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I bought this theme that has got 4/5 stars and now I discovered it is full of bugs, how can I decline the purchase and have money back?

You can request about it from Envato support. Thanks

Thank you, I also wrote in the support page, could you help with it?

Answered there and reply there for me. Thanks


i’ve posted a support request almost 2 weeks ago.

can you please reply, it’s urgent – the client is waiting. thank you.


Hi Themeton,

Facebook Comment not working in my site.

is enabled and has put the APP ID

@ gustavocave:

hello! i’m also having problems with FB sharing but i went into your website and it seems to be working just fine now. how did you solve it?

please if you can do let me know as it seems the support for this theme is nonexistent! thanks!


neodan Purchased


Despite this being in my functions, when I order category posts by random, I still see some duplicates.

// Fixing duplicating issue when has Ramdom post order global $data; if (!is_admin() && isset($data[‘order_type’]) && $data[‘order_type’] == ‘Random’) {

add_filter('posts_orderby', 'edit_posts_orderby');
function edit_posts_orderby($orderby_statement) {
    if (isset($_SESSION['expiretime'])) {
        if ($_SESSION['expiretime'] < time())
    } else
        $_SESSION['expiretime'] = time() + 300;
$seed = $_SESSION['seed'];
if (empty($seed)) {
    $seed = rand();
    $_SESSION['seed'] = $seed;
$orderby_statement = 'RAND(' . $seed . ')';
return $orderby_statement;


Where do you see that duplication? I don’t see this on your home site. Thanks


neodan Purchased

I posted in support ticket. Thanks


neodan Purchased

Filtering working on the initial selection only, not re-filtering when more posts loaded.

When I load more posts it doesn’t load from that category, but all and doesn’t re-filter out the selected category.

Previously I sent screen record for that issue by mail. There seems working fine your filtering. Doesn’t it there?


neodan Purchased

Yes I found this screenshot you sent:

Do I need to just retype that code in the /js/scripts.js?

EDIT i tried retyping it but still not working. I added this on line 670. Can I send this too you email? I can pay for support

// call Isotope as a callback function( newElements ) { $wheelInfiniteEnabled=true; $container.isotope( 'appended', jQuery( newElements ) ); inf_url=window.location.toString();"#")>=0?inf_url.substring(0,inf_url.lastIndexOf("#")):inf_url; inf_url+=inf_url.lastIndexOf("?")>=0?"&":"?"; jQuery('#page_nav a').attr('href',inf_url+"infPaged="+(++$infinitescroll)); otherInit(); setTimeout (function(){ jquery('#options a.selected').click(); itemHeightReset(); if($tt_body_scroll){$tt_body_scroll.resize();}else{$tt_body_scroll = jQuery("html").niceScroll();} },5000); } ); jQuery(window).bind('mousewheel', function() {if(!hasScroll(document.body, 'vertical')){$container.infinitescroll('retrieve');}itemHeightReset();}); jQuery(window).bind('keydown', function(e){if(!hasScroll(document.body, 'vertical')&&e.keyCode==40){$container.infinitescroll('retrieve');}}); //}

Hi. I’ve been a long time customer. I’ve made updates to wordpress without making content changes (currently on 3.8.4 looking to udpdate to 4.0), although I’ve noticed that I’m no longer able to make adjustments in “theme options” everything is grayed out and I can’t click anything. Is there an update for your theme? If so where can I download it?

Btw I tried your support, but I can’t find anywhere to send a ticket. Regards


Aytan Purchased

When I use Featured Image, my ‘linked media’ vimeo video doesn’t show. Can you please help? Tnx


Aytan Purchased

Solved. Tnx.

Looks good. It would be nice if this were a plugin, so that it could be used as a gallery/portfolio with any theme.

Thanks for your suggestion. But I don’t have a plan for it. Thanks again

? lost my filter options. I lost my filters. How can ? solve

I mean 1 month ago, suddenly my category filters were lost. ‘Show category filter ‘option is lost how?

Please drop us your site address and some details on our support forum. Thanks