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beautiful work. i notice that the youtube and audio post examples have “generic” thumbnails. can the thumbnail for these post types be custom or derived from the youtube (i forgot the plugin that does this…timthumb?) thanks!

Sure, It is really good request. I will add this thumb feature on next update.


Stunning! Love the smooth animations. Well done!

Thanks :)

Nice work! Good luck.

wow!!! it’s innovative theme for magazine…’s possible add long articles?

If you add long text there, it will show with scrollbar around content section. Also it supports swipe scrolling on tablets.


great work, very unique!

Liking this a lot and thinking hard about where I can use it. Good luck with sales.

Are you able to have different pages that will display different content?

Thank you for interesting, now it is just one page theme for portfolio.
We can (need to) add more and more features on next themes.


Sorry, but another example of gorgeous design paired with horrendous usability.

@kevingeary – i think that the coding was made with chrome. @themeton – i was excited to see something unique, but you should check it out on other browsers than Chrome. It has issues on firefox. As kevingeary said, usability issues, it’s all over the place with the positions of the scroll-bar. Nice design nevertheless.

I’ll try to do those.

Thank you DT

nice work. it’s possible add multiple photo on article? and the sortable portfolio?

Now it has multiple photos in few posts. Ex :
We’ll add sortable feature next updates :)


Will there be a dark theme?

What about VIMEO embedding?

I’d like bugs to be ironed out so it would be professional prime time.

Now it has capacity to show dark style on post area. Also it should be dark on whole site.
Vimeo post


I see promise with this product. Please consider fixing any errors and bugs on all major browser, ensuring smooth iOS operations.

I’d like to vote for the categorization.

excellent work!!

Doesn’t seem to be working in Safari?....

Please try with 5.1.2… I still do not see your site with this version. I reset the browser and had no affect… still do not see… thanks.

Thank you for your double check, I will check on that.

Beautiful theme, but usability on mobile devices would be greatly improved if you didn’t have to tap an item twice to open it.

Okay, It will have worked soon :)

Thanks all of you guys :)

so beautiful. good luck!

Genius template Clean and Portfolio section is best!

nice work. just need a way to do longer post without scrolling. other than that, I liiiike!

Question, I like the brand page concept – just what I was looking for. Do you have an example of the other page layouts? Just want to be clear that I could switch it up a big.

We need to control items on brick size. If we don’t make it, it will work mess…
Now we have only portfolio page style with 5 shapes of layouts.