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roonster Purchased

I like the theme and am using it…. but was wondering if there was an easy way to have multiple portfolio pages that only display certain categories?

In effect I would like one portfolio page that shows photographs, then another that shows illustrations… rather than them all on one page…

Is there an easy way to do that?



please write me an email and i would build you an special portfolio template.

grische2501, hi, could you please provide screenshot of theme options?


shure send me an e-mail and i send you the shot.

jameswjr Purchased


I just downloaded the theme, but when I upload the zip file to wordpress it says it failed and is missing the style.css file.

However, when I unzipped it there was the style.css file so I’m not sure what is happening.



hmm never get this error. is everything working now?

if not i will have a look at this problem, but actually i really don’t know what happened there.

jameswjr Purchased

It worked. I’m not sure what was happening last night with WordPress….

By any chance is there a way to automatically have the “featured image” of a blog post appear on the home page like in your live preview and then once it’s clicked it goes to the post? Or do I have to individually upload the slide image and then connect to the link of the post?

Also, do you have a forum or email you use for questions? I just don’t want to take up the comment room on your page here.

mdotswan Purchased

Hi – I just bought this theme and received the same error that jameswjr had, only it hasn’t resolved itself.

When I upload the .zip file to wordpress, I get the error:
Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

... but when I search for “style.css” in an zipped version of the file, I find it:( square_complete>square>style.css )

Any thoughts?


hmm i have no idea. but it works when your unzip it and upload it via ftp.

mdotswan Purchased

I’ve gotten it to work now. I’m new to websites and wordpress(.org). Just needed to unzip and re-compress.

New question though!

I’m trying to add a gallery to a portfolio post – but I want the thumbnails to begin from the left side of the post. Right now, the thumbnails only show up to the right of the featured image, even though they are further down in the post.

Here’s the post: http://marieleaves.com/portfolio/the-hair-game/

I’m also using the Fullscreen Galleria plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/fullscreen-galleria/).

I wouldn’t mind the gallery being in a footer, but I’ve looked around and can’t seem to find how to do that, either.

Any advice is welcome!


please send me an email for those questions. so i can send you a new php file to fix this!

Hi, I just purchased the theme, and im pretty new to wordpress. I seem to be having a difficult time making my portfolio site to look as pretty as yours. Is there like a small youtube video or something that can show me what I can do, or is there a tutorial? Ive used a couple of other themes that have this function.

I just need to know how to plug in my information/pictures. It doesnt work like any other wordpress theme Ive used before.


Thanks what is your email?


go to my profil and there is a contact form.


Great. Sent it out, just waiting for a response.

Hey I didn’t get an email back yet. Just wondering.


hi i didnt’t get a mail from you. please send it again. my e-mail address is also in the documentation!

Hi, Couple issues with the build-in shortcodes:

1. Shortcode buttons cannot be seen at WordPress editor, so these is no way to quickly apply shortcodes and to reference of the available shortcodes.

2. Would you update the document or theme demo page for demos on all available shortcodes? There are no mention of shortcodes in theme’s document not even one example.

Thank you.


ohh yes i update the documentation, and also make a sample xml. so you can see all shortcodes. if you like you can send me an e-mail so i send you the sample xml directly!

Hi man … ;-) I really, really like to buy this theme, too.

But let me ask 2 question. The first one is the same as ‘dizajn’ asked. Is it possible to have a permanent link to different sites if you you click on an image on the homepage?

Second is. Is it possible to have no slider on the homepage? My client wants to have a “cube-looking style” on his page. Means 9 images in a 3×3 position. In case of the #wrap width 1004px with a margin of 20px my images has a square size of 321×321px. I hope I have made ??myself clear? :-)))

Cheers, Micha


actually that sounds like a lot of changes. but please send me an e-mail and we see what we can do.

die kannst du dann auch gerne in deutsch verfassen ;)


I purchased your theme a few months back and it’s great. I am a newbie to Wordpress (I normally use Drupal) but I am unable to receive mail through my contact form.

There is a place for an email address under ‘General Settings’ in the admin section of the site, but that must not be the same email that the contact form uses, right?

not sure how to adjust this- if it is in the php code somewhere or a spot I’ve missed. I went thru mostly everything, including the php code regarding the contact page/form.

Can you or anyone point me in the right direction here?

Cheers, Nick


there is a “contact” panel under the “Theme Stettings” there you can setup your e-mail and your google maps code.


Got it- since it only says ‘mail adress’ followed by Google Maps position I assumed that was for a physical mailing address, not email. Thank you for clarifying and for the quick response, and again this theme is great!


I have attempted to get a reply from you many times and I have not found any luck, so I am going to post this publically to get your attention.

You said you do not have or do not provide PSD files, please send me individual HTML files.

I have bought over 50 templates from ThemeForest, this is the FIRST template that did not contain PSD files nor HTML files. You need to provide both these files! As buyers, we need to flexibility to modify the template, I understand you provide some features in the back-end of WP to change colors, but I need the raw source files!




i toled you in the last e-mail that i dont have any PSD files for that theme. im realy sorry man.

im on hollyday at the moment so i dont have all my stuff with my. i would send you the html version when im back home!

how can I display comments on portfolio items


at the momet thats not posible. but if you send me an e-mail i would send you a fixed php.

at the moment i am in hollyday. but i send it to you as soon as possible

Hi – great theme…;-)

But I can´t get the contact form too work?

Its say ” sorry, but somethings get wrong”

Where can I fix it?

Hilsen Julie


have you insert you e-mail address in the backend? please send me the URL via e-mail?



I can´t seem to find your e-mail-adress…? ;-)


Sorry – I found it ;-)


I have two questions:

1. How do I add the slider to the homepage? I can’t get it to work! http://www.smdc.nl/site/ I want the lay-out to be like http://www.illness.de/square_v2/, with the big square on the left.

2. Can you provide me with the .po/.pot/.mo-files? I want to localize the theme.

Thank you, Wouter


some more questions: after clicking on a tag in the tag cloud, the page template is not what it should be. See: http://www.smdc.nl/site/tag/gezin/ The background color should be white. How can I fix that?

Same goes for when there are no search results: http://www.smdc.nl/site/?s=hallo

Howto fix that?

Thanks, Wouter


please send me an e-mail and i can send you an example xml. so you will see how all functions work.

thanks christian

Hi I love this file and finally found a suitable project for it (been waiting for ages!).
2 questions:
Does the portfolio support video?
can the portfolio be 2 or 3 columns rather than 4?


at the moment it is nor possible to insert videos. but i can fix that for you if you like to use the theme.

and im sorry but it is only a 4 columns portfolio.

Hi – I can’t find the short code in the admin panel?

Is there a place where I can see them, so I can use them on my pages?

Or can you tell my where I can find them?

Hilsen Julie


please send me an e- mail so i can show you how it works

MsJaszy Purchased

When I click on a portfolio item I get a “page not found” error, what gives?

Nice theme by the way once you get past the “no style sheet found” problem.


MsJaszy Purchased

Never mind, I needed to have the permalinks set to default. Problem solved!


ok fine if there is an other promlem just send me an e-mail…. thanks

Can you add more than oen image to a portfolio item?


no sorry in this theme it is not possible…