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Can I get a template like this?


not from us, i’m afraid.

Love this one guys….fantastic job.

I got 1 problem so far….when you drag the width of the page back and forth in either browser, the Home Page banner does not recenter.

What should I change to remedy this?


For example….notice how the header images on the category pages resize when you stretch the width back and forth…I want that on the home banner slideshow images too.

Ok I have spent a few hours adding css to the slider css rules and nothing works to center the slider images.

your reply to a previous person asking the same question…. “The image is fine, you only need to hit refresh and it will scale.”

Well I don’t know if those two people bought your file but as you can see, I have and that answer isn’t very professional. I want the images to center automatically without a page refresh like abc.com…..don’t so with a page refresh is not a good enough solution.

If you cannot figure out how to do it then please just say you are not able to do it.


please post on our dedicated Support Forum (http://themefuse.com/forum) where our guys will help you out in no time.

Any chance you’re working on a WP version of this?


it’s already available, like all our themes, on our own website. Can’t post the link here though.

I want to ask another question.

When someone presses the previous/next slide buttons the slideshow stops. Can it start back up again after say 10-15 seconds like a lot of slideshows do after pause on rollover?

Also I just wanted people to know that Themefuse fixed my request from the previous posts really quickly.

Thanks to them… buy from them with confidence.


We’d love to help you on our dedicated support forum. We don’t give support here because it is imposible to track by other that might encounter the same issues or have the same questions.

Sportedge Support forum

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Does the HTML version also have the working live sport stats? And a working search bar?



the working live sports stats could be achieved by linking to a specialized live sport feeds website, all within a lightbox frame, making the users not leave your website. This is similar to the solution found in the Wordpress version that can be seen on our website.

As for the search, unfortunately it isn’t available in the HTML version, only in WP.

Hello guys, are you planning to put a captcha for contact form?


I’m afraid not but this being a HTML project you can add one. We implemented capcha in the WordPress version of the theme together with an extensive contact module that lets you customize your fileds. It doesn’t make sense to implemented in the HTML theme as well.

Any chance you will make the template responsive (Bootstrap) ?


Don’t think so, sorry.

is there a wordpress version?


There is, but I can’t share the link here. Get in touch with us on hello@themefuse.com and we’ll pick it up from there.

taiyo Purchased

Do you have drop down menus in the PSD and/or CSS/HTML for forms? I’m not finding them.



Sorry for late response.

Sorry, but we do not have a design for selects.

For more support questions and faster response, contact us on our forum: http://themefuse.com/forum/


I want to know do that package contais forms?


The theme comes with a working contact form http://themefuse.com/demo/html/Sportedge/contact.html. Hope this helps.