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What a brilliant template!

Is it possible to make the grid links directly open up the modal window holding the images/videos?

That means by clicking on any of the grid thumbnails it automatically opens up the modal window holding the post content without resizing the grid, expanding and showing the text with scrollbars?

Thank you for any help!

Hello Rick,

It is impossible for this theme. If we change thumb click aspect, we need to change so many things and design new modal window style there.

We have an another theme called MultiGrid that have modal modal window if you would like to interest it :)


Hello again! :) I am seeing issues with Safari (version 6.0.1) and the “infinite scroll”. Other browsers (Chrome, Firefox) will load one new set of posts if I scroll to the bottom of the page. Safari will load ALL posts, one set at a time. Since I have 370 posts – the load time for the page becomes very high.

Thank you!

Hello. Can you put a picture under another instead of displaying them in the same slideshow with the dots?

Thank you

You may use simple images on your post content. And there is no way to show multiple images on thumb (blog/portfolio)


in the version 1.7 the function filter is missing

How did you recognize it sir?
Where is it missing? On blog/portfolio or ….

It has been 10 days since I asked a support question and I see you are not answering anyones posts. Are you still supporting this product?

We’re having vacation time last 10 days, so now we are come back, I’ll answer there asap.


Could you please get back to us with the status of the upgrade for our theme. You’ve not replied to our comment posted 15 days ago.

Please let us know what it will take to upgrade the theme as it is really important!

Hi this is Santhanaraj

In my website I installed square Grid … after Post images it ll not displaying properly like some time half of the image ll display.. the image background only occupy the image space

Kindly help me to remove these kind of problems

Is there have any cache plugin?
Please check your host log, issue. I suspect it much …


I tried asking on wordpress forums for removing PAGES from search results and they said it was related to the forum theme.

What do I edit in the loop or search.php page to get rid of pages from search results?

Hope this helps you, link

Thank you!

hi guys,

i took some time to decide whether to buy this or not, bec there are some problems i have with squaregrid. i would say that most problems occuring come from the isotope handling itself. it seems like that the large info cannot really handle dynamic content like facebook comments for example. this results in other items overlapping the actual post that is showing.

is there a solution to this?

here is an example for facebook comments being lapped over:

but in any case, as soon as the item.large height has to be adapted, the grid has issues. sometimes items arent loading at all and you have to click twice or whatever

(looks like a direct link is working out sometimes, just click on it within the grid)

After updating to Firefox 16.0.1 enlarging the photos will no longer be shown: How can this be changed?

Just download the theme from themeforest again. Download has latest version always

At the big photo show it’s a empty line now.

Sorry, can you explain it more clarify?

in the old version such as 1.1 the on/off button of show or hide filter of displaying the categories on top of the page (below the logo) should be in the theme option in the admin page but the current version I can not find it, please give me your e-mail i will sent you the captured of the screen.


Our email is

Thank you.

Hi ThemeTon, I love the theme very much and I think I’d like to purchase it, even though looking at the code view it appears that seo capabilities could be improved. I’d like to understand a few things before to make a choice:

Looking at your forum and comments I found several projects made of Squaregrid (linked by purchasers). One example works very fine, and each post move on top of the window once you click on it to open the post. Nice! This example working fine: Your demo is great and has much more posts BUT posts do not move on top like the example linked here. What’s the difference between this example and the demo? Is because the example has only a few posts or it’s a matter of different settings? Thanks in advance.


Ohh, I see. It must be work on demo site too :)

Thanks for reply. :) The fact is the demo site DO NOT work like the working example I linked above. It’s your benefit to make the demo works correctly. I just want to be sure if I buy the theme it will work with each single post moving on top while being opened. Thanks again.

hallo it is possible to use more filters code on homepage, before the grid??

Es: instead of ALL /indipendent/grunge/horror/rock/pop/classic this one MOVIE : indipendent / grunge/ Horror MUSIC : rock/ Pop / classic

and down one grid . thanks ;)

Hi Dani, Multiple filter option doesn’t have there. I’ve tried to accept it before, but no luck


Hi ThemeTon,

I really like the theme and planning on buying it. However, are you planning to make it compatible with the latest versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer?

If I look at your demo website it works beautifully on Chrome 18, IE9 and even my Windows Phone 7.5 IE browser. But in IE10 (Windows 8) and FF17 the site still looks great but is kind of useless because you can’t open any of the posts. The post will grow and a loading icon appears and keeps loading forever… :(

Thanks for your reply.


on the ThemeForrest page of the theme it says that it is compatible with following browsers:

“Compatible Browsers IE8 , IE9, Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Firefox 4, Safari 4, Safari 5, Opera, Chrome”

My main concern here is IE8 , because the layout of the theme is totally broken there. It is broken when I install a naked squaregrid theme on a naked wordpress installation and is also broken if you view the demo in IE8 .

Is the theme IE8 ready at all?


Here’s an image if how the demo site looks in IE8 :

Thank you for the image. I’m trying to fix it.

Hi sir, Please download the v1.8 now. It fixed there. Thank you!

why there is no Soundcloud option for a beautiful theme like this one? it doesnt work properly

Check the link
It is just for added soundcloud embed on video post format. May we need to control container height when you added soundcloud embed there.


Hey, your theme looks amazing!

2 questions.

1- when clicked, some of the text under the images say

“You can Purchase This Vector. Link Here Author: RZ Design”

Can you add img tags for example “buy now” that can replace the text?

2- is the back end easy to understand? many themes look so great on here, but when you finally purchase the back end is a mess and makes no sense.

Please advise, as I may replace this with the other square wordpress theme on here (don’t want to mention names). It looks so great, but fails in the back end :(

Hi there:

Also wondering about the IE 8 issue and also compatibly with the latest versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Please advise. Thanks.


We are fixed around IE8 and added IE7 now version of theme uploaded so please be patient it will updated in Themeforest soon.

Thank you.

Please download the v1.8 now :)

hallo, what about a very simple dropdown menu? It i s normal that a website has many pages, this menu is too long

Thanks ;D

Sorry, If we change it to dropdown all other users annoy for that.