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Hi! Can some one explain how you upgrade the Wordpress site with this tema, I have newer work with FTP etc. Best regards Peter Eriksson

Just delete old version and install newest one after. I hope it works after new activation. Thanks

What if I just want to open a new HTML adress when click on some thumb. Is it possible ? Where I have to change the code ? =] thanks


I’ve got an video issue. I’m using Firefox 16.0.1. Vimeo video’s are not playing. Hope to hear from you.

Kind regards

Hmmm thanks for your reply but it’s not working for me. Could you please have a look. I’m working on a mac.

Kind regards

Solved. It was a theme update issue.

Kind regards

Hello again! I am seeing issues with Safari (version 6.0.1) and the “infinite scroll”. Other browsers (Chrome, Firefox) will load one new set of posts if I scroll to the bottom of the page. Safari will load ALL posts, one set at a time. Since I have 370 posts – the load time for the page becomes very high. Thank you!

What is your number of pagination? It loads all on safari just one page down …

The number of posts that are to load per page is set to 24. If you test the page in Chrome or Firefox everything works just fine. It’s Safari that experiences this issue.

I guess it related natural scrolling of mac. I’ll check and try to solve those

hello, i love your theme, but there is one issue that really is driving me crazy. O_O The hashtag! The anchor added on permalink. If you share your link on facebook , for instance, people using safari woo’t never never never get there! Please there is a way to redirect permalink on the page with the # in the link? Or maybe you don’t need this #, cause i can see the link doesn’t show it. in conclusion, solve this “#“ issue please. Thanks :-D

Can your update your theme? I think # removed from url earlier.
Also if people access links with #, theme inspects and open exact post itself ….


I Updated the theme but there is still the same issue for safari users. If you go directly to a link, safari adds the #, and then can’t take it away to reach the link. i don’t know how to explain it better than this… Try it. This is my site: Everything is ok if you go from a post to another from the site, but if you want to go directly here: Safari stalls. Tahnk you, i think is a Safari Issue but there must be a way to solve this.

Hello. We tried inserting the images into the slider in a suitable size. But it is impossible. Always re-scaled to the Maximum (height) size of the slider. How can we solve this? THANKS .

Sorry, the comment has been about Bulsarah theme. Awasome work, very clean and user-friendly.

Hope it solved there :)

Hi! I get thos ansver when i try to upload the thema, Can some one help me to ansver why?

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Please extract the main archive and use file for installing


Do you have any movies how to do this?

This is simple installing video of my another theme,

Your theme is awesome. I like it.
  1. Can I always display the post in middle of the page? So there will always two 1×1 grids or one 2X2 grids displayed at each side of the post.
  2. Can I change the vertical scrolling to horizontal scrolling?
  3. Whether the grids can be added some slide or flip effect or real time feed like twitter, facebook , so people will see this information without click in.
  4. Can I always display the text on the grid?
  5. It seems that the arrow or video tag in the upper left corner of each grid looks not important at all right now, maybe it can be removed or change to another attractive appearance, for example, a larger icon in the lower left or right corner (This position will not affect the text space).
  6. the user experience of watching a slide show in a post on mobile device is not very good since the dot is too small to to tap with finger. And the arrows in the upper right corner will be mistaken for the slide control arrow.
  7. Can I click the filter tags on a grid? So that when I click the tags on a grid, the function will be the same as that of clicking tags in the filter menu.
  8. Thanks, I really like your theme. It’s so different and special. This is the first time I wrote up so many comment on theme forest. You are a very kind theme developer, unlike other authors who never tell you how to change CSS , PHP files

Hello FutureGuitar,

  1. Now works isotope jquery plugin there. It pushes elements/posts to their empty area to the top. There is no option push elements to center.
  2. I have a question related yours. How can be done scrolling on mobile and tables?
  3. No. It requires additional functionality and lot more testing. Also social streams methods requires many permissions such as credential and API keys ….
  4. I think it is possible. But which text do you want to show there? Post title, custom text or post excerpts
  5. It’s up to you. Every people wants different things. If you would like to change those on your site, I’ll try to help you. But not on demo site and core theme files. In this theme we’ve tried to accept minimal style.
  6. Upper right arrows for next/previous posts sir. There have a swipe ability for fingers when you open posts which have multiple images.
  7. It looks possible. If you want it, you should tell me, i’ll give you updates files. That would be 3,4 php and js files.

I’m really sorry for my late response. We was busy to upload new theme and building new theme framework. Also I little bit scared your long questions :p

Thank you for your patient

Thank you for your reply. Your question: I have a question related yours. How can be done scrolling on mobile and tables? My answer: Hi, When on tablets, I just want the effect like Surface. It is smooth, and the response time for every click and swiping is very short. When on Mobile phone, it is better using vertical scrolling.

However, since you are busy, I better not to trouble you to do any updating work for me, so that you can focus on your new theme. Thanks.

I enlarged the width of opened post into 4 grids. However, the slides or video displayed is still 3×2 grids, there is one grid blank. How can I change this?

If you can send me your site address, I can inspect it in action and answer you prompt and complete. Thanks

Here is my trail site:

In this post, the photo only occupy 3X2 grids. Thanks

What if I just want to open a new HTML adress when click on some thumb. Is it possible ? Where I have to change the code ?

This is impossible there right now. Theme inspects which post/page open when click on tiles. All action goes there ajax and inside container.

If it’s really need to you, I’ll try to accept there


just an information before buy it…but the auto open post works only with main page filter or i can create a new page with special filter that open a special post too?

( so i can click on menu in voice DRESS and open a new page with filtered category AND the first post Opened ) Thanks ;)

There we have an portfolio page template.
You can create new page with specific categories. Then filters will show by your selected categories.


no i mean, it is possible to create a page portfolio and choose also wich post have to be opened s first?

There haven’t this option like this.

Is it possible to lose the squares in the background. Ideally I would like the website in black background and no squares on it.

Sir, I don’t understand your wish. Can you point me again?
If you want to show just background without any posts, it is impossible.

Thank you

Hi Themeton, I liked the social icons as they where before (minimal pull out black and white letters). Is there any way to revert to the old ones? Hope you can help!

Hi Sammetto,

It was a plugin called Sharrre. We changed that to current one purpose of improving social share. That was crashing something specially ajax and shared wrong path on socials. So, if you turn it back, shared link doesn’t work of your site …

Current social shares work perfect. If you really want old version, I can give you

Thank you

Yes please! I would much prefer the old one. Can you tell me where I can put the script too? Thanks a milion

Please send me a mail. I can give you older version


Hi! How do I get the taglinjn “FILTERS” on my sight.


Regards Peet

Please just create/edit simple page and select Blog or Portfolio page template. Then you can see Filter options from “Additional options” box at bottom of content area.

Thank you

Hi , after i have updated theme to a new version i have lost “filters menu”. Is there an option to enable it again?

Those was on simple category page. Now it exits on blog/portfolio pages. Please just create new page with blog/portfolio page template and you can see filter options on “Additional options” box.

Thank you

But i have one page site, HOME is the only page on which my posts are published, i have embedded videos like posts

Please watch this,

Thank you :)

Hi, I was wondering whether there is anyway to organise the filters (so they don’t appear alphabetically) but in a custom order.

Is this possible? Does something need to be altered in the functions.php?


Those are printing created sequence. You can arrange them by category order plugins such as category order



On posts, how do I add multiple photos that appear when the scrolling arrows are clicked on the feature image?

Is it under ‘Themeton Feature image’ > ‘Slide image’

If so, how do I list the image URLs?

Yeah, under Themeton Featured image.
You can upload images with Upload button. And you should Insert Into button of image uploader.
If you want to arrange image order, you should copy and switch image urls manually.

Thank you!


I’ve really been enjoying this theme but I’m still having problems with some basic tweaks

1. I haven’t been able to get Facebook Comments to work – is there a good step-by-step tutorial that you have found useful?

2. I am embedding Soundcloud within a video post but I would like to adjust it so that the post height is adjusted to be the same height as soundcloud’s player

3 a. The ShareThis plugin seems to be putting a green checkmark over the FacebookShare logo – how do I remove this?

3 b. How do I make it so the functions provided by the ShareThis plugin do thing inline with the website and not open a new tab.

Any information would be very much appreciated.

Creating app id :
3 a & b. Can you show me where it is happen? I cannot find green line around fb share …

Thank you