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Hello themeton,

I am having issues with this theme. It loads fine on the homepage, but whenever I click on a tile, it freezes and then everything dissapears from the page.

This is the error that I am getting:

Uncaught TypeError: Object false has no method ‘isotope’ scripts.js:653 (anonymous function)

What is your version sir?
Also can I see it in action? If you send me your site address, it would be nice.

My version is 2.3. I sent you my site adress vis inbox. Please confirm.

Dear Customers,

If you have a problem of post sharing and it doesn’t access well after shared links, you should update the theme now. I’ve fixed scripts and functions and hope last update helps you solve those

Thank you really much :)

Hi, new posts don’t work all the sudden. is not found and some times it is found from the grid but it does not open. Also, what scares me is that when I put # before the slug (just as # appears before each slug when loading), featured image totally makes scary moves, it multiplies forever!!!

What on earth happened? We haven’t done anything to the WP or the theme recently. If you tell me to update the theme, do I lose all the work I did on modifying the site?

Thanks, and the theme is beautiful anyways :D

I checked there and your “What we do” link looks “portfolio” ( ) on your menu. And your previous link seems broken.

I do really suggest you update the theme. Please keep your old theme (rename the folder) there then install new one and child theme too. Activate the child theme and include your changes in the child theme. Then your changes always keep even updated main theme.

Also I hope, # issue fixed in latest versions. We realized this char doesn’t need any more and removed there. But theme just converts/removes those hash chars when people access your old shared links which has some # char.


Hey there.

Great theme. Is there a way to fully eliminate comments on all posts? I have turned off comments in the ‘discussion’ settings to no avail.

Only then will this theme be perfecto.


Please just remove/close comments_template('', true); function from the single.php file. On the line 40

Thanks :)


I have V2.2, where and how can I update to V2.3?

The rearrange feature of the grid is flawed, it loads the posts behind the grid and only expands when I scroll down in my version.

Please read the documentation here, I’ve updated it with instruction of theme update.


How do I get my portfolio posts to show the full image after I click on them, right now they all seemed to have a fixed vertical?

Post width is restricted. I just talking about image height there. Now your image height looks automatic for image height.

You know, if post width has any custom, it will break layout and looks strange. Now you can see every themes specially corporate theme always restricted width of content area …


Ok, now the main page and the contact page is working perfectly. But the other pages show the posts but then a second later act like they are loading a post and then the whole screen goes blank, I think its the same problem as “bizdevgbpa” and “aleem” have.

Hello – before I buy this theme – I’ve tested a 1.5.1 version which a friend passed on me so I could test it – and it didn’t work with my website.

I intend buying this theme but only if it works with my website. I’ve been reading all comments and tutorials, and I want to ask if the grid only works with “pages”. My website is a news-magazine, and I was able to use the opening page as “latest-posts” but everytime i tried to click a “post”... it kept loading and loading and nothing happened.

If you have a solution for this – I’ll gladly buy this theme. Great work! Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

Hope repeatedly loading issue solved 2.3 version.
Blog/portfolio pages has filter and category selections. Then some people confused where those options …


Hello – for some reason my category ‘Instagram’ isn’t showing as a filter but the other 4 filters are.

Just where it says SHOW ALL MISCELLANEOUS NEW ARRIVALS etc, there should be a filter that says ‘INSTAGRAM’ – it’s the only one of my categories that doesn’t appear

Sir I just remember what I have your site credentials. And checked your site and found the solution. Solution is very simple. You look forgot to select Instagram category on you home page. Lets edit the home page and check the category on settings.

I suspect you’ve created this category later you created the Home. If you want to show all categories on your home including your new categories which will create further too, you should uncheck all of your categories there. That means you didn’t specify some of categories on there and your category filter show with all categories always.

Thanks :)

Got it!

Hi – great theme Themeton!! I’m trying to have my homepage be fullwidth option first. It works but, about and contact on fullwidth homepage, don’t work now, and when I go to portfolio, it will skip over right to first post on portfolio page. Also, filter doesnt show up on portfolio. How can I make this work, by allowing fullwidth page be a homepage option?

Yes, my contact page is set to contact template and the about is default template. They only sort of work once your in portfolio. Not on homepage. - Portfolio is set to blog template and yes I have the filter set to on, but does not show.

Hope there is a resolve. Much appreciated on your help in the matter!!

Did you selected those pages on Theme Options panel (under Appearance). Regards

Hey much appreciated for your screenr support Themeton, it speaks volumes!!! I will work it out. I know your tired of all these questions (735;), your support is on point.

if I could ask one more suggestion, that would be how google index’s thumbnail images as, timthumb.php. If a thumbnail image in search could be seen as as opposed to how it currently shows as,timthumb.php, this theme would be complete.

I not sure if that would just be in custom SEO tweaking or altering timthumbs scripts. Many Thanks!!!

Similar issues to the previous comment. Homepage works fine. Other pages such as News (blog) and About – load, then freeze, then disappear. I’ve been running this theme for some time now and have only had these problems now – running version 2.3 and WP 3.5.1

Please advise asap. Thanks

Can I see your site ?
I would be easy to understand your situation, if you send me

Hi again,

Is there any way to remove the audio player which is automatically embedded in the ‘audio’ post format?

This is because I want to use Youtube videos (with the video hidden) as audio posts as opposed to MP3’s. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


The audio embed field only takes .mp3 files. I want to use Youtube to play audio files (so that I don’t have to host them myself).

At the same time, I want my ‘audio’ content to have the ‘audio’ icon which is included in its post format.

So essentially, I want to use use the ‘audio’ post format, but not automatically have an embedded player (which is visible by default, even if you have not uploaded an .mp3). There is an example- I want to get rid of that empy audio player at the top y’see! :)

Okay, please open up the format-audio.php file and remove lines 7-11. Hope this removes audio player at all


Hi Themeton,

Great theme, thanks for the hard work! Simple question, when a user clicks on a post on a portfolio page, would it be possible for the filter to only show post from the same category?


I can’t help with it, sorry about that. Hover effect and item thumbnail has multiple script events and bound permalink already. This update requires lot of changes in php and scripts.


Hello, My site isn’t working anymore. I have 1.51 installed, how do I upgrade without loosing all my customization?

Do you remember all changed files?
1. Backup your old theme. (rename just theme folder)
2. Then install latest version into your site
3. Install child theme and activate.
4. Upload changed files from old theme into child theme directory.


On your about page on the demo site there is no scroll bar. The content is shown in one window. How did you do this? I’ve watched your videos but surely you haven’t messed with the css of the DEMO site?

So if I want the about page to be like in the demo I should set the page template as ‘blog.’ Is this correct?

It doesn’t seem to be working for me. I’ve done that and when I click on ‘about’ the page just disappears.

This doesn’t happen when it’s set to default. But when it’s set to default i have scroll windows.

Yeah, now Blog page selected on front of the demo site.
You look some difference or did mistake there. If your page exists there you must have open it directly.

Please update the theme and don’t change the files directly. Your situation looks some strange things..


I’ve updated the theme; both child and main. Nothing seems to work. Can you please help me?

As you know, I love this theme. I have had some trouble with it loading to slowly but seem to be getting that fixed. The problem I am still having is with Firefox. Although the site works beautifully – probably better than ever -= on Chrome and Safari, none of the posts will open in Firefox.

Check it out:

Any ideas?


I did do some customization to create a store by customizing the full width page

Yeah, latest update included on themeforest download. Recently fixed permalink issue. You should check changelog of the theme. Thanks

That seems to do the job…but I do need to find the code for adding another column for another menu


Your theme is very nice. I tried demo on PC and mobile and it seems slow and have hangs moves not smoothly while objects move or opening post and etc. is it because of demo version or it is as it is :)

Thanks in advance,

There have a speed issue. Hope we make new themes better than that :)

Ok, now the main page and the contact page is working perfectly. But the other pages show the posts but then a second later act like they are loading a post and then the whole screen goes blank, I think its the same problem as “bizdevgbpa” and “aleem” have.

How do I fix this?

Okay, I see the problem now. Yeah there have a problem when access the pages second time …

I’ll give you an update for it when I fixed it. Hope it is soon

Sir, please update the theme to v2.4. I’ve updated the theme recently. Fixed link and permalink issue there. Hope this update solve your problem


Works perfect on my iMac and iPhone, sorry to be a bother, thank you so much!!

Hi, How do I change the color of the hover when you rollover a thumbnail. On your doc videos you have the thumbnail change color based on what category its in. How do I make those changes? Thanks

Please go to the item profile page and click on WATCH VIDEO TOUR button. Then you’ll see youtube list which explains about the theme parts.

Every post has an individual color option.


Hi there. I’m really liking the theme – exactly what I was looking for! While looking through your examples, I noticed this site – – has the first 2×2 box as a link to the homepage. Also, when you click on it, it doesn’t enlarge the page; the homepage is reloaded.

So, how can I do this? If you’re interested, my site is


I don’t know how exactly he did. But hope it will work fine with custom link of posts. You need to install custom link plugin and add there your site address


hello good morning, I have problems with the blog, do you happen to know can this be? leave the site here.



How many posts are there have? Now you look created portfolio page. And I think there have only one post. Or your selected categories have only one post …