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Got it. Thank you! This question seems ridiculous so I appoligize, but I cant seem to create the “Home” button to appear on my other pages. Any help there?

I saw a problem earlier with someone having the logo not display. This has now happened to me although previously did work. I am within the width limit of 180 and not a great deal of height. I have also chmodded all the permissions files for the ‘uploads’ files. Any ideas?

I too, am having trouble getting the flex slider to work, with the description, title, etc. I have the slider turned on, set on the featured category, and my posts are ticked with the featured and the other category I selected. I also have the featured image set in the post itself. Help please


I apologize, I have seemed to solve the problem. I added another post just for the heck of it, and I was able to get it showing no problems. Great theme, thank you very much


Great theme, works a treat, just one thing that I am hoping you could help me with.

I am trying to add existing post categories to your match schedule custom posts, but seem to be breaking it every time I try. Could you point out where in the theme_functions code I should add the ‘taxonomies’ => array(“category”), code?


Is there a way to change the background color on Matches? It stays blue even though I’ve change the template color to green.

Thanks so much—love this template! www.flatlanderrugby.com

For some reason none of the rss sign up plugins work on my site. I have downloaded quite a few and no luck with any. Help please….


First of all, nice template :-)

I have 2 problems

1st have a look here: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0fbdqx0f8 (i’m using chrome)

2nd i don’t get the slider running. I set the featured category, but on my site that wont work. i only can see a black are with a preloader.

can you help me?

best wishes thomas


To get your slider working, add another blog post and set the featured image in your new post and your slider will start working…if you read my comment above you would have found I had the same problem.

Creator: Is it possible to get the featured images that we use in the blog posts to automatically resize (or crop) to the same size for the thumbnail AND slider image? Atleast so I don’t have to resize each image to the same size everytime?

How do you change the uploads directory to be writable?

Amongst the worst support I have experienced in 10+ themes bought from Themeforest.net

I am having murders getting the logo to display despite having set the right parameters and permissions recommended.

I would be very grateful if you could reply Fahim as I have waited over a week and made contacts on here twice now and via Twitter.

Mathew you can change it via your file manager in CPanel (right click and change permissions) or via FTP (again right click the folder and set permissions). Hope you have better luck than me!


I am really so sorry for the very very late reply. I was on a trip so I just couldn’t catch my emails or anything.

I have replied to your email anyway.

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Im having the same problem about the slider images. Do we need to crop these all the time ? As mine at the moment are stretching all over the place…

If you work it out please let me know!



I am sorry but unfortunately the theme doesn’t hold that feature. You have to manually crop the images.

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Hello Fahim,

I like the theme and it is working great but just one issue – the images are not getting wrapped around the text – they always appear aligned left and in new line. Is there a way to fix it?

Thanks a lot!

Im having the same problem as sajohnson, where I cannot get my logo to upload. All other images are loading fine but the logo just will not upload.

I saw your responce “There is some permission related problem in your ‘uploads’ directory. Make the upload directory 755 with its sub-folders and all the files 644 using FTP . I think that should work!”

I have tried this but it didnt work and also by doing this all the images that were displaying disappeared.

Please help me as this is clearly a major problem that everyone is having.

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How do we add google analytics?

What is the exact size the logo needs to be? I uploaded a logo with less then 180 pixels width (the requirements in the admin: “You must have writing permissions for your uploads directory and the logo width should not exceed 180px! Height doesn’t matter”). But still it is not showing up. How is this possible? Is there something else I can do wrong?



Dear Fahim,

I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt here. I checked this site in IE8 and it is broken. If this is what you call IE8 compatible then I’m going to ask for a refund. I also tried contacting you about a week ago and you have yet to reply.

The following screenshot is from IE9 in IE8 mode. If this works in a real version of IE8 then please show me a screen as proof.


Hi Fahim,

If you eventually bother to check your email, I would be glad to show you how to fix these issues in IE8 . I have notified the Envato staff that your product does not meet their quality standards and requested that they should be removed. If you are going to sell products online, have the goddam stones to support them. This is absolutely unacceptable, I would be embarrassed to release something as broken as this.

Hey Fahim

I have problems getting the thumbnails to fit into the slider. Do you have any tips getting it right.


Why are you trying to fit ‘thumbnails’ to fit in the slider???

I am new to wordpress. So i inserted a picture as thumbnail in a post. And then the slider worked, but the pictures was not fitting, so it does not look goot.

you can see the problem at www.skabdroemmen.dk

Thanks Uffe


The slider’s images size should be 640×300. Then it will fit nicely.

How do I increase the transperancy of the Slider “Text Box” currently it is a little too dark and unreadable on some internet browsers.


You need to edit the CSS . /flex/flexslider.css Line 49 – 50