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mylesgj Purchased

Hello, May I know how to change the color of the background and the content area specific only for a single page? Thanks!

Good morning

if you send em a link to the page i cna send you code to add.


I am considering to buy your theme. One question to help me decide. Can you have categories for calendar events to allow filtering the displayed events?

I would appreciate your answer


Hi Bigal64

THanks for the message.

The Calendar does not extend into categories.



Ravenor Purchased


sorry, but it is really a pain to install this theme like in the demo…

Best regards…

Hi Ravenor

THanks for the message.

If you make contact to my personal assistance line we provide assistance on this. You can contact me through my profile page here (bottom right) or my support page here


Hi I have problem with your fancybox. http://fitlady.eu/galeria/ Check CTRL + -. Image is displayed too low.

Hi kri00f86

This usually indicates that the gallery was not added the wordpress way.

More on adding a gallery below:


If you want me to jump in and take a closer look you can make contact at my personal assistance page.

You can contact me through my profile page here (bottom right) or my support page here


Hi there, first, very nice template. You deserve your 1600 sales. But, before buying your template, I need to know if it’s possible to split activities in two different session. Ex. Spring Activities, Summer Activities. Same thing for Spring Times and Summer Times, and finally is there a maximum numbers of activities or Times we can add to the template.

Thanks a lot, sincerly yours Francois

Hi Francois

Thanks for the message.

Activities cannot be categorized. THere are no limits to the amount of activities that one can add.


Very bad support. If you ask for help, installing the theme, he only shows you a link with vids, where you can have a look, how to install the theme. Nothing more. As i said before… It is a pain to install this theme like in the demo. I have to change to another theme, because i can`t get it running. Only waste my money…very bad.

Hi Ravenor.

THanks for the feedback.

You and I both knows what really happened here and that is enough.


hello everybody, i want to put more text on the frontpage, but i can only take boxes, how can i put text under the teaser!

Hi Achterman

THanks for the message.

The text box will allow you to add multiple text widgets on the page.



Hi AJ…

how’s going?? Is about a year without any kind of update….. is there any plans to update something? add something??? Fix anything?

Cheers =)

You’re welcome…. but, you think to add / update / implement something as we spoke here?

That is not going to happen. I’m satisfied with the code that I posted in this theme.

Ok… but your customers aren’t…. but ok then…. From now on, I already know what to do….



tmjake Purchased

I’ve used your #mainmen { width: 100%; position: fixed; } to make the menu sticky, looks great on a computer. However, on a phone the menu stays in the middle of the screen blocking content. How would I fix that? I have tried doing a media query for a screen size but it doesn’t seem to work.

URL is http://www.kicksrus.com


tmjake Purchased

Wait I think it is fixed, guess it just took a minute to go live on my phone.

Great news tmjake.

i’m glad all is sorted.


Hello :) How can insert favicon?

Hi aky_p

How are you.

The real favicon generator and the wordpress plugin working with it will make the task of adding favicons real easy.

http://realfavicongenerator.net/ https://wordpress.org/plugins/favicon-by-realfavicongenerator/



dk4210 Purchased

Hi I am trying to add text to the home page. I want the content to be managed by the home page editor. When I type text in the home static page it doesn’t display on the front page of the site. Basically, i would like to maintain the content through the pages instead of adding boxes via croma. Please advise.

Hi dk4210

THanks for reaching out.

The format that i set out in the help files is the format that was developed for the theme.

If you want to add a different format for this you will need to recode the theme.



How do you change time format to 12 hour? for the timetables

Hi Jasondunn005

Thanks for taking time to touch base on the Sport THeme.

The time format cna not be changed in the timetables.