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Hi, I’m having great trouble with the lightbox functions in the theme. If i use a next gen gallery the lightbox viewer doesn’t open – the image just opens flat in a seperate browser window. I have the same problem if i use the themes own gallery function. URl is

Is this a common bug ?

Hi, sorry for this issue, seems this plugin has compatibility issue with PrettyPhoto script. I suggest to use different gallery plugin to prevent this issue.

Is it responsive?

Sorry, it’s not responsive.

I’m having trouble creating a gallery. I have added all the images but it doesn’t show when I click on gallery?

My website is


Hi, thanks for your purchasing. Make sure you have select gallery template from page attributes.

Hi, I am having the exact same issue as billyboylan:

The gallery title shows in the menu but when I click on “gallery” it stays on the homepage? I have the gallery page set to “gallery” attribute and created 1 new gallery. Why doesn’t the gallery show up.

I have checked my settings, but like him/her they are correct so why can’t I get my gallery to work?

thanks for your help in advance!

Hi, i need permission to access your admin page, if you can allow me to see your admin page for further investigation.

I have just sent an email to you with my details. Thank you!

Hi, i just sent you email. Please check.

hi how can i change the favicon of the theme plz?

Hi, thanks for your purchasing. You can create it by edit ‘header.php’ by navigate Appearance > Editor > Header > insert your code. If you need my help for this please send message through my profile.


I’d like to change the size of my homepage images from 600×600 to around 400×400. How do I do this?


Hi, thanks for your purchasing. It require some changes on css (spotlight/css/style.css) files and re-size the image frame (spotlight/images/frame-pic.png).

Hi there, I just purchased theme and am getting an install error.

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.”

Any suggestions? Is the Theme actually missing the style sheet? Thanks.

Nevermind. Got it.


Is there a way to disable the front page ‘click to display’ functionality? I would like to have the content of the front page display by default.


I believe its called portfolio, with the id “clickhere” which triggers a js script. I would like it to show all the time even without clicking.

Sorry, I meant ‘clickarea’

Open file in folder css/style.css replace code on line 493-494 with below:

#portfolio li .info{ display:block; padding:120px; position:absolute; z-index:27;}
#portfolio li .bginfo{ display:block; background:url(../images/dotwhite90.png); width:600px; height:614px; position:absolute; z-index:5;}

Do I have to change the icon in the header .php as opposed to the customize area? Also, my posts do not show up after I switch from another theme.

Hi, sorry not clear with your issue can you explain more and send your website url?

lovely theme. Will you be making a responsive version of it?

Thanks for your interest. Sorry, maybe no.

Really like this theme. Have a few questions:

1) How do I get the header message to show two or three different text colors like in your screenshot? Changing the message via the custom panel gives me all text in grey only.

2) How do I change font type and color etc? The CSS stylesheet is empty.

3) I want to change the “Get In Touch” tab to another name. Do I have to upload another two images and where do I insert these files in the theme editor?

4) I’d also like to change the navy blue theme color to a slightly different shade to match my logo. How do I enter the hex code so the whole theme color will change?

Sorry two more questions:

5) In homepage project, after I click on the image so the text appears, if I click on the text again then it all goes blank, and after that the image and text both appear on top of each other and looks messy. How do I prevent the overlap from happening so it’s either image or text but not both?

6) I want the link on the Visit link in the project to stay on my page rather than open a new tab. How can I edit the code to do this?

Hello, regarding the plugins that I says need installation, they come with the package right? They are not showing on my plugins menu, any clue?

Thank you for updating your lovely Spotlight theme which I have downloaded to my computer. As I have already nearly finished designing my site using your theme (which I have purchased) and the update this theme option doesn’t seem to appear when I log in with Wordpress, would you suggest that I delete the first Spotlight and install the new one? Feel slightly nervous about doing this as I have finished the site on the child-theme. Please would you be able to advise the best way of doing this so that I do not risk losing all the work I have done already. Many thanks

Hi, if there any customization within you theme source code i will suggest to keep it to prevent your settings lost. But if there no source code modification it safe to update.

I made a child theme, so is it safe to just delete Spotlight and install the new one? Will all the work i have done remain as it is?

Would it be possible for you to add the update to Wordpress so that it could just be updated from there?

Would it be possible to extend the background behind the gallery pop out boxes? It is too short and does not extend far enough to the bottom of the page. Also can you tell me how to add a description under the picture in the pop out boxes and not the heading? Thank you


I bought your theme (Spotlight Version : 1.1.3) 2 years ago and i was wondering how to integrate a Woocommerce in it. I allready installed the plugin but i don’y know how to integrate the theme to the shop page.

Thank you for your help,



I had purchased the spotlight theme a long while ago and was happily using it on my website until one day some error occurred when creating a new gallery and adding an image to it.

The system shows the following message: “Cheatin’ uh? You are not allowed to edit this item.”

Have no idea what is causing the message. Can you please help with this problem?

thank you in advance

Hi, if you can allow me to see your admin page for further investigation. You can send message through my profile.


I did send access data in the message on 7th of January, in order to give you access to website. Please let me know if you did manage to access the website with the credentials I sent you!

thank you

Hello, I have never purchased a web theme before (have only created my own) but have created several drupal websites. Is this theme open for simple customization, like the capability to change the colors of the font and background images? Thanks.


Thanks for you interest! Yes there is simple settings to change colors.


I purchased this theme yesterday from Envato Market/Theme Forest (the company from where I received your last email response) and the download that I received is a Wordpress theme. I need the Drupal theme version. Can you help please?

Thank you, Lyndsay Bahn


Theme you’ve bought is for WordPress. Please ask Envato support staff.


ernescz Purchased

Hello! Does this theme support more modern WP versions like 3.9.x? Or only the ones shown in the description?


Thanks for your interest! Current theme is use WordPress 4.5.