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Also, can you give an example of how the Instagram widget looks?

It looks just like the flickr widget :)


The twitter-thingy on the homepage is not working when viewing the website on an iPhone – only the first few words are shown.

Also, this theme is compatible with Font Awesome and Google Fonts?

I’m going to buy this one soon – however I’m still curious as to how the blog page looks. Is it the same as the homepage, but with a header which had less height?

Yup it would. The extended header/tagline is reserved for whichever page you use as your home page – either the latest posts (like in the demo) or any page as your front page.


No problem!

Say if I take a normal template as the homepage, or maybe the portfolio. Would I be able to add 2 lines of text on the header just like you did on the homepage (blog template)? It says: A Practical WordPress Theme for Practical People.

Yup, you sure would.


Thank you, sir! Top notch support already!

Happy to have bought this theme. Love playing around with it.

This is where I’m it after playing around for today:

Just curious:

Can you add ‘time’ to the tweets on the homepage (as in….4 minutes ago…2 days ago). Maybe add the possibility to add a link to the twitter title widget (I did so using a plugin, but that might be handy to build in as a standard).

Wow, that’s looks so good! You’ll have to post the link for sure :)

For the Twitter time, simply add this CSS code:

.global-footer .widget_bean_tweets a.twitter-time-stamp {
    display: block!important;

Interesting idea with the twitter widget’s title. Are you using it to link to your Twitter account?


Also, where can I get rid off (or change….) the ‘1 published articles’ thing at the right-bottom?

Many thanks

You may remove/edit that from footer.php, lines 58-60. Here’s a screenshot:

Cheers, Rich

Hi could you take a look at something for me please?

I have noticed is when I put your shortcode in main page content it hides some of my footer widgets? this has widgets this doesnt?

I have spoken to the plugin developer and he says its a theme thing. If you can point me on what needs to be edited that would be great. Thank you

Hey Mate! That’s very strange indeed. Do you mind copying your comment here and sending it to the Bean Help Center with a set of admin login creds? I’ll login and see what’s going on for you.

Hope to hear from you soon! Rich

Have done.

Cool :)


Hi we are looking at purchasing this theme, but was wondering if you can add the following:

Does this theme allows us to embed typekit fonts? we use Proxima Nova as our Corporate font.

On the portfolio page, it says – “You can create embedded video, slideshow and stacked image portfolio posts.” Does this mean we can’t add standard text posts to the portfolio?

Look forward to your reply.


Hey there, Yup you may use typekit fonts as per their normal setup. I’m not quite following your second question. You can have text inserted on all your portfolio posts – the formats are for the media portion of each one.

Cheers! Rich


I’ve purchased this template some while ago and before the latest update it was possible to load the POSTS from only the specific category (by categ. SLUG ) when you hitted LOAD MORE button.

Now after the latest update I see that it display’s random POSTS from diffrent categories.

How can this be fixed?

I mean if i’m on the page CATEGORY 1, if I hit LOAD MORE, i want him to display more posts from CATEGORY 1 only, not all categories.



Hey mate, very odd behavior indeed. Do you mind contacting our Bean Help Center with your comment/url/details so we can take a look ourselves?

Thanks! Rich


Loving the theme. I am also using the portfolio function and I would like to change the word “portfolio” in links to “resource”. Any help how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve already tried to replace it in bean-portfolio.php, but it didn’t work:

'rewrite'         => array("slug" => "portfolio"),
'rewrite'         => array("slug" => "resource"),

Kind regards, Jonas.

Ahh I misread. I’ll close that ticket for you then – Happy Monday!


My apologies for the confusion! Once again thank you, I am absolutely loving this theme. It is beautiful, modern and simple. Also really liking the feature to make each post/post unique with a different header and main color.

Awesome! Enjoy!

And if you haven’t already, I’d super appreciate if you took a couple of seconds to rate Spruce via your Downloads page. :)


Hi richpearsonwd,

For change home background image? Where?

Not in “personalize” category theme. Where?


Hey Benekid,

I’m not quite following you here?

Be carrefull if you have a conflict with a plugin, all the author’s supports says the problem have to be resolved by the other support. In my case a javascript conflict in the “load more post” function for post listing. No support from the beam support.

(The plugin is nextgen gallery)


Hey Alexis_sk, themes and plugins unfortunately are created by different developers – which can sometimes lead to conflicts in code derived from either (or both) parties. As I mentioned in our support conversations, while it is our wish that every plugin and every theme could co-exist together – it is simply not feasible.

I can guarantee Spruce is coded with today’s WordPress standards and has undergone rigorous testing – and countless updates – to ensure it performs up to speed.


Everyone say the same things, but your support don’t want to watch the problem. It’s very easy to say that….

Couple of questions re theme before I buy it… 1. Is it possible to add an animated slider on the home page or generic page header i.e. royal slider or revolution in stead of the static image? 2. Can the home page have a different layout that that shown? 3. Does the theme have an option for boxed width as well as full width?

Hey Eden, here’s some answers for you:

1. Not without some custom development to the index template. 2. You may use any template (or default with a layout of your own using column shortcodes). You don’t have to use the index template. 3. No, though you could manipulate the .row max-width value to achieve a fullwidth look (in style.css – at the top).

Cheers! Rich

How can I get the theme to use the “light” color scheme for the menu across all pages on the site? I would like to set a global option for the color, rather than modifying it on each page separately.

Hey there! The posts are set to display the “light” scheme by default, so simply saving the post should trigger it into effect.


It works if I do it one-by-one, but I’m trying to avoid modifying each of the 300+ posts individually

I’m afraid that’s what you’ll need to do, in order to get the database value inserted in the database. Though you may be able to modify the CSS values so that all the light styles are applied by default (this may end up taking more time getting it just right though).



web440 Purchased


just purchased your theme.

But I noticed a lot of bugs in chrome (latest version) but also in firefox.

Tried it out on several devices.

I created a little video to show you what I mean.

Pls fix this asap – I would like to start my business with your theme.

Thx for your help.

Regards, Nico


jonpedlow Author Team

Hey there, sorry for the delay here. My notifications were not coming through.

Please note that support is operated through our Help Center.

To get in touch, create an account, login and create a ticket. We’ll take a look at your issue and get you some help usually within 24-48 hours.

Help Center | Login | Open a Ticket

Cheers! Jon


web440 Purchased

Just sent you a ticket.


I also sent this through the Help Center, but the Spruce demo had a caching bug with CloudFlare (just reset the cache) but the theme code checks in fine.