this theme!!!!!!!!!

thank you Kevin

Hello, I cannot import demo content. It gives me an error every time I try.

virtuelabs Author Team

Hi. check your php_error.log and apache_error.log. May be you need to reconfigure your server.

site is not working properly in IE8 … asked u before also but no reply


virtuelabs Author Team

Hi, IE8 does not support all features, which we used in theme. We have a minimal support for ie8. Sorry. If you have BIG troubles, you can ask me in our support system

Hello, is the theme wordpress 4.0 ready? Please, we need a quick answer, because we have to update to the newest version! thank you!

kalimma Purchased
Hi!..the serach button “pesquisar” doesn´t appear correctly….can you please help? http://eurosoeiro.pt/catalogo-de-produtos/

Many thanks.

Can’t import demo content. Error like below, please help to solve this issue. Thanks.

Failed to import topic-tag ‘ek tha tiger’ would be not likely unwatchable Failed to import topic-tag 000 louis vuitton outlet real bags Failed to import topic-tag a awful burning from the louis vuitton outlet purses Failed to import topic-tag a sdas da sda sdas da sd Failed to import topic-tag Accessible about the industry Failed to import product_cat Apple

smcdaria Purchased

Hello, today I updated woocommerce to the latest version and it completely messed up my entire site. Your theme is not working.

smcdaria Purchased

Is this theme even supported? I’ve contacted you a week ago through your support system and still no reply.


If I click the product filter(either ‘sort by name’ and ’# products per page), it automatically connect to the blog page. How can i fix this issue?