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Nice theme, lot of options, good luck with sales!

Pre sale questions: 1. How customizable is the home page. 2. Is the Navigation colors changeable to any color? 3.Can I move the logo in the middle or can it be bigger?


Hello thegraphxbyashanti,

Thanks a lot for the interest in the theme!

1. The homepage has unlimited possibilities. It is made with the Visual Composer. Take a look here on how to use it: http://demo.wpbakery.com/vc/ 2. Not from the Theme Options Panel, but I can help you with that, a small bit of Custom CSS . The reason I haven’t included it in the Theme Options it’s because the color is a gradient and it implies a small amount of colors, and not just one. 3. Yes, the logo can be bigger, and we can move it to the middle if you want it to ;-) (probably I should implement a Logo Placement option in the Theme Options for this as well.)

Again, thanks a lot for the interest. If you have anymore questions, I would gladly answer them!

wow $60, sweet man! Good luck with sales 8-)

Nice theme. Good luck!

amazing theme… good luck!

Thank you guys for the great feedback! You’re truly awesome!

Nice theme! Good work :)

Nice options , nice price , and looks great :)
Wish you the best with sales.

Looks great, best of lick with sales :)

good luck on contest (it’s made for, isn’t it). Im looking for such theme but the existing files are quite boring, added yours to fav.



Hey there Stefan,

Thanks for the kind words ! Really appreciated! I worked on the theme for the past 3 months, as soon as I finished my exams at Uni.

:) I was going to provide BuddyPress support for the theme anyway and by the time the contest was announced, the BuddyPress section was already done, but I was so happy there’s finally a contest in the BuddyPress area of ThemeForest I thought I should give the contest a go too :D

@for all: Thanks again for the great feedback!

Fantastic theme! I found a small problem in Goggle Chrome where the text runs into the activity bar, and completely overlaps the text if I make the window smaller. I can give you a screenshot if you want.

It is on this page: http://demo.icypixels.com/squared/groups/

Aw, thanks a lot !

Here’s a small CSS fix for those who want to fix it before the update reaches your channel!

ul.item-list li div.item-desc { width: 65%; }

Thanks again for the kind words!

Hi! Theme looks really nice, but I do have a couple of questions/comments. :-)

1) Are featured images required for blog posts?

2) Are featured images automatically resized or do I need to resize them before uploading?

3) Are the icons on the menu bar able to be changed in the theme options or would I need to do it in the PHP code?

4) Are there any color stylings included by default or is it just ‘pick your own colors for everything’?

5) Noticed a small bug: On the groups page (http://demo.icypixels.com/squared/groups/) it looks like the positioning may be a bit off. The active since box is overlapping the group description and group name and number of members. This occurs on both my Wintel box in Chrome and on my iPad in landscape and portrait.



Hey there staked,

1. No, featured images are not required on Blog posts, but it definitely looks nicer (My personal opinion).

2. The images are automatically resized to 700×300px . I do recommend an aspect ratio 2.33 : 1 for the images.

3. The icons are set within the WordPress Custom Menu dashboard, like here: http://www.ivorpadilla.net/cuztomizing-wordpress-custom-menu-icons/ Here’s a list of the available icons: http://jsfiddle.net/sujumaku/PmFsP/ So, in order to have the home icon, just add the class: “icon home”

4. The theme comes with the default styling, as seen in the demo, but you can modify the link colours, layerslider background to suit your needs etc.

5. Here’s a small CSS fix for those who want to fix it before the update reaches your channel! ul.item-list li div.item-desc { width: 65%; }

Thanks a lot for the interest in the theme! Appreciated!


Thanks for the reply! One last thing before I make my decision – I’m currently unable to see any forum posts on the theme demo (whether I log in with the demo or not). I can see the post in the list, but if I click on a post it just takes me back to the group info page.


Hey there,

Oh, that’s some great spotting. It was a small CSS issue. I will submit update tomorrow with the two CSS fixes now live on the demo.

The issue is now corrected :-)

Thanks once again!

Great work! I need buy some e-commerce theme, and the “Squared” theme is one of possible!

The description of theme is wonderful! But I’ve expected more from ‘Shop’ section. It looks like “by default”.

Also the “photography portfolio” http://themeforest.net/item/squared-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/2878672 Of course, it is only demo-item, but I cannot see, what visitors will see, when they open the images, how they can navigate them and so on. The http://demo.icypixels.com/squared/portfolio/ looks like default wordpress gallery (sorry for my unprofessional look).

Hope, the potential of this theme is really huge!!

I still cannot see forum posts on the demo.


I´m having trouble with ordinary shortcodes. If I enter them nothing happens. You have a menu on the demo saying “shortcodes” but I can´t see any?

The thing I want to accomplish is using the visual editor items, go back to classic view, and then surround them within ordinary shortcode. Is that possible?

Hello there dear purchasers,

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Tomorrow an update with the fixes will be live, as well as a small walk-through video of how to install the theme and have it configured like the demo.

Thanks for giving me trust, and be sure you’ll see that get back to you in the best way possible.


The theme have po/mo language files for translation? I edit… Sorry, I’ve just read it at main page. But, it’s really all the front end able to be translated? So many plugins and themes have po/mo files but cover only half front end.



Hello there magconsolas,

Yes, as stated in the item description, the theme is fully translatable, with .po/.mo files included.

Thanks a lot for the interest!

Ok, looking forward to the update. One thing, is it possitble to remove the colored area and the page title at the top of each page? So far the theme is working really well!


Hey there sandwalllkommunikation,

Yes, it is possible. But it would require some small modifications via CSS .


Hello, Great Theme! Can you help me out with some quick css, i would like the product tabs to display 100% width under the product images. Thanks a lot for your help.

Also seems there are not settings in the layer slider settings panel? I see ID and background color and thats it.