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I was looking at this theme a few days ago and thought oh my gosh, this awesome, now you have updated it and I really don’t like it. Is it possible to get the older version?


Hello Sunshin27au,

No, unfortunately, the old version won’t be available anymore because it was a tad bit buggy.


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And what about social shares and all of these figures? What about according and everything else? Does this theme have all of the other functions and posibilities like the old version? Can we change colors, adjust the theme ect? I see nothing here in the new theme ;-)

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Is it possible to use the new version of the plugins LayerSlider and Visual Composer with the old theme?


I’m sorry to say this now, but a good customer – theme designer relationship was broken when you straight out insulted me, giving me no credit. I’m not willing to continue this conversation anymore.

I went the extra-mile for you, giving support and answering to questions on a weekend, which I now regret.

As a matter of fact, you should know that ThemeForest themes come as-is with no further guarantee of support. That is stipulated in ThemeForest’s Terms and Conditions, if you want to look for it by yourself.

Have a great Sunday!

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Then this terms should fix review, This Is Bad CR and Extremely Bad PR For You and For Themeforest when things like this happen. When you sell a theme it is supposed to work just perfect, without extra job for us customers. We spend more time with problems than getting a solution and of course it’s your duty to assist us, customers with something You Call The Best Theme. Amazing what you do to sell. You Must Also Tolerate customers that become Frustrated Because of all of this. This is Really Bad and of course as mention before you get no credit for this, why should you? We Pay for something it’s supposed to work and it does Not help Just Giving back The Money We Paid, You Should Fix Your Product. I am a Good Customer and until Now I’ve Been Very Loyal to ThemeForest Because of The Work They Do But Authors Have to Be Very Careful When Selling or Rewriting A Whole Theme. We Have Paid For A Theme Because We Liked It Not Because You Intend To Change It Later.

Thanks For Wasting My Precious Time And Good Luck With The New Theme ;-)

That is really a shame that you re-did something completely new, it looked absolutely amazing.

is this not woocommerce compatible anymore? whole reason I bought the thing.

Really wanted to buy this theme but I’m concerned by the recent comments. I’m familiar with CSS editing but I want to know if this theme would be too rigid in the editing the look and feel.

But this is a beautiful theme, I must say. I’m only concerned about the possible instability and rigidity. Any thoughts?

Important Announcement

Hello dear buyers,

I’m really concerned with your satisfaction with Squared 2. I just felt I could do better, offer practically a free upgrade to a brand new theme, with brand new updated plugins. Compatibility between Squared 2 and BuddyPress plugins should be sky high right now, as I made sure everything fits in nicely. Also, I added bbPress support to boot (Maybe there are some small hiccups here and there, but we’ll iron the bugs out together).

WooCommerce support is due to follow, which a lot of you were using. The theme is now more stable then ever, and should be so intuitive to use, you won’t even need a documentation for it.

Also, please note that ThemeForest themes come as is, without guarantee of support. But I do support, because I believe it’s always great there is someone there to ask your questions, if you have any.

As in regards of customizing the theme, you can change the background color (or image), and change the accent colour (the blue color in the theme demo). If you want to customize the theme more, a basic knowledge of HTML / CSS is required. If you can’t do it, I’ll kindly ask you to use our customization services partners, listed on the item description page.

The old version of Squared (v1.2) can be viewed here: http://demo.icypixels.com/squared/ The new version of Squared (v2.0) can be viewed here: http://demo.icypixels.com/themes/squared/

So, now on ThemeForest only the 2.0 is available for download, if you need the 1.2 version, please do contact me via support forums, pasting in your purchase code there, and I’ll send to you the old version, for free.

Have a great Sunday! I’m sure I will.

About WooCommerce

Woocommerce works with the new theme, the layout doesn’t break, but there’s the default WooCommerce styling of items, and not the theme.

You can check for yourself here: http://demo.icypixels.com/themes/squared/shop/

As I said, I’ve built this theme to be highly compatible with a lot of plugins, so the layout won’t break, like Squared 1.2 used to.

Have a great Sunday!

Thanks for putting in the extra time to get v2 done ; it was my final obstacle to purchase ! Now I just have to convince my client that it’s the best one for the job … ;)

Enjoy your holidays


Thanks a lot eplpw!

It was truly a challenge to do it as easy and as intuitive as possible.

Awesome… Thank you!!!


You’re welcome! I’m glad you’re happy!

Happy New Year!

Hi I like the minimalist approach and also the effort of making a less buggy theme and more BuddyP compatible! Got 2 questions: LayersSliders is fully available? (I need links on each slide, I do think is OK but preview doesn’t have…) And the social buttons on previous version header, wich is the widget name? Thanks


Hello MaxGPinto,

Yes, LayerSlider plugin is automatically activated when you activate the theme, and it is fully available at your disposal. You can have links, images, text, headings, videos & more.

For Social icons, I do recommend using a social icons plugin like ZillaSocial from themezilla.com

Best of wishes!

icypixels…...from the outside looking in I’ve got to say a few things.

1. I spent a couple of hours taking screenshots of your site and then modifying them to suit a potential client’s needs. He LOVED IT!!! The problem….those screenshots were based off of the original version of squared. That is not what we have to purchase today though. I finally got my client to pull the trigger and now I have to tell him “wait, don’t do business with me, I can’t give you what I promised you previously” Not great for my reputation. I’m in a bind now and severely disappointed.

2. Is the new theme nice? Yes. And I believe you that the code is better, but it looks NOTHING LIKE SQUARED. NOTHING AT ALL. Which means that everyone who purchased SQUARED (original version) are now screwed when WP does it’s updates. You have to remember that some of your buyers are not devs like you and I. Some are people that have an idea and a small budget. They can’t take your old version of SQUARED and update it to comply with new versions of WP…they NEED YOU for that…and now they don’t have that as you’ve placed the old version in the “garbage” as you’ve stated in your comments.

3 Is it better to provide customers with something that is fully functional rather than something that is buggy? ABSOLUTELY. I’m sure that when you launched the original SQUARED, you tested it and it came back good to go. Unfortunately, as users of the theme added up, so did the bugs. Not entirely your fault, and your thought process of providing a solution was right on track…all the way up UNTIL you decided to completely change the theme. We both know that this version of SQUARED was NEVER intended to be the SQUARED theme. More than likely it was to be your next theme release for a new launch. You thought to yourself, I should give them this, since SQUARED is no good. A small sacrifice on your part for your customers, but in my opinion it was not the right sacrifice. The right sacrifice was to take the time to fix the original SQUARED.

4 The new “SQUARED” is not even close to as awesome in presentation as the original – and REAL – SQUARED. This is why all of these people are pissed. Am I pissed…not really. It’s a lesson learned in my opinion. Though it does make me fearful of purchasing from you again or having my customers and apprentices purchase from you. No offense but as you can already tell, a switch like this causes quite a bit of havoc.

In the end, I hope you understand that I’m not complaining. I’m trying to give you some insight from someone who DID NOT purchase this theme but was about to. SQUARED was SO FRIGGIN SEXY. It was absolutely beautiful. This replacement is far far far from it. It’s almost like you sold beautiful russian brides online but people ended up going to the airport to pickup men instead of brides…lol. It’s a sucker punch to say the least.

As much as I love a lot of your work, I can never buy from you again, nor can I direct my clients to buy from you, or my apprentices, as I will always be fearful that if something isn’t 100% after you release it, you will change the entire thing instead of just fixing the bugs in what you’ve released. I can’t handle headaches like that. I don’t have time for it, and my customers don’t have the budgets for it, nor should they be subjected to deal with headaches like that.

I really hope that you consider bringing back the old and original SQUARED. It was so beautiful and awesome.

Just a few thoughts. Please don’t take it all the wrong way. This is suppose to be constructive criticism and not a complaint or a rant. I wish you the best of luck with all of your endeavors.


Thanks for such a positive and professional response. It’s good that you took it the right way, as I’m only trying to help. I think you’re a great designer/developer and I’m sure you work really hard to provide customers with quality. Again, I wish you the best of luck and while I’m dead set on NOT buying from you again, with your good intentions, I’m sure you’ll win me back over time.

And SERIOUSLY….. I wish you the best of luck and you’ve already started winning me back simply by not taking my comments the wrong way and accepting them as the constructive criticism that it was intended as.


Hello again VegasKev,

Thanks again for such kind words. I am all for constructive criticism! I clearly understood that your intentions are nothing but good :D I will try my best to win you back, by doing what I love doing the most :) and meanwhile, using the feedback from you and all of my customers, I will be able to design and develop themes of a higher quality.

Have a great day and hope to hear from you soon!


you have a great day as well!

Do you know if this theme works well with WooCommerce?


Sorry I missed that, thank you very much!


You’re welcome! :)

Gosh. I placed this theme in my bookmarks, to buy and use when my host was ordered and ready, but the whole look is changed! It looks absolutely terrible and not pretty at all now! Luckily I did not buy it before you released Squared 2, or I wouldn’t have any future updates for my theme!

I also don’t believe it’s because of a few bugs that you replaced the entire theme! There is more behind the story, that i’m almost certain! It just doesn’t make sense.

Squared 1 was special. It felt warm and like home. This new thing feels cold and visiting it, makes you want to leave the page as soon as possible again! I also know that if I feel like that about this theme, many more people will feel like that! And I don’t want my website visitors to leave as fast as possible again!

Lately most designers are WAY too obsessed in trying to add or copy Windows metro styles in their themes. Soon all themeforest will be metro, just like all the old corporation theme clones last few years! I don’t like metro kind of styles at all! Now squared is just another of soon to become hundreds of metro kind of style clone themes sigh.

I would love my website to be different a bit than the others. And that was Squared 1: Different!

I’ll have to look for something else now. I’m realy sorry!


5 stars for this work !

Here’s what I did with it : http://www.goldey-music.com



Thanks David!

It is possible a “dark” version that we could see, before buying it? (as I badly need it in black or greyed layout)

And as a suggestion, I think all of us would highly benefit from the live preview showing: 1. examples of different colors / universal accent color homepage 2. compelling slideshow with links, texts, videos, etc.. (as done by our friend, in a previous post, at www.goldey-music.com) 3. some social buttons examples (even as widget suggestion only)

thanks again

I have to say I also am on the squared 1 band wagon. So much has changed in the latest squared. We are aiming to start a forum/ecommerce website and having them under one roof was a bit special and the overall feel of squared 1 had us hooked. We have to go back to the drawing board but we might have to wait for the whole squared 2 to be released (unless I read wrong but I understand you will bring the commerce in this as was in the first) before we make up our mind. Do you know when this will be fully functional?

What are we buying here for “60 bucks”? Main menu does not respond, no features provided such as shortcodes, elements, icons, boxes, block-quotes, columns etc.

I´m glad that I read all comments before I bought your new theme!

I thought that it should be like the old one but better.

which is the best way to translate this theme


Hello there,

The theme is WPMU compatible, and provides .po/.mo files to translate the theme and it’s components easily to whatever language you desire.

Have a great weekend!


Thanks for the fast reply, and thanks for this great theme!.