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I sent an email themeton to your gmail. Thanks

Hi, an observation/warning. I received from Google webmasters tool an HTML improvement note: “Duplicate meta descriptions”

The blog was actually adding the same content on the meta description and meta keywords lines. I really don’t understand why this duplication is in the code of the theme. I went into “includes>squaregrid.php” line 188 and deleted the following bit ’ . get_bloginfo(‘description’) . ‘

Hope this is of help.

Is there have any active SEO plugins ?
Have you check Additional Options tab of Theme Options panel. There have some options to update those meta.

Also following functions called on header.php file
        <?php blog_keywords(); ?>
        <?php blog_description(); ?>
        <?php meta_robots(); ?>
Those are existing on “includes/squaregrid.php” file If you want to modify.


Plugins: I am using Yoast, but Yoast does not add any meta keywords because does not believe they add any benefit, so I don’t think that is the source of the problem.

Theme’s additional option panel: Yes I filled the information there for both keywords and description.

Functions: I saw this on the header and that is how I tracked the function blog_keywords() to the squaregrid.php

I think the problem lies in the fact that this files calls for “keywords” content=”’ . get_bloginfo(‘description’) correctly adding a description in the description meta but also incorrectly into the keywords meta.

function blog_keywords() { global $data; echo ’<meta name=”keywords” content=”’ . get_bloginfo(‘description’) . ’, ’ . $data[‘meta_keyword’] . ’” />’; }

} if (!function_exists(“blog_description”)) {

function blog_description() {
    global $data;
    echo '<meta name="description" content="' . get_bloginfo('description') . ', ' . $data['meta_description'] . '" />';

Also if a user has filled the fields in the Theme’s additional option panel, then the “meta description” is written twice in the same line. One description taken from the bloginfo and another one from the option panel.

all the best.

I see. Hope you customized it for your need now :)

Is there a way to eliminate the page name being displayed?

The names of the page. For instance if you go to my site,, you will see the name of the page “SOS Portal” underneath the SOS logo. That is unnecessary and also pushes down the content leaving a big black empty space under the menu.

Does that make sense?

So I want to make it so that the names of the page don’t display on the page.

Ohh I see. I feel one more time that I need to improve my English a lot.
So have you tried “Hide title” option on your page? We prepared this option already. That’s exactly what you want.
But if you want to hide title anyway use this style there,
.title-container { display:none }


You’re English is fine! Thanks so much, that did the trick!

Hello! In “Theme options” one has the ability to set “Post order type” to Title, Date, Random etc.

We would like to give the page user the choice for sorting the posts themselves. Kind of like how filters are shown on the page, we think it would be nice to have a sorting function.

Is there a way to put this choice on the web page?

If not, is that something that might become available in future releases?

That works nicely! I now have a page sorted by date ( and one that is random ( How can I create links between them? Meaning – When I am on the page sorted by date, I want a link to the random one. And vice versa.

Thank you!


Where it needs to be place? top, bottom or right?
Btw, I think it needs some condition statement for to show..


Nevermind, I found a way! I added the links in blog-page.php between the header and the content.

Thank you for helping out!! :)


how can i change the orders of the posts? I want order the posts by myself not by date.


Custom ordering option has on Theme Options panel. Also recently I just added new FAQ answer and it would be order on every blog pages.


Never mind, found it. Thanks


1) Can I turn off the auto rearrange motion; so when a post is clicked all the info including video and audio is viewed in Lightbox?

2) Can there be a text based ‘traditional’ blog with sidebar, archive etc?



1. I don’t understand this little bit. Is it arranging when opened lightbox? Can I see your site?

2. No sir, there only have grid/tile blog style.


Hi, Is there a way to change the order in which the categories on the homepage are listed?

Blog or portfolio page templates have an option to select including categories. You should create a page and select it on front of your site


Hello! I need to include the following JS in a post, but it won’t load and it causes the “featured image” not to load either.

Is this possible to include?

<script type="text/javascript" src="">// <![CDATA[

// ]]></script> <script class=”job_widget” type=”text/javascript”>// <![CDATA[ widget({ searchField”, company_code”, bg_color_widget”, bg_color_headers”, bg_color_links”, txt_color_headers”, txt_color_job”, bg_color_even_row”, bg_color_odd_row”, custom_css_url”, auto_width”, auto_height”, number”, job_title”, location” }); // ]]></script>

I answered your question on support forum. Also sorry it is impossible.

Hi everybody! If I try to open an article it loads and loads, but never shows me the content. If i go to the link directly it gives me an 404 error. Any ideas what I should check? Best, D

Wow, what a great way to help! But I’m afraid that your suggestion ist not the problem, all URL are set just fine. But today ocurred a second problem: no of the thumbnails show anymore! Is there any chance to send you the admin-login? Best wishes, B

This one is timthumb issue. Please set permission there again. You can get a guide from documentation file.

If you can’t do it your self forsure, please send me your site login and ftp details from contact form of profile page

Thanks a million!

Hey Guys, I am using the Squaregrid template. Everything was running smoothly but all of the sudden links just stopped working for all videos! Can you help? The site is


Can you update your theme? Your theme looks very old. Just initial releases. So you can get update instruction here.

And don’t forget to set permission again


Hello. How can I install the new version of this template without losing everything I’ve made untill now?

Please help me.

I’m waiting your chat today. So again here you can get update instruction. Thanks

I’m so sorry, I had an inconenient. Can you meet today same time? thank you

Hey. Almost got my site just how I want it..

But how do I remove the post format icons? Like the little headphones or video camera. I want to remove them when you hover over each grid.

Also, the page title’s that appear on hover get messed up if they’re too long, any way around that?

Cheers! Good theme.

Hope this style helps you to hide format icons
.itemButton { display: none !important; }
Overflowing words disappears when you include long title. Isn’t it fine?


I want that the page load all post/blocks not only when you scroll down.

Where can i find the script and how can i disable this?

I think we hava a simple solution without hard coding changes. Please set pagination number on your current page or Settings->Reading

Thanks a million

When I click a post it doesn’t automatically scroll to it. It’s scrolling upwards, above the post for some odd reason. This is on my Windows 7 laptop with Chrome.

On my mac it does scroll to where it should be.

What is the your site address?

Hello! I think the answer is no, but I have to ask anyway. This theme suits very well with what I want to do, but before buying it I’d need to know if I can put a twitter widget inside a post. And a pinterest one. And an Instagram one… well, I guess you understand. Thank you!

I have to say there don’t possibility to show those. Thank you for interesting

Thank you for the answer. So… no social plugin is supported, isn’t it?

Only existing socials are supported. Tnx

hello, I’ve got a problem with my site, check it out please Why are the filters moved to the right side?

Hope you didn’t do any changes there. Please use this style on Custom CSS field which exists on theme options panel.
.title_with_filter ul#filters { left: 0 }

Then hide the page title.

Thanks a lot

Hello! I finally purchased your template. Now I want to use this I have downloaded the js you uploaded, and I have a question… the changes are just the ‘blankid’ and ‘blankurl’? And another question… What if I want to link more pages to some posts? How do I have to do it?

Thank you, I’ve downloaded it. The question is… how can I do this twice or more times? I mean, I want to link some posts (3 or 4) to the same number of pages. Can I do it like this?
var $blankid=234;
var $blankurl='';
var $blankid=235;
var $blankurl='';

Is it right?

Hello again… Look, I’d like to make the site something like One question is the one I asked before. The other one is how I have to do it to order the post how I want to… Thanks again.

Also, I’d like to know how to do it so the featured image is full size when I click the post. Now it resizes to the size of the post box.

Sorry about all these questions…

I realize this is a pretty big question, but i’d like to be able to incorporate the portfolio element of this theme with the theme of my existing site. Is this something I could achieve easily? Have you considered making a plugin?

I don’t have a plan for this, But it is a very interesting idea. Probably we need to think about it :) Also we are developing another grid theme and hope you like this.


Hi, I love your theme. My content isn’t loading in Chrome anymore (it still works in Safari). If I update to the new version, will I lose what I have? Thank you for your help!

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