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this may have been answered but fire fox is not working well with my site anymore. I updated to 2.0 (thought it was 1.8 but when i updated it shows square theme 2.0) i updated but dragging the files from the new download to the themes/squaregrid to overwrite. site runs but can not show content when i click. my site is

thanks! ps… safari works!

Hello there, I tried installing the theme and it said installation incomplete because it was missing the style.css file. Could you help me so that I can get started?

thanks! Nikki

nevermiiiind :) I figured it out.. sorry!

First let me thank you for all you thoughtful and detailed support. You represent the best a developer can be.

I am trying to output this site to an app via the rss feed and noticed that videos are not showing up AND that any of my content that is embedded behind an image will not display (photo galleries, videos etc) – is there anyway to correct this or should re-do each post to have all media display in the post instead of embedded in the image?

We should print featured video url on rss feed even you added video posts. Right? I think it is possible sir. We need to customize feed printing section, now all those prints by default option.

any of my content that is embedded behind an image will not display
About that, i think need to print first image url when gallery posts.
Video posts’ thumbnail comes from video sources. So may you can get video thumbnail on your app or you can select featured image manually when adding your video posts. How do you think about it?

Thank you

For some reason, my website stopped working on Safari, header shows up, then everything disappears. All other Browsers are fine. Safari 5.1.7. I am running Squaregrid 2.0 (which I thought was 1.8). What could be the issue?


Site’s address: OS Windows 7 and OSX Mountain Lion. Demo site works fine on Safari… something odd from my side I believe. If you can give me a quick idea, that would be great! Thanks a lot.

Hmm, it looks same on Safari 6 too.
Can you deactivate and check again without Nice scroll? I only suspect it

Open up the js/scripts.js file and find down niceScroll function and clear inside of it.

It would be easy to find me the solution if you send me your ftp credentials via mail


I inspected your site deeply. There somebody prints additional styles in main HTML tag.
<html dir="ltr" lang="en-US" class="csstransforms csstransforms3d csstransitions" style="overflow-y: hidden;margin-left:-37856px;">
Where those come from? Specially margin left style makes this problem

Thank you.

Dear Sir , i have bought your theme. BUt i cannot display a single image in all the post page. please advise. Melanie

There have a timthumb issue.
Did you set permissions there?
There looks installed multisite but why your main site doesn’t accessible?
Did you look around support site and tried something ?

Thank you


I want to put a newsletter subscribe box in the top area somewhere.

How am I best to do this?


You should use some plugin for it. Hope there have some form/box for subscribe and put it on header widget area as you included “Pretty Dog Boutique”.

Thank you


My Themeton Featured images don’t load anymore.


Your site looks perfect, I can’t see any unloaded image there.
Where it is sir? Or did you fixed it recently


I notice that the latest Wordpress update 3.5 knocks out the SG theme options panel (general settings, additional options, social options, font options) i.e. you lose your social share options within your posts. Any idea when we’ll see an update to fix this?


Hi dear First of all apologize for my weak English. I am from Iran and I am the webmaster of I was disturbed because I had a request from you I know it’s a shameless request I’ve downloaded the template you Squaregrid Sorry I do not have to waste your efforts I am a graphic designer and I know how to create a designer ties will take time and hassle Forgive me, but my country is in boycott and other countries to do my shopping I got the impression you download the wrong ones! When I read the article go to contents page and the content will not be expected to just appear. However, this problem does not exist in the Chrome browser, but the problem is with the browser, like Firefox can u send this themplate for me … :( i cant buy these and i need this template It is shameful, but I wanted to I could not really possible online shopping

Hello picnama,

We are exclusive authors. It means that we can only sell our works here, for example if we upload a theme here, we can not upload the same theme to another site to sell and for another methods. I’m really sorry, it is not my rejection, here have a some rules. I hope you understand me.

Thank you, wish you all the best

:( hm yeah undresstand … but my country is in bycout :(:( i cant buy this

are you have another way for my problem ?

hi first thanks for your awesome theme,good jobs!! but i find something wrong with my site i cant log images when click post and always loading pls check it thanks :)

I checked your site and Images loading well. May you released timthumb configuration :)

Also it would be better if you can update the theme to date. It looks older, but it is okay it works there perfectly

Can you tell me how to employ the Full width page ? when I tried to add content it does not display. Any secrets or steps that I might be missing?

There is a no secret, you just create new page with Fullwidth page template.
If there still have problem, you know what you do :)


I updated de wp and now I can’t customize my site… What can I do?

Sorry, I solved it. It’s a problem in chrome…

Is it possible that in the next update you can solve de resolution problem for 1280×800? thanks

I just answered on your another comment. Tnx

I have tow questions. First what I asked you before… Is it possible that in the next update you can solve de resolution problem for 1280×800?

And I wanted to know if I can make de images be 600px with x 100% of the image height when they are opened… Can you help me? thanks a lot :)

1280×720 has problems with the margine too :(

Please just add following style on Custom CSS field of
@media only screen and (min-width: 1380px)  {
    .container {width: 1280px;}
    #SquareGrid{width: 1280px;}
@media only screen and (min-width: 1120px) and (max-width: 1379px) {
    .container {width: 1120px;}
    #SquareGrid{width: 1120px;}


Yeeeeey, it worked hahaha. And the other question about the images? is it possible to be done? I’ll copy paste….

And I wanted to know if I can make de images be 600px with x 100% of the image height when they are opened…

Thanks for your help :)

Sir, I don’t wanna suggest it. If we change this like what you want, it needs to rearrange liquid function after post images completely loaded. It calculate height of post area after image load finished. It means slow down site speed bit. Also we need to remove image cropping section from there and destroy so many things we did in this theme

Thank you

Theme options panel isn’t working now I’ve updated today. How can this be fixed

Also, I want to add a newsletter subscribe bar to the top area of the page. Is there any way to make something similar to the search bar?

Where else would it be able to go?


Our latest version is working Did you check your permission for your theme css folder and options.css those are must be 777 permission with some web hostings.

Try this if it’s not solved your problem email us web credentials or FTP address our email is

Thank you for purchasing our theme 8-)

I have installed the plugin successfully and its working fine. When I click on a post, it opens up the preview fine, however if I click on a post which I previously opened it doesn’t show up again. It just flickers.

Also, when a preview opens the URL changes. For instance, it goes to /post-30/ if I open post 30, however in your demo link that doesn’t happen.

Please help!

For your reference, here is the link

Thanks for your response. I have made that change, but I still see the issue. Any other suggestions or help?

Thanks for your response. I have made that change, but I still see the issue. Any other suggestions or help?

Can you set back your custom changes and test it with original theme there?
Now error looks gone. But I don’t have any guess about this …

Is it possible to put an image with link so that when I click on it, it doesn’t open a post if not a web page? for example a facebook logo and when I click it opens facebook on a blank page….

In the faq you said that it’s possible to make my posts bigger, is that just for the space where you write? or for the image too? Thanks

Thank you. I uploaded the file, but I don’t know how to set it in the post. I create new post, then where do I put the link? and do I have to set the post to video or audio?


When I changed the js every post stoped working…. :( I changed back to the old js. I just want 2 post to link to another page (facebook and tw).

I tried makeing my post margines larger doing the contrary to what you explained in the FAQ, it did work, but it breakes tge margines of the site, the right one. What can I do so that it doesn’t happen?

Thanks a lot, I don’t know anything about programming, I’m a graphic designer, so thanks :)

Can you send us a FTP credential?
I think there changed another js lines. I’ll help you …

Thank you