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Hallo Grische! Ich habe gerade dein super schönes Theme gekauft. Könnte ich den Beispielcontent von dir haben zum Importieren, damit ich das ganze schneller aufbauen kann? Liebe Grüße von Michaela

Ich habe noch eine Frage: Wie kann ich bei den normalen “Pages” das Kommentarfeld unterdrücken?

das hatten wir je schon geklärt.

das mit dem bloghintergrund schaue ich mir heute an!!!

Hello Grische, I bought your theme and I would like to set a blog as home page, but I can’t do that. When I set this page my article doesn’t appear into the page, how can I do?


hi, please send me an e-mail with your url so i can have a look and fix the problem. thanks

Done :-) Thanks

Hello Grische, I am interested in purchasing your theme, but I was wondering if it is possible to make multiple portfolios within it? For example, I would like to have 3 separate portfolios, one for each of my team members, and each of those would have it’s own subcategories (i.e. illustration, logo design, etc. as you have on the theme preview). Is it possible to have many portfolio tabs within the same site with your theme?

Thank you,


ehh no at the moment that is not possible

Hi Great looking theme. Before I purchase I just need to know if it is possible to add another row of images underneath the existing images on the portfolio on the homepage?

Many thanks


Also I cant seem to add the slider to the homage? I have the portfolio set up but not the slider. Is there a short code needed? Thanks

ahh yes the slider has to be filed in the panel “Slider”. please send me an e-mail for more quastion and send me the url to your page so i can have a look at the problems. thx

Email sent. thanks

I don’t have the ability to select ‘home’ from the template sidebar so my homepage isn’t working. Can you assist please? I have sent you login details can you add the missing files please? I can send FTP details if needed.



specially the header is wrong it is centered now.

Yes I centred the logo and the menu :-) Thanks for fixing the homepage. How do I increase the gallery rows from 2 to 3? Some of the images are missing. Thanks again for your help!

ok done now you have 3 rows.

Hi, How do I turn the background images off in the blog posts please? I just want it to be white. I have also sorted everything else but just need this last question answered. Thanks for all your help!


Sorry I still need the above question answering. I don’t want the custom background appearing on the individual blog posts. How do I remove it please?

Thank you

ok is saw you fixed the problems by yourself. if you have any quastions send me an e-mail.

olá, comprei o seu tema e gostaria de deixar igual ao modelo. Como faço?

this theme is not complete. Missing several files. The site is completely different from the model presented and without some features. Do not buy!

...the worst theme i’ve ever bought. There are several problems and some features don’t works properly. I suggest you to not buy it.